Thursday, 1 February 2018

Axiom 1106 - All Sociology Explained Under A Minute

"In a cybernetic-industrial society, which is the only one most of you have ever known, everybody is a Jew - everybody and nobody is a traitor to their truly Semitic heritage."

Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch

xian: "Transgendering is evilness and vileness."

"Their religion - of the Baphomet - is totally Xian. For instance, xians believe birth from a mother is evil and must be paid for, like a debt, with death. Judaic Luciferians or Davidians believe that the sexes - of late, the "gender binary" - is also a fallen condition, rectified with forced androgyny to return one to "Oneness" or the Adam Kadmon. It is couture family planning. Abort outright or mix and match psycho-sexual genitalia. #kenandbarbieforever style. In the Bible itself it says that Jesus is not the legitimate son of God [Saturn] and so is the best possible example of how to orphan children in order to best have them eaten by Saturn whose sex organs are replaced with instead of coherent with that of the "Word" itself created from the torture of the language of our whole flesh and blood celestial biology. As a testament to this fact, notice the one and zero that form the sexual congress alluded to by the power button on any computer. The binary language of the "information age" is entirely sexual in nature - or provenance - and yet all political and personal power is predicated on "freeing" oneself from the so-called "gender binary" in so much as xianity and all commensurate cultural genocide in a cybernetic-industrial world was and is predicated first philosophically, then pathologically, and then anatomically upon ridding oneself of the language and "sin" of, by definition, birth from one's mother celestial biology and whole flesh and blood life and language in sex and every organ of family communication of the holy book of one's whole flesh and blood voice and story at the basis of all true knowledge, nourishment and liberty for tens of thousands of years. This "sin" is replaced by a psychological procedure where antecedent cultural torture is ratified with the acceptance of "Jesus" and particularly the never ending cyclical torture and humiliation of Jesus and so all human labour in order to pay the "wages of sin," wages that amount to paying tribute of one's own flesh and blood in order to rent one's own labour, Jesus Himself coming from an anatomically-challenged family where Saturn-God impregnates a virgin and convinces everyone she is "still a virgin" because the word virgin means a hermaphrodite. Vir means penis and gyn means uterus or vagina. It is an wholly unnatural birth whose "word" is law, the law that is used to entomb the voice of your children and so their and your capacity to Reason, reason being of the birth and soul of Man the Mother and Mind of Man. Xianity and Demockery is just dressed-up child trafficking for the masses whose appetite for human sacrifice has become, like that of Saturn Himself, insatiable and even the very apotheosis of all morality for all religions on Earth. But you neither wish to hear nor consider this fact because it shakes your repressive mental systems erected upon the destruction of your first estate by your own State wards and their owners, people who have been bred, as have you, for the science and "culture" of human torture for thousands of years continuing."

I know things from listening to my flesh and blood. You can only use your mind as well as you speak on behalf of the actual experience of your flesh and blood. This is the Voice of Reason. My words are plain enough to hear. And they stand on the authority of my ancestors. Those who can listen will hear them. Enlightenment is overrated. But it is better than gold or silver - its cost are always going up. For a Druid, two things are punishable by death: cutting down a Tree without permission and lying. If it were a crime to lie to a child there would be no poverty, poverty whose crimes no number of other laws will ever solve but for the blind demoralized servants of Death [Debt], of Christ the son of Saturn who produces and consumes all his illegitimate children with its/his/her pseudo-seminal laws. 

