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Dr. Jordan Peterson Reveals All

I have listened to this video am confused as you attempt to string together noncoherent thoughts into a tapestry of reality. You have posted a video of yourself on the internet for the sole purpose of other people listening to you. But the art of the spoken word at its core is to communicate, and in its enlightened form, it is to communicate a sophisticated thought. While you do present some interesting points that I would encourage you to record a subsequent video on I think it's clear by reading the comments your manner in delivery is not easily digestible. I don't find this pretentious as others have suggested, but merely overenthusiastic, trying to cram so many ideas into a 11 minute video is more than most people can handle.

Rayn Gryphon
TSCBroken Not really. Just not that interested in institutional kooks who are daddy figures for confused minds that do not know how to reason. But then, perhaps they are just overenthusiastic. However, that is not a sound argument.

As an example of the arrested capacity to reason, it would be reasonable to presume that if you did comprehend anything (and many factors besides my elocution can and often do intervene in comprehension, esp. in the case of psychological surrogacy - knowledge is always about social bonds and if you have none with your native flesh and blood voice and so faculty of Reason then surrogates are found even though such a surrogacy generally tends to exert a corrupting influence [Tyrrell] over all of the surviving faculties of reason and comprehension, as in your case, and so previously incidental factors like perceived power, authority or injustice become paramount, much as with the liberals Peterson attempts to rout - and as with any political cult, all of his objections, save for some fancy linguistic trickery that, to be fair, probably keeps him from killing himself, apply as much to his political adversaries as to himself); if you did comprehend anything then a person as presumably reasonable as yourself would have been anxious to challenge me on those points instead of using transparent and actually self-denigrating rhetorical legerdemain in order to affect a posture of, ironically, queerly paternalistic dominance, which is exactly what ALWAYS happens when the legitimate bonds of Reason are replaced with the illegitimate bonds of knowledge by surrogate fraternal or paternal love (such as in the xian cult proper), knowledge equivalent to the power to arbitrate for how other people should think or talk, quite irrespective of unprovoked commensurate lapses in comprehension. This is learned behaviour. And it exerts, as we can clearly see, an wholly and often holy corrupting influence over the entire society of Man and child.

Thank you for your comment. My "enthusiasm" has published forty books on related subjects. But it is good to know that brain damage can still inspire such enthusiasm. Woo hoo!

You have anything else or are you just going to run back to daddy? 

Feminism is not about the Feminine. That is a lie. Feminism and other isms are about uprooting any hereditary or biological basis for sexually-functional genders, imputing - after the Biblical traditions, all of which corrupt the flesh and blood of our Reason and Communication - wholly fictional qualities to the very roots of human sexual reproduction and all of its organs of communication and life and so providing in its stead a presumably superior "liberty" that increasingly forces young children who are already under the incorrigible stress of institutional child trafficking to trouble themselves to make up their own sexual root system - and after being thrown under the dizzying narcissistic influence of any and all of the Biblical and Military fictions of the world. They might quibble about the "gender binary" and yet a "binary" system underlies all modern communication systems and itself betrays sexual symbolism, such as with your average power button. Sexuality is not binary; it is sexual; a gender is that which can engender and so communicate with vigor the whole flesh and blood of Man's celestial biology. So children are not being given lots of genders to choose from; they are actually being denuded of the remaining part of their sexual or endocrine root system as it relates to the bonds of knowledge and family together, bonds so strained that people often lose sexual function and find narcotic salvation in recapitulating this invisible crime by vaunting the exchange of native sexual roots "the gender binary" for novelty mental costumes or personae strangely integral to all subsequent social, political or religious power as it increases its and, in some small part, their dominance over all the faculties of flesh and blood voice, reason and posterity; this is called homosexuality or transexuality. They might quibble about "assigned gender," but what will they do when children are assigned both genders or even the opposite gender of their birth? This is what happens to their "movie stars" and "models" according to the governing world cult of Judaic Luciferianism with its belief that all born sex or gender is corrupted and so eminently corruptible, the corruption of which were indispensable to becoming a "Star." Will there be a new industry for fashioning your own penis or vagina out of the adamic clay of one's own butt cheeks? Poor people put their junk in the front lawn. Rich people put it in their ass, hips, chins and lips of the "Biblical" realms of Lunar art-within-art alluded to by Shakespeare and Milton, both of whom represent armies of people, as with those who wrote the Bible, tasked with turning all organs and systems of generational communication into glorified instruments of war and torture through all our "Holly" days of calendrical sacrifice, the quasi-celestial currents of commensurate Moonitary instruments attracting no end of human fealty and forced labour rented in exchange for tokens of religious and legal obligation to forfeit one's offspring and their every future industry on pain of social isolation, poverty or death, the effects of which were everywhere proclaimed and nowhere heard in order to protect the new heaven and earth from the as though mortal danger of one's own native humanity as it is pathogenically rejected by the heaven of one's first mother, a stillborn fugitive whose only salvation is animation by bonds of torture.

