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Yoga and Mindfulness Training in State Schools [SOGI]

In short, I have some problem with in that I have reasonable concern for anybody who has lost the will or capacity to sexually reproduce if they so wish to do so. But anyone who knowingly or unknowingly lends their mental energy to any world where anyone wishes to give up their flesh and blood reason and dignity in order to gain the as though even remotely comparable power to dictate, by any flag or fashion, the voice of the seed and ovum of my family's flesh and blood can only be deemed, with considerable care for one's own safety, among the working end of the most truly criminal and xenophobic forces in human history. 

The greatest thing your owners ever did, along with the sacrifice, with gusto and songs of patriotism, of hundreds of millions of non-combatants in the "world wars," is make Saturnalian laws into Christian and Jewish and Muslim morality [way of life and thought that disintegrates the brain and extracts tribute of all surviving mental force to shoring up the brain of the Military Complex of Mass Sacrifice, all without any "technology" as we commonly understand the term]. Now, State-enforced gender "re-education" [SOGI in Canada] is welcomed by masses of passive psychopaths or "free citizens" one chromosome short of being eunuchs in order to "combat bullying" with what amounts to State-assisted suicide.

Silence the voice of a child, and no other law can save you.

From Axiom 1106 - All Sociology Explained Under A Minute

From Facebook Culture Guard

"Sign the Petition: Minister of Education, Please Remove the Mindfulness Program from Canadian Public Schools"

Responses follow:

Saranna Greveling This sounds AMAZING. I hope they put this in ALL schools. Helping our young people learn to self regulate their bodies and emotions is EXACTLY what they should be learning in school. If you have a problem with this ...you ARE the problem.

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Brandon Lacuna Wow. You attribute a lot of parental power to yoga. What amazing yoga are you referring to? Hatha?

Brandon Lacuna So did you just give up your testicles altogether?

Angie Obalek Not to worry, it's pretty standard stuff in public schools now. The majority of folks don't see the devil in 6 year olds learning to self regulate πŸ˜‰

Saranna Greveling For a self declared expert on yoga, Brandon you seem to be missing some of the key points that are being taught - specifically the mindfulness (breathing exercises, etc to learn how to self regulate ones body and mind) and calming stretching to relax and maintain physical education.

And "my" testicles were never mine to control ...

Saranna Greveling Angie thank goodness the world is generally a more open minded place than some of these frightened individuals would have the world believe.

So far I think my LO is learning more about personal space than stretching, but articles like this draw my attention happily to new resources I can look for at home and request / suggest at the school level.

Brandon Lacuna Ah. Yes. "Pretty standard stuff, Moppit."

Brandon Lacuna Speaking of missing pretty key points, why the fuck do kids need shit exercises to calm themselves down. Who the fuck did you give your own kids to?

Saranna Greveling Hopefully you don't have children yet, but if / when you do, you will discover they are natural sources of near boundless energy. Lol.

Brandon Lacuna Stupidity, cruelty and blissful capitulation. All you need now is a shipping container and you could start your own child trafficking business.

Culture Guard Saranna Greveling When you have raised a healthy child into adult hood you can speak with some authority, you have a lot of years to go and a lot to learn. Don't be so open-minded your brain falls out.

Brandon Lacuna Oh. Wait. The state penal system for kids already owns the patent on that.

Angie Obalek Saranna Greveling, my favorite is when there's a group of folks talking...2 of them just like regular people, one of them full of swearing and personal insults...and the guy here to guard against atrocities like mindfulness in schools... that guy is totally cool with the swearing and hateful insults...but he certainly won't let your cheerful comments about your kid pass unjudged! Makes you wonder...

Brandon Lacuna Righteous indignation is my flavoured body oil.

Its gives me a cool tingling feeling.

Brandon Lacuna Angie Obalek at the risk of illuminating something best left unexamined, why do kids need ways to calm down and shut up?

Brandon Lacuna Why if they have boundless sources of energy and joy?

Angie Obalek Because if they don't learn to regulate themselves, they'll grow into adults who go around swearing at people and attacking them instead of being able to manage their emotions and reactions. It's a super handy lifeskill

Brandon Lacuna Managing emotions. Really? Well the human brain is tasked with a lot of that even at seven to thirteen weeks in the womb. Enough, in fact, that a child (or a xian, Muslim, etc) will present as happy or docile even though the pain and its repressive pathology remains intact, leaking out through however socially-expedient propensities for the same kinds of social coercion that they have been subjected to. In terms of infant brain development, neglect is a pathological command to exert that neglect upon anyone over whom one seeks or has any psychological or financial advantage, kind of like what many priests, doctors, soldiers and teachers do in a cybernetic-industrial society whose rites of passage (most of which are predicated upon silencing the voice of a child with impunity) bear out an horrific symbiosis with this kind of neglect and its multiplicative orders of however socially-expedient delusion and government policy.

Neglect or aggression of this pathological nature and dominance includes stark lapses in empathy and cognition (or comprehension) such as you yourself present by your inability to answer one question and by your clearly cavalier attitude to the kinds of stresses suffered by millions of innocent children whose experience of institutional matriculation and authoritarianism the likes of which came right out the work of Pavlov ("give me a child and I can make it into anything") is, by all accounts and now epidemic levels of autism, ADD and gender dysphoria (arrested sexual development), not as much to the liking of their brains (which clearly have no sway with vacuous apes like you) as delusional and abusive cunts like you want.

You disgust me.

See the peer reviewed clinical work of Dr. Arthur Janov - an expert on child psychology.

Your behaviour, therefore, is not such a mystery. You are exactly the kind of "mother" the system is meant to produce, someone who thinks that a rational argument is the same as the power to arbitrate for who has a voice and who does not upon any provocation.

I for one one am an author of forty books and tens of thousands of papers on this very subject. I do not take anything at face value. That is how much I care about my children and myself.

You, however, were unable to respond to one single rational query and instead act like no rational person should ask or answer it.

You are a prototypical psychopath.

You should not even have children.

I eagerly await your indignation with my passion for child brain health whilst you continue to present no single shred of critical scrutiny of a government institution whose own mandate is to put a wedge between a child and their own safety in life.

Brandon Lacuna "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man's enemies will be those of his own household."

- Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:34-36, The Xian Holy Bible

Brandon Lacuna "Most people are not even aware of their need to conform. They live under the illusion that they follow their own ideas and inclinations, that they are individualists, that they have arrived at their opinions as a result of their own thinking - and that it just happens that their ideas are the same as those of the majority." - Erich Fromm

Brandon Lacuna "The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal.

"Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.

"They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society.

"Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness.

"These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted."

- Aldous Huxley

(Keeping in mind that the Huxley family as often revealed the facts as triumphed in them as a measure of their success as social engineers reporting on the results of their lab studies and experiments, as with George Orwell.)

Brandon Lacuna “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)

Brandon Lacuna "Let us be clear about one thing: ideals and ethics are important in politics as norms, but they are scarcely effective as techniques. The successful statesman is an artist, concerned with nuances of public mood, approximations of operative motives, guesswork as to the tactics of his opponents, back-breaking work in unifying his own side by compromise and concession. Religious reformers have often succeeded in bringing public morale closer to some ethical norm; they have never succeeded as statesmen. Even in the theocracies of Savonarola in Florence, Cromwell and Puritans in England, our own New England colonies, the men of God, when they came to power, learned to play the game of power. The only difference between them and others is that, since they had a certitude of having a pipeline to God, they did not have to reckon at all with the uneasy factor of their conscience. The most destructive imperialisms of the world have been those of men who have elevated their preferences to the pinnacle of moral imperatives and who have then confidently proceeded to impose those imperatives on others."

