Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Wealth of Man - Nythology and Nurthology

Among the legal quagmire of all that is so called credit and debt can be comprehended all that is contrived to relieve Man of his and her inherited wealth. Just think of aught the legal snares which first beset the penis of Jesus Christ - or they who would first attempt to corrupt the bonds of mother and father and child.

Our Ancestors [An is an old word for God, like Natur] live in the Nyth [come "nOrth"] and speak through all nythology [mythology] and nurthology [neurology]. They speak from the North, if you will, and from the above direction - or from the entire envelope of our urthly lives, Ur being a global telepathic civilization. When we live closer to our own most personal relationship to Natur and to our Ancestors [unborn children] then our whole minds begin to grow.  

Children yet to be born in urthly flesh and blood live in the Nyth and move to the South in as much as energy moves from our head to our sex organs and so from our sex organs back up to the head or the Nyth, back up to the sky throughout our lives in one total celestial biology spoken by all life and death, by every communication of our flesh and blood natur. Everyone is "two-spirited" like Thunderbird of old. When the masculine and feminine, as well as the Nyth and South, respiration are healthy - and people are anchored as much in the Zenith, the Nyth and the South, the Nadir of their roots, then and only then can they feel and be and act like whole or true Man and Woman, Mom and Dad.

When this language of the flesh and blood is disturbed then people lose sexual function, whether or not they remain heterosexual and begin to think in terms of compatible groups for coping with this extreme loss - though life itself and more, a hell on Urth - smuggling in nurthological repression, corruption and aggression into every field of activity and relationship.

[This is precisely the kind of sublimated survival imperative that alerts witch doctors of celestial biology, doctors like myself.]

Today, neurologists have no clue that they are practicing mythology, as with physicists and medical doctors in every way they seek to arbitrate or have arbitrated for them, more correctly, the nature of the origin, earth and sky of Man, Woman and Child.

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