Shakepeare said, "To thine own Self be true." "Holding a mirror up to nature." This is a mocking phrase. For the same system that treats us like dead and dumb flesh has erected its "naturally-inspired" logistics and systems of generational torture this way precisely because the flesh and blood whole mind of Man actually records every nuance of its environment and so the voice is silenced and the mind left to live a shadow of its former self beneath the looming dread of some nebulous crime that the child thinks they have committed, some "sin," when sin is in fact the native celestial biology of one's own first estate [pronounced dead upon registered transport from the Government mother "waters"], one's own first labour of mutual conception of the heaven and earth of mother, father and child, a mother, father and child who then suffer to act out compulsions of dubious provenance or effect except under the attendant delusional mirroring of the world mind as it condemns people to a way of war or of thought, stature or rapture that reduces all their capacity to speak or reason while extracting all of their surviving industry in order to outwit and "save" them in perpetuity, flooding their whole environment with distorted reflections of every coordinate and custom of the flesh and blood of Time or of all Mankind. We know this too well.

An excerpt from an article by Ivan Tyrrell, first published in 1993, that explores Dr. Arthur Deikman’s enlightening work on cult behaviour.

Why people join cults:

“Cults form and thrive,” says Deikman, “not because people are crazy, but because they have two kinds of wishes. They want a meaningful life, to serve God or humanity; and they want to be taken care of, to feel protected and secure, to find a home. The first motives may be laudable and constructive, but the latter exert a corrupting effect, enabling cult leaders to elicit behaviour directly opposite to the idealistic vision with which members entered the group.”


Problem Professors
YouTube, Sargon of Akkad

See Video Series - Flat Earth For Dummies

Axiom 641 - Definition of a Cult


Your first problem is that this is too long, man. Who has the time to devote 2 hours of their life to this? Like the saying goes, a short essay is a long essay that you have edited mercilessly.

Your second problem is that you're thinking of "dominance" in terms of exerting power over another. Think of it instead as being held in high regard.

Peterson would completely agree with you about the importance of free, unstructured play. I think he'd agree with many other things you are saying as well. But he would also say that your perspective is distorted, that you are often seeing only half the picture; only the negative aspects of society. All of the families of the world do NOT do that to their children. I am truly sorry that yours did.

I'm not sure what your exposure to Peterson has been, but your experience of him does not match up with mine. Are there impressionable people who don't understand him but who nevertheless hang on his every word? Yes, of course. Does this impair his teachings in any way? I don't think so. I also think these people are much better off even if they only understand a quarter of what Peterson is saying.

Rayn Gryphon
Tell you what. I will write my response to you without reading your comment all the way through. Then, after that, I will make any necessary amendments:

Every day on Earth, people look to other people for answers but really just to give them somewhere, however fanciful, to go, to go somewhere with dignity.

Unfortunately, they are magnetically attracted to all the wrong things. This is so because they have been "charged" with a debt to society. People in prison are also charged, and they, too, pay their "debt to society." We have astronomical and Biblical stories of torture, stories written in the ink of human flesh and blood, and we pay for them dearly by definition and acute necessity.

The problem here is that your thought is mistaken.

As you can see from most of my comments on Jordan related videos, his students have a tendency to ask me to help with their ability to think and reason.

No doubt, you have the same tacit request for me.

As an example, whenever I make a video about this contrite demagogue and your generation's Pied Piper [the piper from Krishna to Christ lead the fool to slaughter, to sacrifice, which is the language of the world of Jordan Peterson] his students and followers tend to gather around and say, "No one understands this. Look. We are all dismissing it. It is badly said or too long, you name it."

I tolerate this because you will notice that each of these minds is by itself and in itself weak at a constitutional level. It only thinks it can think. Jordan Peterson's students have this trait in common.

Therefore, we are forced to come to the conclusion that my brain is damaged or yours is.

But do you know what or who understands my words? Your flesh and blood does very well. And is to your own flesh and blood that I commend you, that not so much of it need be sacrificed.

you are welcome.

And I owe you nothing.