Max Lerner, Introduction to NiccolΓ² Machiavelli's The Prince and The Discourses, Random House, 1950, page xliv

More quotes at

Quotes about Psychological Compliance

Brandon Lacuna That is, if you read.

All you have done is demonstrate precisely why my children do not go to school. No. They do not. They will not. Instead, they and their voices live free. Every day they piss and shit when they want without having to ask psychopathic cunts like you for permission. They sing their heathen voices to the very rafters of the stars, people whom you will fear as all weak minded and spineless institutional mongrels should.

They will be ready for you with pity or anger as is demanded.

"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusion is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusion is always their victim."

- unattributed

Treena Carson-Piva Evidently you do not understand the concept of mindfulness. Further, this may be the most ironic concept I’ve heard in my entire life. God forbid we teach our children to be kind, aware, gracious and humble. Or wait....maybe your god does forbid this?

Brandon Lacuna Way to double post genius. Yoga does all that? Really? Cite the study upon which you base such an wholly uncritical support for what amounts to a social experiment with your child as the subject? Have you ever done yoga? I practiced it for fifteen years. It does nothing and even advances the age of the spine. In my opinion, like any martial religion [Indian, in this case] it is caused by and causes psychosis.

Treena Carson-Piva Brandon Lacuna Yes, I have done yoga. I’ve studied it, too (I’m a certified instructor). You say you’ve practiced it for 15 years? How unfortunate your teachers failed to impress upon you the five principles of yoga: proper breathing, proper exercise, proper diet, proper relaxation, and positive thinking. So, for the sake of argument, let’s say teaching yoga to children is a social experiment. Enlighten me: what about these attributes do you feel are so detrimental for children to learn? What is it about being mentally and physically healthy are you so opposed to?

Brandon Lacuna It is not every day that a yogic psychopath just hands it over that easy. If your contention is that a proper practice of yoga would in itself refute my opinion then you have just proven how dangerous yoga is for children. Just like a psychotic xian saying "if you just let Jesus fuck you you would not criticize xianity."

That was easy. But with spiritual or yogic psychopaths, it always is.

Treena Carson-Piva Brandon Lacuna I feel sorry for you, Brandon...your troll account, your anger, your narrow mindlessness and your lack of critical thinking. But mostly, I pity your obvious desire to be contrary and vile. I’m sure you are exactly the kind of supporter Culture Guard is looking for! Namaste!

Brandon Lacuna That was perfect.

He is doing yoga and mindfulness breathing right now. 

Claire de Lune When my kids do ‘yoga’ at school, it is as simple as putting their foot to their inside knee and stretching their arms up, pretending to be a tree while saying T says ‘t’ and t starts tree. They sit and put the soles of their feet together and make wings from their arms, while saying B says b and starts butterfly. I can totally see how that translates to religious practice...πŸ€ͺ. Would it help if we continued to do the same moves, but called it alphabet stretching instead? It’s a very calming and relaxing activity that helps them achieve the 20 minutes of daily physical activity required in the curriculum on days they don’t have gym class. Zero religion involved, regardless of where the ‘roots’ of the practice started. Many non-religious people do yoga.

Brandon Lacuna Ssriously? How indolent are your spawn that they need to act like Chinese communist sheep every day?

Brandon Lacuna Grow a pair.

Claire de Lune And there you have it. The intellect of your fan base. Wow.

Brandon Lacuna So tell me oh arbiter of the intellect, why do you let them do that to your children?

Claire de Lune Brandon Lacuna because it is stretching. Physical activity. Nothing more. Stop the conspiracy theories. No one is trying to convert children to a religion by stretching into the shape of a tree.

Claire de Lune You should return to school to learn how to identify a run-on sentence. I sure hope you homeschool, but someone else is the teacher.

Brandon Lacuna "Brandon Lacuna because it is stretching. Physical activity. Nothing more. Stop the conspiracy theories. No one is trying to convert children to a religion by stretching into the shape of a tree...."

In an glorified penal colony designed to have limited square feet per human "pest," a place where parents just like you send their vulnerable children to be stripped of all dignity, spending eighteen years eight hours a day for two hundred and some days of the year sitting still while the most deranged uneducated robots on earth force feed them propaganda written by the most successful serial killers in human history, making sure they put up their hand anytime they need to take a shit or piss. But at least they can pretend to be a Tree while they enjoy a prison turned safe refuge from any kind of mother or father that would send them there, most of whom will eke out the remainder of their lives renting their own labour and paying down a debt as fictional as Harry Potter while they exercise the tacit pathological command to do the same thing, as do you, to anyone and everyone over whom they wield or would any psychological or financial advantage fueled and cowed by multiplicative martial orders of totally compatible mass human war, delusion and political (and sexual) persecution so sophisticated that it can make slavery feel like liberty, impotence like a new kind of sexuality and pain like happiness and love. Congratulations. You get the Darwin Award for criminal ambivalence to all reason and observation to anyone but a glorified narcissistic psychopath - exactly what you were meant to be. You get a sticker and the right to merely pretend you are a tree and say Allahu Akbar while your whole family tree is desecrated with everything you and millions like you call no big thing.

Jane Avis this is about mindfulness...which comes from Buddhism.. mindfulness has nothing to do with stretching.

Brandon Lacuna If by mindfulness you are referring to a mind full of shit indoctrination that gave us the Dalai Llama, a man beaten as a child by monasteries rife with as much rape as the Vatican who routinely smiles at horrific violence and casts negative aspersions as to the "level of mindfulness" of anyone who might feel anything but jubilation about genocide.

Brandon Lacuna Life is suffering? And other noble truths proven to induce the uncontrollable feeling that lighting yourself on fire will show the world how cool headed you are.

Brandon Lacuna Kind of like how I feel right now.

Treena Carson-Piva Brandon Lacuna Seems to me you could benefit from a good instructor and a history book!

Brandon Lacuna My instructor studied directly under one of the foremost yogis of India and a fifth level tai chi master, a master scholar of yoga and its history, which in Hinduism or Vedanta means its religious and military history.

Culture Guard Claire de Lune said the frog in the pot of water that was slowly warming...

Brandon Lacuna Did somebody say something about a run-on sentence? Try a complex compound sentence with multiple subordinate clauses. But, then, Claire de Lune, what would you know about things that come in multiples?

Brandon Lacuna A little tutorial on "karma," upon which principle all yoga and Eastern mindfulness is based. What karma means is what you do to others gets done to you, usually harm. It further stipulates that if you are on earth and not a god-realized guru then your desires are never really fulfilled and this self-seeking mind is constantly sewing the seeds of karma or future pain that, at best, will reacquaint you with how hopeless any life really is without the religion of yoga and mindfulness translates fairly well to Xianity and xianity, in turn, sharing the same family tree as Islam with Judaism and all its various sects. Karma means that harm done to you is always your fault, so, as with the penultimate torture demanded by the "sin" of mere human birth, even if you are a god realized "christ," doing harm to others is tacitly condoned as a moral and social imperative that just happens to describe the effective if not or never "conscious" result of subjecting a child's mind to these ideas and indeed the brain, if you will, of how everyone lives in its commensurate cybernetic-industrial world state. It is mere war craft.

