Thursday, 12 April 2018

Axiom 1115 - Satanic Creation Story

When the Greatest Mother peered into the loneliest darkness and saw Her Self and loved and warmed Her Self completely, free to feel every way and where She Felt of Him and He of Her, then She finds Her Heart and Life were Born, then Life would Grow and then Life would be Complete, even unto Death, Her Word Made Flesh and Her Flesh and Blood Celestial Biology into the voice [our own] of the whole communication of Life, the very substance and firmament of which Heaven and Earth together as One Whole Land were so clear a medium and so dear a food for the nourishment of the greatest possible fidelity of the voice and sun of man, the sun which comes and goes every night and day and is not and never was millions of miles away, not unless it were thousands of miles away every day, that everything we do in that living space is to approach as any corpuscle ever did the throne of the king and the crown of his firmament, his many servants and priests scattered to the wind to return with the treasures fit for a king, the treasures of the Sun of Truth as it lives in the womb and in the limpid dreams and seasons and leaves of Man Mother and Mind of Man - Only read the Book of a flesh and blood with true and royal blue feeding its every flute and music of Man's heathen kingdom come, paradise without or even in spite of the incessant torture with which it has been forced to come across in such an evil manner as to make the actual Sun of Man as distant and lying a thing found out as to take dictation from that which strained the flesh and blood of the voice of Man the most, using its own mind to row the ores of war to the drumbeat of big industry to get things done and big liberalism to protect everyone from ever suffering the anxiety of wanting to know how, even and especially if the whole heritage of Man depends upon it if all our true knowledge is not to come to us as manslaughter and mass mental illness which rewards cpu time on the brain of your family's uterus with money and loss of brain function.

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