Friday, 9 February 2018

Sociopathic Motifs for Children

Sociopathy and the like are actually communicable as the common cold.

The disease starts its assault upon conception and hastens its efforts during what we loosely call infancy and adolescence.

Here are just Some of the Sociopathic Motifs that our children are weaned on:

Killing is good and as often for its own sake.

A mind is something you rent from the debt collector or celestial being of choice.

Nature does not have a mind of its own either.

Or, concomitantly, only a child either believes that nature has a mind or can be convinced otherwise. Adults, too, but only if you beat them down violently enough that their children will never grow up and will only ever truly taste the bitter fruit of the unmitigated torture of their flesh and blood celestial biology and the living language of its terrestrial and celestial wilds or, avoid such a fate by torturing others, their voice, their capacity to reason and their any actual ability to account for their lives.

The people who stoke the fires of Worigions of a World at Work relieved of any very restorative possession of the true vileness of one's commensurate and septic bile production always have more lavish lives.

Children inherit the blood of a combination of natural and criminal genius best given over to others to sort out for them and tell them what to do, their surviving self-determination and native bonds of life and knowledge, of true power, paid involuntary tribute [and that of all future flesh and blood as a debt to society] to any number careers and cults "professional frauds" against that George Bernard Shaw called their "laity," torturing them and then sending them the bill, charging them and then sending them the charge as they march to the cesspool of the sacrificial success fool modeled after all the celestial figures and fictions of the world churches and rackets of every branch of mass human knowledge and communication. "All profession are by their very nature a conspiracy [or fraud] against the laity." - George Bernard Shaw

Children do not know how to reason.

Children do not know how to lie as well as their parents do.

If they want to lie as well as their parents can or better and if they wish to survive in the world, they better permit their own highly taxed flesh and blood celestial biology convert these lies or this knowledge and way of life into pure aggression in all its glory, smuggling as well they can by all means necessary into every confidence relationship or social contract as though any of them are purely voluntary, careful to watch your language to enjoy a good deal of inspiration of ready-made templates or language systems designed to help children tell the most powerful stories to themselves or others, stories that have either none or serious wholly unprovoked or unpredictable lapses in the capacity to reason or to empathize with anyone or even with hundreds of millions of people, lapses then easily afford, as necessary, the power or natural born biological need to arbitrate for how any number of people should think, feel, talk and live. 

This is also what it means to have a culture.

And this culture is the best that your flesh and blood can hope for.

War as a way of life is the cause of peace like generations of two kinds of gods that constantly are born, live and grow in the home of one another, the home being the totality of every story of space and time.

AntiSeptic Motifs for Children:

Just like there are lunar months and solar months, there are lunar years and solar years, septic and antiseptic epics that have a complex relationship with one another that greatly challenges any but the sturdiest root system of the whole flesh and blood Mind of Man, Man's native language, voice and capacity to reason as an intrinsic symbiotic trinity of Man's whole flesh and blood dielectric or vile Mind and that of the entire Trophic System of our every and any orientation to life and death, action and rest, conception and regeneration, here and hereafter, the celestial language and capacity to adjust or most dominant measures for the adjustment of the whole coordination and conception of our every organ of bile, poisonous and bitter torrents of life and the accompanying and imminent stories of better antiseptic winds of mouths who can account for the stories of their lives in the electric genesis of their lives, the electric genesis of their lives in the stories of their lives and all life. 

Septic and Antiseptic systems have different uses of and relationships with what they consider food or truth, or even of the relative value of the flesh and blood of our richest systems of communication and family heritage or celestial ancestral biology. Man's flesh and blood is animated by celestial Animal spirits that live out their lives all around us every day. Truth is like a pleasant electrical charge upon the lips and not a charge that sends you to jail, to war, into debt in into a job but a charge that harkens back to the celestial waters, language and biology of our lives, the voices of whom constituted a global synesthesia of truly celestial, seasonal, two-dimensional [and two is ample] organs and proportions of living letters and ventricles with all kinds of angles, intersections, gurglings, swirls, loops, pools, colours, allusions, hungers, graces, muses, humans and stories limpid as the moon over a lake with the richest value of our birth, growth, death and regeneration and that of the entire language of Heaven and Earth, here and hereafter as it and we suffer or enjoy its and our contractions of spasms of activity and rest causes and effects of boundless measures, organs and proportions, forces and stories all about fleshing out the very flesh and blood celestial body and biology with which we live our lives from time immemorial.

The brain does not have an immune system.