Every "yoga teacher" in here will have learned about "samskara" or negative tendencies of karma and their systematic confrontation. That is what yoga even means, union with Brahman [Allah or the Bull God of Devil and Yahweh, Abba or Eloah [the voice of sin and karma, the last voice attributed to Man, that of his own utter destruction and silencing, the saddest thing in nature], Abracadabra of old tortured for the edification of the dislocated masses of children of the old gods, their regenerative - sexual and celestial - language tortured - hence, State and Xian holidays celebrating torture and organized war and labour - upon the wheel of the entire celestial language [calendar] and sequence of anthropomorphic or isomorphic sequences of birth, life and death with which all family trees actually grow and know things - or would, if their very voices were not tortured by State cults across every financial and social instrument on Earth today - in terms of their branches and roots [K] in the celestial biology of Man the Mother and Mind of Man.

Yoga gurus are never even God realized, which is the real qualification to teach Yoga, theorietically. But this is rarely observed because everybody knows that such people do not exist unless they merely manage to convince enough people that they do. Western cult members are not nearly as exacting as their Eastern counterparts.

Salt Spring Center or school turned out hundreds of these religious money-grubbing morons every year, stretching themselves to martial orders of thought, diet and action [karma yoga] one insult to human intelligence at a time, all as happy as a Mormon with their at least self-induced narco-hypnotic trance cast like a spell [magnified by group compliance] over whatever remains of their regenerative [native] language and power or what is left to a mind that has already - in the case of the crack head or the yoga instructor, the muslim, the xian or the jew - been drugging itself from within the wombs of their mothers, mothers and fathers with whom the fetal flesh and blood identify [like the State] for all their "power, liberty, happiness and education," the knowledge of their divine birth sealed like womb or tomb and represented to them, in corrupted form, by the International Metaphysical Military Intelligence Mafia and its various schools of science and magic. Estrogen mimickers do to their growing genitals whatever these preposterous religions fail to accomplish. This is how you build soldiers [U.S. soldiers have some of the highest rates of penile dysfunction, their sexual pathology mirroring that of prison inmates and school children who are reduced to hierarchies of dominance - hierarchies which demonstrate the effective developmental equivalence of love and hate, of family, prison, military, social and cult psychology, that of captive animals who, in the case of Man, can still retain something of the however arrested capacity to reproduce in captivity - as they navigate the most critical development of their lives under threat of social exile and other forms of State-regulated and family-condoned coercion, all for their happiness and well being in life whilst we gain but the liberty to sit back an wonder why war is so successful and the study of its range of injury as hard to find as Yeti], soldiers, not people, all of whom are actually considered "pests" by the USGS and all their State laws of food and drug administration. Pests that are kept in closed groups, even though the native human brain is supposed to travel in small family social groups - hence the prevalence of the self-proclaimed "introverted extrovert" and other quaint euphemisms for tortured souls. That is what the modern religion of environmentalism is all about [jets produce more pollution taking off than all the cars in North America in a year but none of the cult members talk about anything they are not taught to talk about]: controlling the pest population the only way we know how, for every man or woman that is hurt first lost their mind, usually by the time they were born. And they shall there find it. This is why all State or xian holidays are about child sacrifice and organized labour [human sacrifice, a variation on a theme]; because in a cybernetic-industrial civilization the number one mandate of all cults is to disintegrate the mind, making human sacrifice the most holy act, the celebration of which is conditioned in the very young, boys and girls that are sat upon the laps of strange men every Xmas as they are told to "be good," the parents approving of their alternate joy and terror at the prospect of being ceremonially handed over to State pedophilia of Biblical proportions of torture of their native language and that of nature itself. If you can let strangers versed in dehumanization by birth touch your infant children, why not let "teachers and priests" touch their young minds in confined quarters designed to feel confining - it is the architectural mandate of all state penal colonies for children - as they learn to socialize under duress and so repress the pain so well that they gain the freedom, if you will, of but the unquestionable propensity to exert leaked repression aka glorified aggression upon anyone over whom they can or would wield any psychological advantage. Victim and predator become married or bonded together forever, the catastrophic effects dealt with only in ways predicated upon ignoring the torture that has actually happened to them under the guise of "love and education, family and freedom." Barbaric to Biblical proportions. War is the result. War as an entire way of life, one's way of life determining one's brain function, the symbiosis of voice [of one's native flesh and blood celestial heritage and sexual regeneration shared by that of all matter and life, all language, all sequences of cause an effect, knowledge and story] and whole brain function left to rot, any question of which is treated, for your own good, like a disease. Hence the prevalence of autism and ADD etc. as parents take every surviving scream from their child's mind and give it over to the State medical and teaching boards and cults.

"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusion is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusion is always their victim."

- unattributed

Min Wendel They will deny that this religion, but it most certainly is!

Katie Marsh Lol

Brandon Lacuna: Katie Marsh, is that all you say?

Katie Marsh lol

Brandon Lacuna We have a live one here. I bet she likes to walk in infertility parades with Pride.

Brandon Lacuna Min Wendel, Yes. It is. I have documented this. Many yoga enthusiasts think that they are not practicing religion. But religion is ubiquitous to how the human mind invariably comes to deal with the effects of the religious orders of harm that their infant minds are subjected to. It is all about control through uniform codes of movement, thought, prayer etc. [this is typically called "fashion" in the west] that take their genesis in patently inhuman god concepts of how to deal with and assess manifold insults to the mind and its heritage, to how we deal with the problems of life, of death and of pain, esp. in a society so dislocated by war from its most native celestial biology, that of a mother, father and child and the congress of ancestral worship and communication that has fast become a mere punchline of a joke told a cocktail party by someone one martini short of passing out into a puddle of their own piss, shit and vomit. My work on this particular discussion thread is here:  


This is Satanic knowledge.

Satan is the word for Truth in Sumerian and Sanskrit, so in all ancient knowledge.

The Hebrew calls it "the Betrayer."

"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusion is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusion is always their victim."

- unattributed

There is a fire in the dark, an blazing black abode
The cypher and the serpent wore the flesh of every beast
Conversing with a nursing child at that breast of old
Whence all the song and knowledge of the West and of the East
The courage of an growing sapling, fawn or calf or scab
The apple and the apple tree the spine of all the Earth
The axis of the language Time and of the Mind of Man's
Whole understanding the contractions of the Universe
Conception of a Mother, Father, Child of the King
And Queen of the abyss the deep Oblivion were shook
Out of itself by its own nature Winter back to Spring
Hunting the tale of the Future and the Past a Book
Of flesh and blood even its silenced and benighted Tree so rich
Full-throated pitch a cypher which had waled in the dark
Prevailed o'er the little spark the hammer were so fell
A rancor as to steal from the designs of evil priests
The pleasure of developing a heaven out of hell
Spelled by the ink of Spring and Winter, famines and of feasts
Contractions of the purest and infernal currents growing still
And living body of the world its darkest dreams fulfilled
Celestial biology whose knowledge every breadth
And bath of star and tide of land as anchored as Satanic life in death.

