Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Axiom 1114 - Freedom for Loss of Freedom

A cybernetic-industrial civilization only ever advances and can only ever advance in proportion to one's loss of liberty of its victim-soldier-workers, people who supply the system with as much "currency" as the richest persons as the poorest, distinctions that only have any value for those enthralled with the language of all that is rich and poor according to a cybernetic-industrial civilization or narcissistic psychopath that pretends to sympathize [and has to] with what you need [which always includes fraudulent ways of accounting for the effects of corporal impressions that one cannot and will not account for and so nor the behaviour or unprovoked stark lapses in comprehension and moral reasoning that take their genesis in them, along with that of all religion and spirituality in a cybernetic-industrial civilization] in order to affect the equation of what they need with what you need, leveraging their loss of brain function and moral reasoning against anyone whom they or their affiliated cults of language [the torture of the native land or first estate of all that comes through the blood of a mother and the Sun or Mind of Man]  deem worthy of so practiced a malicious love and knowledge in a manner and to an extent and with a subsequently genuine or as though perfectly natural need for survival [at the level of respiration and pulse and all other brain functions or the dislocated brain function as was] that cannot and will not and need not provide for the liberty of the flesh and blood of others, all of whom are groomed to accept and affect the same with little to no knowledge of the fact, nor surviving wish to even come to know such a fact, as the loss of the voice of the flesh and blood under the critical influence of the cybernetic mother and father upon the most vulnerable members of our so-called society cannot and even will not support the depth of range of the faculties of any one Man or any number of people [all of whom share in multiplicative orders of torture and euphoria, of organized war, fraud and manslaughter under the guise of all professional associations if they even wish to be licensed at all], faculties necessary to see and hear the liberty of the voice of the flesh and blood of Man and all that it is saying, especially through just such mass narcissistic psychopathy in a cybernetic-industrial civilization.

Such people are rewarded for such aggression; it speaks the dominant language that, in turn, speaks to the surviving survival needs of all peoples, even against their own will or intent: groups of these psychopaths are called religions and cults, the most popular of which are always the most aggressive and a veritable study in expert aggression.

Freedom represents the loss of freedom for people in such a society.

e.g. when such an economy is doing "Good" it is bad for you and when such an economy is doing "Bad" it is bad for you.

So with Democracy, enlightenment, evolution, medicine, education... etc.

8) For all our activities, Man is actually looking for a memory and experience of satisfaction like that of Paradise. Television does not seem to dispose the mind or soul to this experience but to a socio-psychotic language that in every way attempts to replace this experience with neurological excitement and depression, rather disposing the human being to succumb to intense emotional identification with false information projected into the human mind from the Television screen, a socio-psychotic language and sub-culture that replaces a healthy sense of self with a fictional sense of status conferred upon human beings by the acquisition of trendy artificial plastic and technological baubles and devices whose aggressively suggested usefulness is vastly overstated in terms of their actual long term cost to human health and thereby to all Life on Earth.

Our greatest Book, whatever our level of education or erudition, will always be our reading of our lives, the tablature and vernacular of every dimension and transformation of our lives and that of any surviving capacity for the language of our own celestial [intra-dimensional] flesh and blood a thunderous confluence of the meaning and force - or moment of the transport of the past to the future and the future to the past - of our lives, a logic, language and living impulse which crosses the threshold of Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Past and Future, Here and Hereafter, Life and Death, Winter and Spring, Action and Reflection, Sorrow and Joy, Man and Woman, Mother and Father and Child, a language and living impulse that crosses the threshold between language and desire, knowledge and story, body and mind, self and other [or of no other and none other], ancestor and god, health and disease, richness and poverty and, of course, violence and healing, transformation and growth, beginning and end, of loss [of body or life or love, of shelter or wealth or health, of pain or joy or of grief or happiness] and universal regeneration of bonds of celestial biology which have acquitted themselves all the more admirably all the more torture and war beaten into however many successive generations of all surviving industry so roundly diverted to war against and torture of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers throughout all of the most vulnerable if fertile epics of their lives, the perversion of every organ and voice of which spoke rather as resoundingly of the native stature and personal responsibility, of the native inheritance and power of Man across a range of logic and virtue that quite dwarfs the most elaborate fictions of the wisdom of our self-proclaimed experts on things predicated on the silencing of a voice without which no man can even be nearly competent, except under the multiplicative delusions and dislocation of the brain [or native way of life, sex and language] of all Mankind and all his concepts of illumination.

The only even remotely credible reading of the entire purpose and effect of extant human History [and religion and spirituality] is the grooming of human families [and their natural impulses, tastes, propensities, sympathies and affections] for organized industrial warfare with impunity. Nothing about human history is family oriented. Rather, it is a story of and for the progressive loss of our native coordination of sex and communication, of the faculties and liberties necessary to preserve the bonds of blood from the gods of war, all of whom insinuate themselves into the bonds of blood by grooming the as though imperative necessity to gain surrogate families through belief-based tribalism divorced of all surviving deference to the organs and voices of our conception, celestial biology or ancestral intelligence. Xianity is the head of the anal spear.

"At what moment or upon what recitation of what precise combination and sequence of letters or images does one realize anything like the tapestry of interlocking violence cults one has grown up with as surely as air and water, Television, weather reports or popular music?

Listen and the whole story becomes perfectly evident and that is that society everywhere silences the voice in order to protect the voice of society as though both are biologically and psychologically equivalent.

Cults are the result and the means - the only way to exert impotent rage in socially-acceptable ways for regulating what little working intelligence is left to anyone in the largely contrived religious and political spectrum disorder.

"The world's a stage."

Shakespeare was a committee of military priests for advancing the cybernetic-industrial imperative subsequently shared by all of its glorified constituent human organs, soldiers (people with dead souls) and master glands that feed on mass human sacrifice wholly inconsistent with every flag and virtue and branch of knowledge - as it is commonly understood - in a cybernetic-industrial society.

If any of this is difficult for someone to understand, I would recommend any of the fifty or so books I have written on the subject of an Interdisciplinary study and practice of living creative intelligence and truly human heritage, ancestral intelligence and celestial biology in a society as religiously as scientifically kept poised upon a bloody brink of perpetual near collapse veritably at war with every natural instinct with which a child is born and to which we force our most vulnerable citizenry to conform under only the most Herculean duress, duress that could not possibly fail to stymie the courage and whole brain development of the most battle-hardened combat soldier, let alone that of a wee child.

Practically speaking we can thus reassert the native biology and language of man, which is nothing if not biological and familial. We can also predict and explain the fact that every religious and political philosophy on earth served as both the apotheosis and wholly legitimate refutation of any and every competing religious and political philosophy.

Some have observed that "all religions are the same" as though the only conclusion that can be inferred from this is that all religions are as good as they would all like to be. This is ridiculous. What it infers is that all religions have the same goal as any military intelligence culture - to extract as much labour as possible from the source of all wealth - man's birth and labour - and so by disturbing the communication of flesh and blood, of life.

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