The effect if rarely intentional effect of and so purpose of all human culture [a name for cultural genocide, which is all "culture" has been for thousands of years] is to groom and breed successive orders of brains whose pain-repressive survival-oriented needs and functions dictate the death of the Soul's native capacity to reason, speak, think, listen, see and feel. This worldwide military mandate commensurate with all orders of cultural appropriation of all organs of reproduction and communication [all of the means of production] turns the family unit into a military unit, a cult whose most pathological if socially expedient [if illegitimate] biological, social, medical, financial, spiritual and psychiatric imperatives must necessarily exert a deciding corrupting influence over all remaining laudable aspirations, all of which primarily serve, whatever their scale of utility or popularity, to protect the "deep state" imperatives of all its constituent human organs, quite irrespective of birth, status, creed, wealth or race - true "Equality," an equality that takes its true meaning from the Adam Kadmon of Judaic or Hebraic Luciferianism in that it predicates all freedom, ethics or enlightenment upon the systematic rehabilitation of one's native birth as male or female into an androgynous "superman/newman" with no distinct biological maternity or paternity.

Therefore, all families in the attendant Church of War, the Church of Working for a Living [a magical curse phrase or spell interpreted different ways depending upon what grade one is at in the World Order or the "Oneness"] produce orphans raised with and, increasingly, by an effective developmental cybernetic-industrial equivalence of love and hate, male and female, right and wrong, an effective equivalence of military, cult, prison and mass social psychology whose every social instrument, including the truly explosive nee "nuclear" family, is for child trafficking and sacrifice demanded by every token awarded people who rent their own labour back from the World Church of Judaic Satanism.

This is why the history of the State Religion and Science are so hopelessly confused. They are meant to be. And they support each other. They are, in fact, functions of each other. This is why Dr. Richard Dawkins uses the Archbishop of Canterbury as support for the cult of evolution developed by the most successful serial killer classes in human history, families who breed, with scientific precision developed over thousands of years, for social scientists and financial and cultural "generals." To work for a living and to avoid the appellation of a "burden to society," one has to retain the compatible pathology for global advance of mass human sacrifice. Such is the prevalence of such a Church that most people in the last several hundred years never even knew what religion they were practicing - they just told their kids, "This is the way the world works," forcing their young ones to "pay their way," never suspecting, having lost their soul's capacity to Reason - which is a function of the soul or deep mind of Man the Mother and Mind of Man and Nature, Heaven and Earth - that such a level of coercion is word for word accurate with xianity and Judaic Satanism, with the idea that the sin or celestial biology of human sex and conception is criminal and can only produce humans or, according to the Law of the all Government Agencies, a monster that cannot hold or inherit any property, nor have any political or religious voice unless they learn how to torture themselves and others, starting with their own flesh and blood language.

But, of course, nobody has actually "had" a child in centuries. 

In order to have a child one has to learn their native language, one has to be able to reason. The failure of this is amply testified to by the fact that so many parents assume their children "cannot reason."

Nothing could be further from the truth, nor more successful in turning the truth into a lie and a lie into the truth.

Find me a Man who can Reason and I will show you true courage. Until they, no uniform or costume in the world will fool a Druid, a true Satanic Witch or student of wise craft, someone who can only be initiated by one's own unborn children, by the Old Gods of Man's ancestral celestial intelligence, people who speak the language of the mind, the heart and the creative intelligence of life, of high reason, feeling and thought worthy of our gods, children, like myself, who are born desecrating all the modern gods of thought for a living. [I wipe my shitty ass with religious scriptures every day in order to clean the stain of war from my soul.]

In short, I have some problem with in that I have reasonable concern for anybody who has lost the will or capacity to sexually reproduce if they so wish to do so. But anyone who knowingly or unknowingly lends their mental energy to any world where anyone wishes to give up their flesh and blood reason and dignity in order to gain the as though even remotely comparable power to dictate, by any flag or fashion, the voice of the seed and ovum of my family's flesh and blood can only be deemed, with considerable care for one's own safety, among the working end of the most truly criminal and xenophobic forces in human history. 

The greatest thing your owners ever did, along with the sacrifice, with gusto and songs of patriotism, of hundreds of millions of non-combatants in the "world wars," is make Saturnalian laws into Christian and Jewish and Muslim morality [way of life and thought that disintegrates the brain and extracts tribute of all surviving mental force to shoring up the brain of the Military Complex of Mass Sacrifice, all without any "technology" as we commonly understand the term]. Now, State-enforced gender "re-education" [SOGI in Canada] is welcomed by masses of passive psychopaths or "free citizens" one chromosome short of being eunuchs in order to "combat bullying" with what amounts to State-assisted suicide.