Andrea D Toth If every 8 year old on earth learned to meditate, violence would be gone in a generation.

Brandon Lacuna No. If we burned all schools, banks and churches to the ground all war and violence would shrink to an infinitesimal shadow of its former self within one generation. Meditation is nothing. It does nothing. One billion people medidate every day. Dick all.

Andrea D Toth Brandon Lacuna You should try it. It would help get rid of your anger :)

Brandon Lacuna Is that what you have done? Got rid of your anger? No. Healthy Man do not rid themselves of the voice or feeling in and of their own flesh and blood, nor seek to use coercion (however biologically imperative to a mind rid of its total emotional heritage as the source of all true health and education) to force others to do so, which is patently psychopathic.

I can only imagine what you do to your own children or allow others to do to them with your wholehearted consent.

Thanks for proving my point better than I ever could; that and the old reliable axiom that if you cannot comprehend my point, you will invariably make my point.

When the voice is tortured by these institutions, you lose the ability to listen and think. Hence my prescription.

Brandon Lacuna Andrea D Toth, luckily for you, you don't need to be a healthy critical voice in the world to reach your kind of success. And I commend you to it.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)

More quotes at

Quotes about Psychological Compliance

Andrea D Toth: "Fuck off, Culture Guard. Unfollowed."

Brandon Lacuna: Hey, Andrea. No need to stop acting like a lady. maybe you should meditate. 

Amy Morose I can't believe anyone would have a problem with practicing mindfulness! It's terrible that you are against schools trying to teach children skills to cope with life and to learn to focus. What's wrong with you???

Sarah Dennis Exactly!!

Bev Allen Being closed minded is a very sad commentary on our western world.

Saranna Greveling This is EXACTLY what our children should be learning. How to regulate their minds and bodies and navigate the big scary world as an individual person with unique needs and goals.

Brandon Lacuna You guys are delusional psychotics. Read a book and leave the philosophical and psychological heavy lifting to the real people.

Saranna Greveling I've read a lot of books throughout my various university degrees.... on topics such philosophy, psychology, ethics and biology.

I wonder who is the more qualified to discuss...

Brandon Lacuna Oh. A girl with degrees from a real school. My favourite. Tell me all about your degrees. Can you still get your money back? Or is that why you have your kids going through the same system of martial matriculation? To pay your debt to the elders of Zion?

malvina reynolds - little boxes


Brandon Lacuna I have studied yoga for years. It leads to psychosis. It corrodes spinal bone density as well. Mindfulness is just a way to help poor people feel better and be more impotent.

Children should not have to do anything in a uniform manner. Children are naturally relaxed if you dont fuck with them with uniform codes of however "spiritual" conduct used to break their will. If they are anxious enough to supply yogic sociopaths the justification to molest them, we have bigger problems than spiritual psychotics who would masterbate in groups if it came with colour coordinated mats.

Tanya Harder Yoga AND Mindfulness?!!! How DARE they!!

Brandon Lacuna What do you know about yoga Tanya? I practiced it for fifteen years. You?

Tanya Harder I was being sarcastic. I know a ton about yoga. See that laughing face there?

Brandon Lacuna And what do you know about yoga? What is it, for starters? Why was it introduced to India in the first place? What are its dangers?

Tanya Harder Oh honey ... I was born passive aggressive. Why don’t you just lay out your point already and stop leaving us all in so much suspense!

Brandon Lacuna So you know shit about yoga. Okay. What a weak mind you have, exactly what yoga does to the mind. Thanks for serving as a good example.

Tanya Harder No no ... tell me what you know! I’m dying to hear it!

Brandon Lacuna If only that were true. When you fell out of the idiot tree you hit every branch on the way down.

Tanya Harder Interesting. So I give you the platform to tell me what you know ... because you’re a wealth of information ... and then you won’t share that information? And then just head straight to name calling? Interesting.

Brandon Lacuna Oh. Is the master of "aggression" feeling a wee bitty upset? Why dont you do some yoga and shut up?

Tanya Harder Hahaha!!!

Brandon Lacuna That's better. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. It is good for everything. See. Even bullies like you can learn.

Tanya Harder Oh. I’m not bullying you at all. It’s actually funny that these are your chosen responses. I 100% agree that laughter is the best medicine! I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve bullied you.

Brandon Lacuna Why are you still talking?

Brandon Lacuna Isnt there a sale at Wal-Mart?

Angie Obalek Tanya Harder...check out the replies below the comment under yours before you put too much into this...kinda paints a clearer picture...😬

Tayler Ann Tanya Harder this person is clearly very unstable. πŸ˜• the responses don’t make a lot of sense most of the time

Brandon Lacuna Must be catching.

If it were your goal to propose and prove that even grownups sometimes need adult supervision, consider it mission accomplished.

Angie Obalek Tanya Harder...check out the replies below the comment under yours before you put too much into this...kinda paints a clearer picture...

Tayler Ann Tanya Harder this person is clearly very unstable. πŸ˜• the responses don’t make a lot of sense most of the time

Brandon Lacuna Must be catching.

Brandon Lacuna If it were your goal to propose and prove that even grownups sometimes need adult supervision, consider it mission accomplished.

Tanya Harder Oh. I’m not concerned. People who say they have a lot of knowledge and are given the opportunity to share that knowledge and then don’t? They’re not so smart to begin with πŸ˜‰ Thanks for thinking about me though! 

Brandon Lacuna O I think a paucity of concern about a great many things is definitely something of lasting voice and lack of surviving voice and so power of mind and heart (the voice of much and many of whom we do not listen to when we lend our voice, under severe developmental duress, to institutions of whatever supposed utility) that can often be drawn, and not a little usefully, from abject and impotent attempts at sufficiently robust and even hungry discourse and as though its importance ranked nowhere near its poverty-stricken and anatomically-dislocated counterfeit. 

Please See "Ten Things"

Lynn Hartt There is nothing religious about yoga and mindfulness training. Try it out.

Brandon Lacuna Last I checked Hinduism was a religion. What is your definition of a religion? The very definition of yoga is "union with god." go fish.

 Katie Marsh said:

Brandon Lacuna You cut off the first definition. Please understand that colloquial and formal definitions are not the same thing. For example, "go to hell" or "Jesus Christ" as in "a fictional character people yell at when anything goes wrong, the subconscious insinuation being that He is largely responsible for all the wrongs in the world." Just because people do "yoga" for exercise does not mean that is yoga. Yoga is union with Brahman or God and in this definition is comprehended two entirely distinct fields of action or "karma" - that of nature and transcendent being. These are the things "brought together" in the true yoga that of God consciousness, Cosmic consciousness and Transcendental consciousness (different levels of yoga), much of which has been corrupted from the original Sanskrit and particularly by western practitioners. And finally, Sanskrit is thousands of years old. The first use is not 1785. Have you even read the Bhagavad-Gita? That being said, true yoga is Raj Yoga or the king's yoga. Most of what people practice hurts their minds even more than Raj and makes people psychotic because, like you, they do not really know anything about yoga and have not even studied the source texts.

Brandon Lacuna Yoga is, to me, a State religion that induces pleasant dislocation from emotional sources of stress, inducing and including acute unpredictable lapses in reasoning, empathy and comprehension - aggression.

By these lights, God, Cosmic and Transcendental consciousness constitute temporary or tentative psychosis, persistent lived psychosis and permanent psychosis, the effective goal of all State cults, like SOGI - it is a martial ponerology.

