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Reviewing Things - God, Devil, Vaccines etc.

Rayn Gryphon

Hail Satan. God and Satan have the same root word. Satan means Truth. The song appears backwards because the Bible is backwards and is meant to be. Much of the language and style syntax of the Bible as a whole is a series of sly puns on its naturalistic and sexual provenance in the native heritage it appropriated and continues to appropriate. Xianity is a pack of military- and occult-grade lies that by their very nature exploit their laity.

VinAnd Sori
in what language are god and satan rooted identically ? "ha satan' in Hebrew means "opposer" "Elohim" essentially means "mighty one" what lexicon are you using? genuine question?

Rayn Gryphon

Coercion (n.)

The attempt to limit or the effective limitation of one's entire range of choices in order to exercise or improve the power to influence the behavior (or life) of someone over whom one is compelled, on an unprovoked basis, to wield (by force or by threat) a psychological, physical or social advantage, whether of good or ill intent.

What most religion does is stymie the development of moral [right] reasoning and critical thought, making one insensible to the effects, which stymies the development of moral reasoning and critical thought.

It is a technique Thousands of years old and it is no more or less sophisticated in the technotronic world as in the ancient world.

We are kept animals. Try as you may, you will never convince anyone, because the shame too great and the means of escape too tempting.

BOG (God) = Buk = Byk (Bull) = Tur (Taurus)

Sumerian............. DEUS ........... Deus = Zeus
Greek....................THEOS ......Theos = Tur = Zeus
Chuvash................... TYP ..... Tur = Buk = Vol = Devil
Vedic Sanskrit....................................................Devil

God = Bull = Devil (Neither of whom bear any relation to our human heritage, to our original family science and psychology that of our native liberty to enjoy the most liberal articulation of our enjoyment of our relationships with one another).

Hence Bi-Bull

The ancient pantheon as reduced to one schizoid dialectic codified into mass psychology through the increasingly centralized (and developmentally conditioned, irrespective of wealth, birth or creed, though wealth seems to be a decided advantage in hurting people with impunity) administration and philosophy of violence with impunity that is the "God" or "Devil" that everyone in the world who pays income tax or religious tribute works for, dies for and gives their children to to be educated, clothed, fed and bled.

Put simply, every language in the world, every system of communication is also a system to regulate or baffle communication, the better or more efficiently [and even pleasantly] wield fake debt over people in order to extract more of their true industrial force [the will force].

Please do not come back to me with stupid comments. 


Axiom 980 - Coercion & Cybernetic Monotheism (Bi-Bull 101)

Jimmy Kimmel produces a "message for the anti-vaccine movement:"

I will not even post the video. It is an insult and a grossly unlawful act that should violate the same FDA laws that prohibit herbalists from giving medical advice online.

Cool. And the proof of viable vaccination is in the description box I guess. No? How strange. But u can see a candy prank:-)

Jimmy is a preposterous stooge. Vaccines do not work.

Julian Beldham
Rayn Gryphon Remember smallpox?  I don't!

Rayn Gryphon
Julian Beldham Well I do Julian. And the thousands of men, women and children who died from it were those who were vaccinated. In fact, smallpox was in rapid decline (due to natural immunity) when vaccines were first introduced about two hundred years ago. Every time doctors introduced the new vaccines the morbidity would spike. Vaccines were banned but doctors or their mafia kept bringing them back. Smallpox epidemics were actually dealt with by better sanitation and hygiene. (WEIL)

Dr. Jonas Salk did not find a cure for polio. He invented it and his vaccines were tainted and knowingly distributed as such. Fact.

The vaccine industry is a fraud from begin to end. It is a cult at best.

But as with Jimmy the Cunt, all you have to do to shut me and all our children up is present one independent peer reviewed study of the safety and effectiveness of any single vaccine. Surely if the issue is so important then such a study must have been commissioned.

Fyi, the vaccine corps. have their own in house post market research. Vaccines kill people and make them sick. However the patents for vaccines excuse them from all liability. The first Americunt vaccines were made by the USGS to control horse populations.

And to think that we have a forty year study on the benefits of eating an apple a day.

You did not pay any money for your education did you? Or did you already get the vaccine against moderate critical thought?

Rayn Gryphon
Julian Beldham No response? Because people who dispense medical advice about invasive medical procedures, all in the form of coercive and misleading jargon, are morons like you motherfucker.

Give yourself an abortion.

Oh. Wait.

I see your mother and father already anticipated me.  

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