What happens if the very species of Man, of our own flesh and blood, whom we trained to protect our greatest treasures as well as any natural immune system [a vernacular of illimitable nuance and calendrical knowledge, for that is what all knowledge is - calendrical and electrical, celestial and terrestrial and, in short, ancestral] turned on every extension and function of our whole tree of life? And what if the languages we were given were all meant to psychologically castrate our families in order to protect and edify the insatiable psychopathy [a soldier wizard caste or guild that was somehow damaged or perhaps even intentionally genetically altered in order to keep down fertility, exactly what they are doing to us today, so that they can keep the holy host the Father and the Mother and the Ghost of Claudius castrated enough by no so extinct that they lose their food source] that our Ancestors commended their own sons and daughters with when the first tried to make guardians of ancient wisdom as an entire sub species, something that was either an entirely mistaken idea or poorly executed, creating a soldier or Freemartin class that has actually populated nine tenths of the Earth conservatively, using wars to affect the steady persistence of generations of psychological castration where the soldiers who live go on to affect generations of psychological castration to their whole family at a genetic or phylogenetic level, with a language that, along with other forms of generational torture made to look like Culture or Religion, has taken generations to so saturate the world as to seriously condition surviving brain function whose head or brain is effectively taken over by an septic or insectoid parasite that compromises and must, to protect itself from its host and main food supply, every level of human language and biology.

Hence the recurring motif of the lost child, the despotic gods or their despotic children, the Dark Jedi Knight [s] well versed in, with loss of fidelity calibration over time, a loss compensated for with advancing saturation of the disease of xenophobic psychological castration of an entire species, some of the the mos nuanced languages worthy of the capital, heritage and immunological vernacular of the most ancient of Human Kind. 

Again, the motif of the fallen god or of many religious stories and cultural motifs which telegraph the truth and, at the same time, baffle the mind of combined patricidal, matricidal and infanticidal rift that has largely been assimilated by all families on Earth, more or less, leaving us open to attack from, as we know and tacitly venerate, the people who can hurt us the most, our own family.

Try working that out and get back to me.

Until that take, I spend a lot of time alone in the woods eating of whatever meats of the Earth I may be blood and by birth.

"Child is Father of the Man...."

Psychopaths depicted tellingly obsessively in our most controlled and invasive to a military-scale of psychological savvy and violence - and the only thing worse than malicious rage is blithe to practiced and even scientifically as culturally crafted indifference to the voices of our whole flesh and blood, all of whom records all experience as well as the Earth itself, which is why people of knowledge and some considerable disease handed to them by the Greatest and Wisest of our Ancestors, aim to extract as much biometric intelligence from us as possible and run it through the greatest possible computers - the real reason for increasing computing power, to both more absorb and so constrain our brain function on our behalf, the purpose of thousands of years of culture to merely farm human herds of cattle as castrated in many ways as that of any scale of the military or the aristocracy, who retain advanced calendrical knowledge of celestial biology and the history of this rift in Man, a rift written in the flesh and blood of history, a story that never told and always spoken aloud to frown out the sound of it with the tortured language of tortured but highly functional minds and genitalia that never guess the truly psychological and phylogenetic depths of their forced castration for scores of generations - and to stay apace of any latent restorative powers in the organs of Man and Family.

We in our capacities as Fathers and Mothers of Old Gods bred a part of our species whom we wrongly entrusted with the cultural equivalent of an immune system and it was genetically injured or ineffectively limited as our fabled AI in its moral center and scope of influence. Hence the auto immune disorder of all human knowledge and religion and today. 

This is why, among the sociopathic motifs we teach our children, or chief among them is the notice that they do not have a moral center, or it is indistinguishable from and equivalent to the torture of the Sun of Man at the center of history, civilization and every language system in the world, a message that clearly requires serious medical treatment that is not coming until the real which is say true and not "sun of saturnalian mass sacrifice and castration" [which is one reason why armies, prisons and, increasingly all Xiandom have sexual problems of truly Biblical proportions integral to all organized torture and warfare on Earth] Father and Mother of Man stand up, brush themselves off, and honour the voices of their Ancestors in the faces of the Sun and Moon and Stars and in all the Medicines of the Mother and Father Earth that our Old Gods or Ancient Ancestors - Peoples who could fuck up this badly or lose us some seriously vital knowledge as to the whole trophic nature of the celestial firmament of our whole ecology and biology - only ever need share with one another and never as one who ranks higher than another by knowledge, creed, body or mind. 

What you get today in the world of the elect instead of the fully erect is people with an unaccountable - unreasonable people suffer from the inability or unwillingness to account for their lives and those of their family because all knowledge rests in the bonds of Man's flesh and blood, as it should have remained to our enduring shame - need to get like our former motility and fertility to the "head of the organization" or give one's head and brain to it on impulsive tribute rather more demanded than not by the very calendrical language of our very lives and minds.