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Jaun-Vincent Haasbroek
Please, if you get time, could you expand on that? It sounds mighty interesting.

Offcourse, if you're that way inclined. I didn't mean to sound as rude as my request just then. :)

Rayn Gryphon
No offense taken. I am just thinking about how to answer. It is very interesting to me too. Perhaps you could tell me - not to be cagey. It is a vast new area of learning for me. For instance, i think the word Daemon - as it was spelled by Plato and the like - is a veiled corruption of Gael, a language that was actually sung like Pan is rumoured to play the flute - and also a reference to the great range of pan- daemonization of Gaelic. But I will definitely be speaking more about this.

Daemon is like day-moon and "mooney." that of the cult of Isis that is behind all of this, the septic pollution of our native equilibrium of physical industry and manner of address [which are equivalent]. Note: the moon is septic. the sun anti-septic. Hebrew-Luciferianism presents a false sun or false "solutions" to the very problems itis entirely predicated upon nourshing, farming [as in P-harmasea] to the point of total [sea] saturation that dislocates the root organs of Man's whole celestial biology.

Also See

Definition of a Jew [a Rebel against one's own Will]

I die a thousand deaths upon the daggers of thy word
Thy flesh and blood attraction to the pulsing of thy mind
Speaks with the eagles and the stars, the Heavens and the Earth
The song upon thy child's lips and all of humankind...

The Garden of Genius 

"I think a paucity of concern about a great many things is definitely something of lasting voice and lack of surviving voice and so power of mind and heart (the voice of much and many of whom we do not listen to when we lend our voice, under severe developmental duress, to institutions of whatever supposed utility) that can often be drawn, and not a little usefully, from abject and impotent attempts at sufficiently robust and even hungry discourse and as though its importance ranked nowhere near its poverty-stricken and anatomically-dislocated counterfeit."

- Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch Doctor 

Let us start by saying that any religion and we include by religion many if not most political ideologies and even psychiatric philosophies always prides itself upon having the most imperative, survival-oriented and deepest possible lasting critical influence over any number of millions of people of all ages, places and times - in short, an anodyne for all human ills real and imagined - and yet bears, in order to protect its survival-oriented purity and necessity, its every value and god-like power, absolutely no responsibility, nor needs to, as a new moral and even sexual imperative [if it is to successfully reproduce and sustain itself and the voices that have lend themselves to it in order to have a greater voice, or so they think and as we shall discover in very short order] for any of its prospective or actual effects of any kind and particularly not its negative effects, all of whose unflattering aspersions or any of which might, conceivably, throw the religion or philosophy [or all-knowing sycophant] into any disrepute or confusion, anxiety or independent critical scrutiny, reversed or conferred upon anyone whom the religious philosophy and god-like anodyne of critical survival importance and richness for all does not manage to convert and cow, console or cajole. 

The religion can never be wrong and its victims or critics always are, people who must always bear the sins of the all-knowing God, for that is all a demoralized or disintegrated mind is worth and the priority communication of all religious institutions in a demoralized society.

"Our religion that is not a religion - as is the modern parlance - is always right and you are completely ignorant or malicious" - which I may as well be, but that is completely irrelevant to whether or not the religion that is not a religion is good or bad or legitimate to the preposterous extent claimed for itself and for no one else, for no single person could make such a claim of superiority... unless they were violent, thirsty for blood.

Therefore, it only stands to what reason remains to us after religion is introduced that language itself will be altered by this invective of a medicine that is supposed to cure all ills. Language is effected because the silencing or not of the voice of Man is totally symbiotic with the silencing or not of any or all of the faculties of Man, the deficit of which voice is imputed to the very institutions and religions so many men and women suffer themselves and their children to give their voice to because the developmental impressions of being disabused of whole mind function, of one's voice and that of one's whole flesh and blood celestial biology - that of Man the Mother and Mind of Man spoken by all living intelligence and all living stories and sequences of cause and effect, all knowledge - translate perfectly into propensities to exert the same kind of as though survival imperative upon anyone over whom one or one's whole tribal group holds any kind of advantage, all with the impunity of any all-loving tyrant, one who, by necessity, birth, breeding, torture or education [all of which are effectively equivalent, clinically speaking] cannot and will not be prevailed upon by reason or indeed by any voice of dissent or injury that cannot be consigned to some weakness or malady for which the same cybernetic or religious algorithm cannot be applied with all sincerity, dedication and that pleasure that comes from, having first losing one's mind, voice and family [which are the same thing], enjoying the consummately humanitarian aims of the new cult or surrogate family, one whose most deeply felt anodyne for being so orphaned must necessarily exert, and does, historically speaking, a corrupting effect upon all thought and competence, the disastrous effects protected from all so powerful examination by multiplicative orders of delusion that speaks the infant brain's own attempts to repress the pain of having one's native voice and family so systematically and unceremoniously replaced with its imposters, repression who's unavoidable leaks into aggressive lapses in comprehension, foresight and empathy [while the cult member deems one another paragons of all three, and all the more the more resounding the complaints, as their own injured brains dictate because the needs of the repressed brain are critical survival needs that often go to respiratory and sex functions or dislocated functions with altered set points] are indulged by a wide or, dare we say, "diverse" range of glorified cults of aggressive insinuates into the minds of the very people they claim to be able to save from everything these cults make possible in terms of war, disease and epidemics in inarticulate madness and family breakdown that, together with its commensurate cultural institutions of life and thought - and your way of life is the way your brain functions and vice versa - turn their constituent tortured human organs into glorified repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionaries referred to as animals, pests, taxpayers, doctors, teachers, candlestick makers and xian soldiers, whatever they wish to call themselves or suffer themselves to be called and call out for with voices with a thousand costumes - neuro-chemical-linguistic burqas - to protect them from themselves and anyone else whose flesh and blood voice does not agree with theirs.

"Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man's enemies will be those of his own household."

- Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:34-36, The Xian Holy Bible

Why should or would anyone put the voice of this ridiculous military cunt above our own? Please continue reading.

Make no mistake that if this can happen - and when and how it does people are effectively lost to a God concept or God cult and need to be for any amount of time that must necessarily, at a pathological and even developmental level, be immune to being prevailed upon by any resort to reason, facts or logic, to injuries, dangers or mammoth amounts of historical precedent - then there is much more that has already happened by many similar means that are far less obvious, even unutterable in a cybernetic-industrial mono-culture that breeds disintegration of the native voice and so native faculties of mind and of all the five senses one's whole flesh and blood impressions of all history.

Indeed, how can we give voice to, understand and gain the restorative value - that of any mistake or mischance in life - of the most saturated and injurious elements of a society and its bodies?

As military shill Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message."

There is a reason why religions are called the opiates of the masses.

