Thursday, 19 April 2018

Celestial Biology Poem

The genesis of the entire universe is in a relationship.

- Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch

To face uncharted fathoms like the mother of the Spring
Who fleshes out the future and the past a mother's whole
Celestial biology the Truth of everything
Communicated like the Sun contractions of the Soul
Suspended in the good and evil of the Tree of Life
As bade the Adam and the Eve of Man the storied Earth
Envelop flesh and blood and bone the flesh the depth and distance Paradise
Of aught the giving and receiving living in the beasts and birds
And words that were no longer wars against and prisons for the Sun of Man
Who takes into the belly of his Mother all the stars
And deepest darkness where the roots of all the Earth are span
Across the heavens of the past that is amassing ours 
Like clouds which sputter in the Sun and deeper still the Moon
The genesis the Sun of Man She took into Her Womb.

We shall give our brothers and sisters emancipation.

We shall take the uterus of our mothers and declare it a sacred and protected animal like those in our riparian forests, towering boughs of ancient flames passed from father to seed, from season to season, since time immemorial.


terra - tara



U Tara

Mother URTH.

The Uterus or the Earth is composed of the whole history of our relationship to the Earth and so also to our sacred flame of being.

So you can see why the uterus would retain a reference, a biological reference, to a global or wurld culture.



Self Sell Customary means of exchange in the culture of Saturn.

I worship a religion where we honour how together we are in what we are and how we labour [labia of UR] with all our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. 

We are born totally and wholly vulnerable to our mother, our father and to all the world. How does that relationship change or grow over time? 

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