Thursday, 1 March 2018

Axiom 1109 - Reality as Cybernetic Tribute System - A Living School

Reality [or Rhea's Pantheon] is a total and unmitigated and wholly unrepentant fantasy created by the families whom all gods/dogs serve, including those who pay tribute of their own whole flesh and blood, the flesh and blood of the ancestral gods who served, once, as celestial and terrestrial, paternal and supernal organs of and for the whole communication of Man's flesh and blood celestial biology or living creative intelligence paid out to the gods/dogs of work, war and worship.

Rhea's Pantheon: divine litany

Verily come hath what may a merry month or hour
Sympathetic to the rhythm of the People's heart
So great a Sun to be forgiven for its violent pow'r
Underneath the folds of night's abandoned child's stars
As learned to curse the words Ancestral and their flesh and blood
Communication to the violation of its trusts
Converted churches for the convicts, servants all the gods of love
That spoils on the branches of the Tree of Man that hammer cuts
To speak and not to listen lie with all one's heart and soul
Espied the kind of Man who finds that animal the prey
Of bigger gods than he who are not gods at all but those
Whom all gods serve impersonating every single way
We used to live and speak and give to children all their due
Consideration and renown the mountains and the sea
From whom the letters of a Story forged from all we do
And do not listen to the flesh and blood of life and thee
The king and queen of much unseen and sacred as the voice
Of all we say yet all we do not say about our growing sorrows, memories and joys.


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