The opiate is so prevalent that institutions generally enjoy immunity from any such scrutiny of their fairly proudly uniform regulation of human life and thought as though everyone is thinking for themselves. Institutions change the human mind as much as any religion does, which by nature means that many of these people will be left unable or unwilling, if they ever enjoyed the capacity to learn to be curious about, to notice, much less comprehend, the enormity of these effects - largely negative - precisely because, ironically and psychotically, of how important that institution becomes to their safety and power of mind and industry, any question of whose much celebrated and strangely contradictory goodness and infamy will be deemed "too negative" and beyond the pale of the consideration of any sufficiently well educated [or well institutionalized] man, woman or child, none of whom can reasonably hope for more advance in life than that of a very intelligent, industrious or ambitious domesticated animal animating and alloying, by necessity, their every little to big improvement in their illustrious or humble appointment in life here or hereafter with the animation of the God of the Institution as a kind of pathological tribute sacrifice of themselves and their own children to the host maternal or paternal "Body" that has predicated its whole existence and so that of any dignity, language, science, story or knowledge worthy of the name upon aborting its children from their native celestial biology, their most intimate proximity to living nourishment and knowledge, their mother's womb and that of their whole flesh and blood book, without which they cannot possibly hope to restore their minds with anything more rich than a persistent state of war.

Where is the war? Much of it is as buried as the real extent of stress suffered and assimilated into every impulse of the flesh and blood Mother and Mind of Man; it is masked in the very language it has robbed from the voice of Man for generations, many of whom have seen the erection of a mighty civilization but none of whom will ever witness the inception of a School for the Study of the Effects of War and Delusion upon any reasonable distinction of where or when it starts and ends. Like an almighty nature, it erupts here and there or, like Polio [a paralyzing disease caused by industrial waste and the Polio vaccine itself] is given new names and used in different ways like the deadly chemicals of one generation of war for growing the food for the next ten generations. It is, in short, a way of life as natural as winter and spring, something that "just happens" because of "crazy people over there," ours were to marshal all our labour for that chief among all the precision of our civilization to fighting off the hordes with our own greatest achievements in a systematic disintegration of the mind that is not very particular whom it saves from ignorance or a birth free of any very insistent molestation, as long as everybody has a place in its almighty holds as its vast armada travels to the stars, their captives, slavers, poets and engineers peering through windows beyond which leads a shimmering cord of progress that brings the past into focus by cutting out their eyes and replacing them looks of angelic and blissful scows of fear, misery, sorrow and distrust as though in their own mother's bellies, attacked as they are by a foe mightier than any gun or sword - the malice of her own host society at the very genesis of a happiness that cannot, pathologically, ever be complete without doing something to disintegrate [in parlance, educate, love and save] the minds of other vulnerable people, a vast salvation army saving its victims from life and death in equal measure, chemically addicted to winning and losing their own freedom to a degree that makes either negligible, the actual locomotive force of their proverbial ores being most effectively translated to that of the wars springing up all around them within the Mind of Man even before birth. Total Saturation.

So we see the problem. 

It thus becomes highly relevant to note that I can write, think and live the way I do precisely because I have opted out of institutionalized ways of thinking and living for most of my adult life, and much to my cost and advantage. Please do not take me to mean that it is an easy matter in any life to resolve one's costs to one's spoils. But my voice is as rich an instrument to me as any other instrument of human liberty, thought, medicine or power on Earth and richer still for its trials and violence alike.

But there is more. 

The subject under consideration includes that of recent Government education policies around the sex education and cult-like grooming of the gender vernacular - though "scientific" - of young children.

Culture Guard and Kari Simpson [who hosted the original discussion of State-sponsored yoga and "mindfulness"] has made a formal declaration of intent to hold the State accountable for its aggressive marketing to children and their families, children and families who are already under incredible amounts of socially-induced and State-condoned duress. Their mandate is as follows: 

My own remarks follow hers:


Also See this excellent article:


And my own:


Kari Simpson [of CultureGuard.com] writes:

To protect Canada’s children,

We must unite to stop SOGI!

Legal action commencing, we need your help and support.

Parents, grandparents and common-sense Canadians across this nation need our help. We must unite! It’s not just that our Charter rights are being trampled; it’s that our ability to protect our children is being obliterated, federally and provincially.

As I speak, a dangerous agenda called “SOGI” is being introduced into all BC schools; Alberta and Ontario schools are also being targeted.

My name is Kari Simpson. I’m a long-time free-speech, less government, pro parental rights activist, and now the executive director for Culture Guard.

The anti-Canadian social deconstructionist forces that threaten our children and our Canadian values compel us to unite and fight. The SOGI agenda is here—and it must be stopped!

What is SOGI? SOGI stand for Sexual Orientation Gender Identity.

SOGI is dangerous—it’s a hedonistic political agenda designed to alter your child’s thinking and undermine your authority as a parent. SOGI recruits kids to be anti-free speech, pro big government, confused and angry rebels.

SOGI 123 lesson plans prey on vulnerable children, using well-known strategic brainwashing tactics to undermine each child’s sense of identity, security, modesty and morality; then it reprograms them with a hedonistic “lust-driven, sex-positive” anti-heteronormative belief system while undermining parental authority, and instils a values-neutral system in which there is no right or wrong.

SOGI 123 replaces logic and critical thinking with decision-making based entirely on “feelings” and emotion—politically correct feelings and ‘trendy’ emotions.

SOGI adherents are programed to embrace delusion and reject facts.

SOGI is a tool for social deconstruction.

SOGI 123 starts targeting 4- and 5-year-olds—yes, in kindergarten and pre-school!—with lesson plans chock-full of subtle and overt misdirection, like directing kindergarten teachers to NEVER refer to students as “boys” or “girls”, because to do so would affix “societal stereotyping”. The words “mom” and “dad” have been banned from the classroom. Instead, teachers are to use the words “guardian” or “adult” when referencing “caregivers”. Activist teachers have even made reference to themselves as “co-parenting” students!

Teachers are being told to expose children to political views on sexual orientation and gender identity—views based on propaganda, not science.

Picture books normalizing homosexual relationships and Gender Dysphoria are to be accessible to children at all times—books that make parents look stupid, and easily bullied by their children.

The next step is to break down a child’s sense of identity. Teachers are instructed to tell children that their birth sex is based only on external body parts, and that it might be different from how they want to identify. Boys can be girls if they want, and girls can be boys—or both, or even somewhere in between!

As children progress through grade levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12, the emphasis turns to making students into SOGI Warriors. They’re required to study how to be a radical leftist and sex activist ‘Social Justice Warrior’; forced to study a propaganda version of homosexual history; and taught to use a “common language”, defined by the sex activists.

Legal action is being initiated to stop the SOGI agenda in schools across Canada; but your help is needed NOW! We must stop this abuse of children and the usurpation of schools that we all pay for. Please give generously. $100,000 is needed right now to commence legal action against the BC Ministry of Education and local school boards. We need to cover legal fees, expert witness costs, research work and other related court expenses. 100% of donations generated here go directly to the legal fund.

Every child in every grade is targeted.

My phone and inbox have been flooded by parents and grandparents looking for help. One grandfather called to inform me that his 4 year-old granddaughter told him she can be a boy if she wants to—she attends a “progressive” daycare.

This is child abuse!

An urgent email was sent to me on the second day of school. The mom wrote:

This happened at an Elementary School in Richmond. On the 2nd day of school, there was a school-wide assembly announcing that “a Grade 5 boy has made the decision, with full support from his parents, to transition to a girl. He has a girl’s name now.” The Principal told the whole school to support and respect him. Then they started in to have some school-wide SOGI teaching.

My friend has a Grade 6 daughter in that school. This mom was very concerned because her daughter seems to believe SOGI is something innate.

This, too, is child abuse.