It is my observation and longsuffering understanding and alertness that for thousands of years what anyone calls their most sophisticated aspirations to the first society of Man has been groomed to be as inhospitable and miserable as possible unless one suffers oneself and others to undergo propitious but suspiciously perverted transformations of ourselves and our heritage, that a same yet separate "species" of Man was created to function along the lines of a philosopher soldier [immune-functioning caste or guild or type of Man] and was never meant to out breed their and our Ancestral progenitors but have and have somehow sustained in ways that none of any surviving ancestral humanity can exculpate themselves from as surviving first fathers and mothers [by biology] injuries and deformities come what they themselves declare by their every flesh and blood or militarized culture to be both superior and highly conficted injuries to their sexual function and so moral compass, having let set upon the pathological course [a course that has inherited, with noticeable added degradation over the years, degradation compensated for with vigor by taking more out of our flesh and blood industry and heritage as the golden goose of original Man the way our notions of "aliens" might attack fresh meat, having a hive mind or intelligence at a genetic level of the disease of mass narcissistic sociopathy and psychological castration come androgyny] of defining Man or their own first mothers and father in their image and forcing the rest of us to assimilate their disease into our own culture and flesh and blood in order to make us, in turn, better soldiers for their aims, forcing generations of families to relieve the original mistaken dislocation of fathers and mothers from their sons and daughters, creating in this sub or similar strain of original Man - with all the knowledge Man was heir to in a history where Man actually gets more rich and wise the further back in time would went if one were not handicapped by every form of society and knowledge on Earth in terms of being honest about and accounting for what the flesh and blood of our family and of all Mankind is saying to anyone who will listen, which is why this same self-induced nepotistic yet patricidal enmity is constantly telling stories about what happened to this now majority breed of Man whenever it is engaged, in part or now whole, in arbitrating for what everyone else should consider important about the fundamental stories of our lives, all of which are both more and less true and complete than anyone is expected to realize, least of all the people who get closer to the Head that has effectively taken over, as all systems of organization have, for the immune system of the whole regulatory brain or way of life of Ancient of Man. 

We ourselves have to confront this "original sin" and draw upon the strength of our flesh and blood language and heritage in order to truly listen to and care for our Ancestors and children.

This is why everything in history is about androgyny and cross-gendered kings and queens, generals and actors etc. They are the human version of Freemartins of the blood of the Snake with its venomous power to kill or heal, depending upon the lingering capacity of Man to deal with his own poisoned heritage.

One moral slip of the kind of power with which we bred these chief of sociological bio-terrors into our own species is clearly been enough to change human destiny. Aided in our journey is also, perhaps, the inevitable and perhaps planned degeneration of this species of Man if they do not regain original human sexual function, which is why they feed on children and all human trust, flesh and blood as much as they do. The only alternative, as a psychopathic disease in the Mind of Man, to facing the loss of love and responsibility of their Ancestral mothers and fathers [us], is to struggle to satisfy the urge to kill or flee from or control all by any and all delusions of metaphysical rights of rule, the question being what is worse - if they satisfy their hunger or that they cannot ever hope to do so. Just look at how many motifs of propaganda and "entertainment" have to do with psychopaths or the betrayal of the mother and father, or the alien half breed that kills the mother or father upon birth combined with the vehemence with which children are psychologically castrated, more or less, by every custom of modern society, a procedure passed through the genes and maintained with mass war and increasingly more sophisticated kinds of chemical and cultural torture of forced compliance to various cults from one generation to the next kept in utter fear of all the wrong things, given religious, military or social power and privilege - such as it is or may be represented to be to the subsequently deplorable state of the mind of Man - in exchange for native voice and sexuality through anatomically- and morally-challenged stories of every celestial and terrestrial proportion, stories strangely narcotic to the masses who flatter themselves that life is improving through a kind of immunological and celestial historical language whose nuance and evil comes right from the knowledge and power of the Old Gods, of our first mothers and fathers, whom we can also be sure saw what was coming from their mistake and perhaps stabbed themselves in the heart or let it happened.

Whatever happened, the sword cannot be removed, clearly. The problem cannot be ended or undone. All we can do is grow new roots, something trees will do around the rotten stumps of the old.

Warmth that first embraced the coldest stones comes out in Spring
And only cold as old as years shall suffer to remain
As born the forge of wars of torment roiling everything
That causes peace or by degrees disquiet in the brain:
Disquiet as inviolate as Man were meant to be
Conceived a torture that should not be borne so keenly felt
If Man with his own children lived in enmity with they
Whom we conceived out of the flesh and blood of all our wealth
To give our children powers that we cannot take away
Castrating them whom we defend as we were once bequeath
An evil lot or to the sons of Man we made to guard
The treasures of celestial biology the grief
Of stabbing our own heart with sorrow or of letting it be scarred
In ways that none can take away not all the world's a thief
And so we grow who know the pain of taking up the sword
Of all our flesh and blood a Story kings and queens like these adored.

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