You see, having already done to my voice what was done to yours [because a mind like yours must exert the same kind of forced exerted upon it], silenced and dismissed it entirely [which is less flattering to you than to me I assure you], you must now exact the debt that you are trained to exact.

Chances are you will commend me to put more "work" into it or otherwise put me to labour on behalf of your inability to think. For whether two minutes or two hours, it will be "too long" or "too short" for you. Length, as some would have it, is everything. What kind of lower mammal thinks that way?  And so this discussion is complete. Knowledge gained by torture can only ever be license to torture. And the law itself supports this.

So let me know when you have paid your debt to society.

Did Dr. Peterson ever tell you when your billion year contract is up? 

[Why isn't his own flesh and blood father teaching him these things? Because, silenced, his sent his son in payment for that silence. He is a coward.]

Jonas Richards

I think I get what you mean. His "relevance" doesn't consist of influence. At least I don't measure reality through fame. You can't use psychoanalytic themes and universals to address anything serious really. It "serves" a speculative and broad lens, and it's slightly hysterical to invoke the concept of a dragon like ever unless you're making fun of someone basically, but it's sort of useless for yourself (and I mean anyone) to think of your own life like that. It's not different than being a goth and using a Hot Topic apparatus of discourse or talking about things like Jim Morrison did. You should remember going to college and seeing Peterson citations everywhere. He's talking about statistical generalities, and his interest in the active exceptionalism that makes people individual and not historical is zilch by token of his professional stereotype. If you effectively exist to channel the establishment your value ends up being just that. Where I would disagree is that there is a right and wrong and "post-modernism" isn't even a bad idea because it basically covers what's wrong with the tedious and insincere.

Rayn Gryphon

That comment classes things up a bit.

I always love it. My detractors should take note - I always love it when someone can say what I said in a better or more effective way. Bravo. Not sure about the posmodernism, though. I shall record this for posterity, as I only just finished another retort to one of his sort for no more tedious a crime than saying things which they do not understand or suffer any illusions about ever doing so, all of which comes with the penalty of being tasked to master the art of never confusing them at all. grin. Just like the attributes of his adversaries that Dr. Peterson points out so often as though to soften the blow of knowing in that still small voice that no one really enjoys the freedom of if they ever wish to know anything or have anything at all - that none of this is going to work if they have to in order to pay for the debt of merely being born. We owe society nothing. If I were allowed to teach a course on that, the schools would be ghost towns in a week. 


You seem to see things pretty negatively. Here is what is the deal with "responsibility." Our brains release dopamine when we are moving towards our goals - engaged in goal-directed behaviour and not being frustrated in it. We experience this as positive emotion. No goals, very little dopamine, very little positive emotion. Of course you always have goals, whether you want to or not, because some of them are hardwired into you. When you're thirsty you'll have the goal of getting a drink, and dopamine will be a part of what actually gets you up to go to the sink.

Peterson is engaged in a centuries-old debate concerning the central existential question: What is the best way to live in the world? It turns out that having goals, and moving toward them, is better for us than being satisfied. But that does unfortunately entail work and responsibility. Them's the breaks.

Was this conversation "torture" for you?

Rayn Gryphon

No. Dr. Peterson [and yourself] are engaged, through torturous transformations of word maps projected upon, insinuated into and gaining the instrumental force of their torturous effect upon centuries of human beings and human bonds of all status and wealth, character or creed, in the war to extract as much human flesh and blood capital and industry as possible. Anybody in a prison religion can have goals, but they are usually not to get out of the prison, not if they are "smart."

Just think, among his greatest mentors are included Christ and Freud, neither of whom had functional sex organs and neither of whom were actually men and both of whose corporate fiction and strategic military influence has been instrumental in extracting the sacrifice of hundreds of millions of our children.

Loose lips = Occupied sexual or Semitic language of Man. Vessica Piscis, vulva, occupation of the mother tongue of celestial ancestral biology, lips the passage through whom constituted the doom of all Mankind. Mocking of the improvised waters of celestial biology, the better to trick Man into sacrificial tribute to the imposter.

Michael Fenwick

Why do you believe in Satan, and what do you worship about him to make your convictions so strong?

Rayn Gryphon

I was born from a flesh and blood mother and father.

So were you, but the trouble in your understanding is that you were weaned to be a traitor to and as though a fugitive of your own flesh and blood.

It is a considerable problem to have.

Any port in a storm, I suppose.

Anything else?

Tomorrow the moon begins to ripen again.

And I will be ready to taste of its fruit. We all will, some more than others.


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