Then there was a SOGI-loving angry father: spewing hate and the typical rhetoric at me over the phone, he informed me how happy he was that his daughter had “transitioned”, and he now has a son. He admitted that he paid for his young teenage daughter’s breasts to be surgically removed. He then went on to tell me how his family had gone through a dysfunctional divorce—and many other factors known to contribute to kids being messed-up; but he says he trusts the professionals—!?

When I asked him if he had read the SOGI lesson plans he said “No.” It’s his child who will pay the price for his decision.

This is also child abuse.

Seven million young, vulnerable Canadians have been targeted and need your help. How many are involved in transexualism? Experts tell us fewer than one-third of one percent! And of those, by the time they have gone through puberty, 85 to 95 percent will have adjusted naturally to their birth gender.

But the others will have been given chemical puberty blockers that will stunt their growth, and cross-sex hormones that will render them sterile for life; some will have had irreversible surgery to remove perfectly health body parts.

That’s child abuse.

Meanwhile, the preponderance of normal children will have been programmed to believe that this kind of child abuse is ‘normal’ and ‘compassionate’.

That, too, is child abuse.

And who benefits? The political activists who want to overturn our culture, weaken our democracy and dismantle our nation; the “globalist” unions, and a small handful of doctors who are pursuing this new, unverified branch of medicine; and Big Pharma, the makers of the dangerous, unnecessary chemicals being prescribed for these poor children—who need care and comfort, not quack treatments.

This insanity must be stopped! Please give generously; then get informed by visiting CultureGuard.com; then tell your friends.

United, we can and will stop SOGI.

For the sake of Canada’s children, we must.

[end quote]

If beef cows suddenly became infertile aka non cis gendered there would be a federal commission and mass social panic. But if your own children are chemically and sociopolitically sterilized in order to give them and their allies greater liberty and license to enshrine a hormonal disease no less understandable than autism or the flu as a law tantamount to all rational debate about the ancient critical symbiosis of organs of reproduction and communication whose compatibility with nature (not government cults and institutions whose whole credible utility can only reasonably be insured, historically speaking, by means of either strong personal delusion or the exertion of every attempt to protect oneself from state cults and institutions) lay at the basis of all human knowledge and liberty, one would have to be a kook or a bigot to want to raise any alarm or even insinuate that it is worth discussion under the assumption that encouraging or forcing the naturally experimental androgyny of infant children (which can be nourished without forcing them to give up their gender, one only "assigned" in the case of the hermaphrodite) to equate pretend with medical fact (that they are not a boy or a girl, sexually and genetically, first and foremost) i.e. simultaneously over sexualizing and desexualizing children, letting and encouraging and coercing their minds, minds already thrown over their heads and hormones into a maelstrom of political institutions of Biblical scales of influence, danger or benefit, to dictate the policies of a nation for generations, subjects of sexual development that even credible endocrinologists would be reluctant to be so cavalier about. Has the voice of our flesh and blood been so effectively silenced as to vaunt its decidedly narcissistic propensities to equate coercion with such a liberty at a survival level beyond all rational discussion? Do not be so quick to condemn our children to demographics of the highest known suicide rates (and much else) in all natural history. Do not do that. Think.

Danger lurks whenever Man confuses or is conditioned to confuse what he wants to know (or what is politically or religiously expedient to want or pretend to know, a qualifiable natural function and faculty) with what he actually knows. One may want to know that any sexual orientation/disease is perfectly natural, but we do not know that for sure and that is a big risk to rush into committing to in a natural world so utterly caught up with sexual and even asexual reproduction. Sterilization was and is the main result of modern estrogen-rich petroleum-based vaccines.

Estrogen mimickers and many kinds of other social and biological trauma are clinically understood to scramble sexual hormones. Historically speaking, new religions and entirely new brain-specific vernacular always attend politically-expedient domestication and submission of the flesh and blood and brain of man, family and society. Think about it.

My own qualification [that of multiple doctoral degrees] was granted me by the greatest school of learning on Earth, my mother's womb and that of the Celestial Biology of my Satanic/Ancestral Intelligence and Heritage, one that speaks with and to every nerve of my flesh and blood. And so all my voice and knowledge lives and dies, as do I and my family, upon the winds of all living systems of growth, birth, conception and transformation, upon every cataract and contraction of heaven and earth, my organs alive with all the Story of all that is Man and Woman, of all that can be seen, tasted, heard, touched or smelled, known or felt. 

As an example of how easily the mind can orient itself to its living heritage, take a moment to think of the East. In the East burgeons the very quintessence of what becomes our experience of life, the force and power of our very own minds as they take their congress with the celestial biology of their own birth and illumination, their own blood. As we move to the South, that same Sun spends a good deal of time, vary though its presence will over the course of the wheel of the year, suggesting that the dawn itself is carried forth into the Southern realm. In the North this same Sun rises but its left to its surviving knowledge or language, that of our own flesh and blood, as it suffers or enjoys the loss of all that is once risen, descend though it does into and ascend though it might from all that is dusk or death [out of sight or touch or hearing or taste but not out of mind, for a true People speak with the Dead for the sake of their lives and suffer no Man to speak on their behalf, anymore than one would allow any Man to insinuate themselves into any cradle and womb of the growth of a child's own flesh and blood celestial biology and ancestral communication, their native tongue, voice and wealth, their native mind] and there the very quintessence from whence we take our mind and that of its every limb reaching for itself, coming from itself and being itself whole, indivisible and yet animating a complex quaternary currents of electrical attraction and repulsion from whence our very life and death, our voice and that of any knowledge worthy of the name.

The every nerve, bone and chemistry of our body were a book that has all the senses that are normally imputed to Man, much of the stress and memory of which were necessarily silenced [though spread liberally around through glorified aggressive unquestionable lapses of empathy and comprehension, foresight or proportional reconsideration] by a cybernetic society in so much as this stress can greatly alter an entire society's or species' capacity to listen to this book, a moral obligation and ancient liberty removed as much as the human voice is coerced into supplanting itself with the subsequently comparably greater voice or liberty of its rapturous capitulation to the Institutions of Civilization and all of its religious liturgies of love and hate, black and white, red and blue, true and false, good and bad, all of which maintains like a new celestial digestive system the steady introduction, though scrutinized by a fully functional social mind, of Hegelian policies and perverse social customs whose primary export is the ever more pleasant and protected systematic disintegration of the mind/sex of Man, the Family and of our way of life.