Silence the voice of a child and no other law can save you.

That is why the Crow and the Raven caw and know the Book of the Law, the Book of our own Flesh and Blood, flesh and blood born of the Mother and Mind of Man, illiteracy in whom will always spell our certain doom traded and slaved for by currencies rooted in the gold standard of the ever soaring prices of Freedom and Enlightenment, Fame and Fortune.

Therefore, tell me not of your knowledge or accomplishments. 

Tell me of your flesh and blood; show me the Vigor and Dignity of the organs of their communication and consummation; show me your competence at the language of all of the contractions [the living voice, story, food, wisdom and celestial power] of your very life and time. Or show me your abject barbarism and poverty, barbarism and poverty rivaled only by your delusional capacity - a capacity and mass sacrificial social reflex insatiable for the flesh and blood of all Peoples - to arbitrate for what I should feel or think or how I should live and speak and labour.

Wear the Bear of your whole flesh and blood celestial biology by birth [our first estate] or the Great Hunt is over for any future or past worth knowing but under the God-like influence of our own repressive pathology and its commensurate leaks of aggressive unprovoked if strangely uniform lapses in comprehension and empathy, acts which orphan our children better than any other weapon in Heaven or Earth.

See Yoga and Mindfulness Training in State Schools [SOGI]

There lives a twinkle in the sky the smile of my mind
Whose elocution of myself in bonds of flesh and blood
Celestial biology of growth that knows the kind
Of richness lives in transformation vital as the Sun
Hereditary madness in the sadness of the Earth's
Contractions all the currents of our flesh and blood redoubts
Which hath some little influence upon all of the Words
That hath survived like earth and sky the bosun screams and shouts
And shrieks unholy spoken only just before they set
Into the flesh and blood the Sun the Mind of Man a sleep
Which undertakes to keep the quiet of the Moon the debt
Of too much death upon the Mind and all that Mind will creep
Into the knowledge in our blood our voices stories that will hold
Over the flesh and blood of Man a death in debt untold.

TheUpwardbound1 [referring to last "Christmas Address" the Obamas]
Looks like a great eloquent couple. One marriage one set of kids absolutely no scandal. You fucks can't stand it where you make fake outrage over the most trivial of things about him because there isnt shit else. Oh get the fuck out of here. Same fake so called Christians like yourself that support a guy that "grabs them by the pussy" and stands by neo nazis a regime we fought and died to destruct! Quit sucking Obamas dick. He forever will be a black face in the White house so get over it and concentrate on the future and your own stankin ass which I'm sure stinks like everyone else's.

Rayn Gryphon
Dude. Dulles made the CIA out of the German SS. [NASA made with German tech and scientists as well] Read some history, bro. And, yeah, Trump is related to the Hitlers and Merkel is the daugher of Eva Braun and Adolf. Obama is a Tranny. So is Michael. That is their religion - Hebraic Luciferianism [nee Rosicrucian] the mother of all religions. That is why he [and Oprah Winfrey, tranny] can say that they [Obama et al] are "xian." That is the "Oneness" of the New Age and the Silence of the "Power of Now," the silence of the voice of man's flesh and blood absorbed back into the Mother Ship of the Adam Kadmon and the Baphomet, a still birth, a failed experiment corrupted by the "fall" of one's own flesh and blood rejected by and rejecting the world by first torture and unto the very last breath causing global hysteria of Biblical proportions disrupting all the organs of life and communication ordo ab chao and ordo ab abortion, ordo ab abortive torture as a pathogenic reflex commensurate with every branch of mass human sacrifice. Serious shit, dude. Keep your family close and your mind sharp.

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