Saturday, 12 May 2018

Law School

No Native Tongue. No Problem.

Apache helicopter
Really selfish wrong ideas there, buddy.. Who do you think can be trained to be a police officer? A person who will work odd shifts for peanuts whom folk call for when someone is terrorising or hurting them.. You're entitled to your opinions though so, I'm not hating here, just stating my own.

Rayn Gryphon

Personally, I have never had to contract with law enforcement, not even when I was almost murdered. To call them makes everything worse. I protected myself, which is always the best protection because most cops are lazy fucks with no moral reasoning affiliated with the corrupt and criminal judicial tax collection agencies and fraudulent professions [like law, the bar, government, finance, religion, etc.]

Cops I know personally spend their days writing traffic tickets [which are against the law and they know it.]

The only way they can issue such receipts [which is what they are] is because you gave up all your liberty when you were born, when your parents were married, when you register for birth, school, your car etc. Nobody owns their car [or their home] or the "public" roads. The Queen of England does. You rent them at best.

What you call law enforcement is really tax collection, collection of tariffs or tares of wheat.

In a criminal prosecution, the corporation [the Admiralty, gold banner around Americunt flag] will extract labour through bail, fines, legal fees and slave labour [incarceration].

You, on the other hand, are kept at a grade three level of education, and not even education but brain and emotional conditioning which makes you write the things you do and respond the way you do. At this point you cannot control it. Tens of thousands of years of religion [a prison of lies and war, like the "mar" ket or church of war or the gar-den, the womb of war] knows what it is doing.

You are classified as a pest by the USGS and a Monster by the highest "law" of the "land" [really, waterways, starting with your mother's uterus...]

A monster cannot own or inherit property.

Therefore, a monster has no rights to anything.

You only think you have any rights because they need a certain amount of pleasure in your collective mind and body in order to keep the racket going.

e.g. America is a racket. Canada is a racket. the UN is a racket. World War was and is a racket.

"Every profession is by its very nature a conspiracy to defraud the laity." - George Bernard Shaw

It was this way before Egypt, Chemi or Chemistry, the Science of Slavery that defiles the World Tree, the ÆSC Tree, the killing of which used to be punishable by death.

Hence the term "MASH." This tree is defiled at every opportunity

e.g. America is Anti-ÆSC or "Atlantis" and is related to the breaking of the culture of UR of the Firmament and of the Pentagram, the ÆTHER as in Therapeia, the prima materia of the birth canal and all the contractions of birth that form the root language of MAN.

The worst thing that ever happened on a local island I am from was a guy robbing people. He was found hog tied at the pier and collected by the "police."

Try raping my children and I will cut off your nuts and shove them as far up your ass as I can. Then I will cut your throat and let you bleed to death while the community urinates on you.

We protect OURSELVES.

We do this by caring for our history, our heritage, our voice, our children, our bodies and our minds.

Do that and then get back to me.

The world is a lie.

The stars are not billions of miles away. The sun is not ninety-three million miles away and nor the visible universe ninety-three billion light years across. These things were decided in committee by people like Sir Isaac Newton [the Biblical apple tree and the snake is actually the Ash Tree and so the "asp" made to "crawl on its belly" - wisdom being the application of knowledge to make a home sound and so to remain sound for generations to come]. This is Solomon's temple, erected like every counting house on the blood and torture of our children.

Be a man and stand up for your children.

Or you will die.

In fact, you were pronounced "dead" at birth by Roman Law.

Do not protect people who hate your children.

Your rights to safety and your responsibility for the safety of your family and community were and are written in the flesh and blood of Man and Nature.

Learn to read it, maggot.

I am a quarter century fully initiated Satanic Warlock and Witch.

Fuck with me and I will fuck with you and your family  like you will not believe.

Try me.

Law enforcement. What a fucking joke.

All life force [EL-ectrikery] actually moves through four main coordinates back and forth through space, counter-space [heaven] and forward and backward through the language of Time, the sequential and symbiotic unfolding of the purpose of life [birth, death, rebirth, womb and tomb]. These are the four rivers of Paradise and of the heart, the brain and the whole enteric nervous system or World Tree.

This means that through the Sun of Man, we are in communication with all of our ancestors past and future, living and dead. This is what the cross, the circle and the World Tree were originally about, a total way of life and whole brain development. Man owns all money and churches because they are all based off of the blood and life force of Man as a principle of Nature, of God, of all that is Mother, Father and Child, the bonds of all true knowledge as a cyclical and psychical process of life taken up by all creatures on behalf of Man who is the Spirit who can alone communicate with all beasts.

It costs nothing to make "el-ectrikery." It is generated around the space between a conductor and resistor sufficiently elevated above the earth's surface. It can also be send through the earth. So can our minds and our lives, which travel both into the earth and out into space when we sleep, dream or sojourn in counterspace.The stories of body and mind are all "In the beginning" or of the Furmament, nerves of which live through every story of the Earth and Sky forever. They are literally and figuratively the Sun of Life and crackling in all the stars in a single Universe equivalent to the URTH.


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