This book records everything of the substance and function, cause and effect of its every experience of its life and that of much else besides. When it is tortured enough [that of the whole flesh and blood of Man's native celestial biology or Mind, Language and Fertility and that of all Life] it exerts its only remaining objections through its propensities to exert similar kinds of torture upon other people with impunity magnified by mob or group religious or cult psychology [even though we will lose the will or capacity to even give conscious voice to so comprehension of the scale and nature of human stress, much of which is consigned to prepossessing arbitrary beliefs as to what Man is saying by birth, that he is sinful, heir to karmic debt, a mere product of scientific religions of evolution, outer space and an umbrella treatment of genetics that utterly ignores any force but genetics in the development of a fetus], a disintegration of the faculties of reproduction and communication [of all voice and thought] that persists until it can provoke the restorative power of the courage or necessity to actually listen to what it is saying in a manner independent from if not wholly antithetical to that of the institutions to which it has been commended or condemned to "solve all our stress," usually by producing more of it under different labels, edify though this does the very minds that we are forced to call healthy, much less capable of knowing things simply because the most successful systems of cultural genocide in all of history tell us so, people or institutions we absolve or hate to the same effect, our own impotence to do anything but allow them to dictate as much of our lives as that of the amniotic fluid of our own mother's womb, so saturated is the world with mass human stress psychology and its innumerable branches of a knowledge, story and vernacular of any medicine, science or religion that necessarily prohibit the voice of Man's whole flesh and blood and to his own complete satisfaction, more or less, for all the world were tellingly compatible and anxious to indulge - though no one will listen while under such a drug therapy of truly celestial proportions of torture - the commensurate systems of pain repression and their more aggressive acceleration of if by and large arrest of the whole Mind of Man, functions and feats of coordination and industry marred by otherwise inexplicable lapses in comprehension of and empathy for oneself or anyone else.

When it is tortured, the Mind, Heritage and Biology of Man tends to confuse what we like to know or believe [whatever its natural if qualified utility or fertility, for imagination is only as important as knowledge if accurate distinctions are made between them, if only on a qualified basis that can make or would adequate provision for the dangers of advantages of belief blurring into the disadvantages of belief, so fertile are the deepest or most ephemeral or celestial reaches of human abstract thought or experience, the pleasures of which can as well be induced or generated by the rational as the irrational, by nourishment or starvation of the dignity of Man] with what we can reasonably know.

For instance, we do not really know for sure that the Earth moves in space, that Man landed on the moon.

There are several experiments that indicate that the Earth is stationary. Incidentally these experiments also show the existence of Aether [see below] the substance of ancient science and celestial biology and the fundamental element of Man the Mother and Mind of Man. Whether one believes this or not, whether one thinks this is ridiculous or not, the fact remains that, though popular search engines will dispute these results as those of failed experiments, no science has yet explained away these results, even as they have been repeated by others. 

Look at the Sagnac and the Michelson-Morley experiments for measuring the motion of the Earth.

While it may be socially expedient to believe what we are told or what authorities say, this does not mean we really know what we claim to or that this belief is legitimate. This would not be so precipitous, save for the fact that, for all we have come to claim we know, we have been robbed of the capacity to make useful, logical and ethical distinctions between what we actually know and what we are merely told by others.

1.    aether - personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians

Aether - personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians; son of Erebus and night or of Chaos and darkness

2.    aether - a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves

aether - a medium that was "once supposed" to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves

medium - an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication 

As to gender-fluid bathrooms, my comments were as follows:

There is some comfort in the fact that I actually Do know the difference between right and wrong, up and down, boy and girl.

Chances are, if you watch movies or TV, you are doing that all the time - because just about ALL actors and newscasters are female to male and male to female Baphomets since childhood. That is the Religion.

The indoctrination runs very deep because the whole purpose of mass media is to impose a Luciferian standard upon human thought, behavior and sexuality. To this end, all churches of all religions are owned by Luciferian Warlocks.

Including the Church of Science, outer space and Medicine.

Cancer is just a curse cast by your doctor on behalf of demons.

The English language itself is made of curses. It makes you curse yourself and disintegrates the mind. It is a perversion of Gaelic. Success means to suck shit.

Civilization is septic. Lunar. As a witch, I deal with this every day of my life. Its fun!

The Hebrew will never get me. And I am safe because nor will anyone else.

Churches, schools and cinemas exist to suck your energy and make you more digestible. To tenderize you for your Jewish [anti-Semetic] predators. 

There are no "power plants," nuclear or otherwise. They are all for show. The power is discharged instantaneously through all of the wires around you all over the world, the power of the Aether combined with the power of Mind Control - Church, Spirituality, Science, Anthropology, Psychiatry, War, Media, Education, Medicine, Finance and Government.

Raj Kang people who are calling boy a girl should get psychological exam done

Brandon Lacuna Might be a good idea for all of us. I would start by encouraging everybody on Earth to use all their holy and science scriptures to wipe their asses. The world would be free in a few days.

David Green My argument and my valid opinion on SOGI ended me up in Facebook jail for 30 days. I was just released yesterday. I’m getting tired of Facebook infringing on my rights and freedoms. I never threatened anyone or even told anyone to take some drastic suicidal measures. Just because my opinion differs from theirs, they thought they had the right to have me shut down. I did not serve Canada, sacrificing my mind and body to have my rights and freedoms infringed up!! MARK ZUCKERBERG, YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!

Brandon Lacuna FB has me on permanent quarantine. Join the club. And you did "serve" for precisely that reason. Obviously. 

Carmen Arce what can we do TO STOP this???? please

Culture Guard Inform as many people as possible. Subscribe to CultureGuard for more information, huge movement happening. More people, more power. Time to end the lunacy.

Brandon Lacuna Religious or ideological people have a near impossible time distinguishing opinion from fact.

Carmen Arce Brandon Lacuna I read the policy, I do not agree with school teaching sexuality to my kids. I can do that, sexuality is private, is not public. Why everybody must reveal their sexuality? Why educating kids about this?? its a big mistake. I was taught i...See More

Brandon Lacuna Carmen Arce Yes. I agree. And even accepting all the differences of opinion, what is even more horrifying and yet illuminating is the fact that nobody on the pro side seems the least bit inclined to ask questions about a government-spawned pseudo-medical agenda that is as invasive a thing for a child's mind as actually having sex with them. They say "but the kids are happy." Competent adults do not talk like that. They wonder about the long term effects. In terms of clinical psychology, a child can be happy and even get happier the more stress they are placed under because their brains produce neuro juices that repress pain so effectively. Classic conditioning.

Geraldine McManus Winning.... where, exactly? The Chilliwack school board started its meeting last night with a statement of support for SOGI123, affirming their commitment to inclusive education for all. Love wins, Kari. Not you. πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘❤️

Emily Manzerolle It hurts to see so many people so terrified of happy children. My heart goes out to every single child pulled out of this education, and hopes that they will grow up with wider eyes and kinder hearts than those who fear love and acceptance.

Brandon Lacuna Emily Manzerolle You sound like a smart and very caring person. For those of us not as intelligent and caring as you, could you please explain why a child just learning to test reality (arguably the most critical importance to their whole mind) need be told thay there are no such things as boys and girls? If not, it seems to me your heart goes out to the trash compactor when the wind is right.

Brandon Lacuna Geraldine: Winning my support and thousands like me who are still willing to be real parents.

Brandon Lacuna We free people shall never shy from the honour of our toils, nor suffer ourselves to be chided by those who wish to do so.

Canopy of star and tides of oceans molten as the forge
Of cloud and mountain which engulf the vision they conceive
Drawn out of flesh and bone as though the mother and the father from their child being born
Just like a mother from the mother and the father of a dream
Begins, as Once upon a time, the gaze of Moon and Sun
Electric and magnetic as a child longed to be
Under the impulse and the power of their flesh and blood
Conception from the whole of nature's first astronomy
As close a growth of knowledge as a child to the womb
And every organ of that place where we hath lived and died
A richness that defies the world and gives to Man his food
To test the mettle of his courage just to realize
A place of safety from the world cares little for his home
And even less about the crowning child on their throne.


Carmen Arce Emily Manzerolle I do not understand your point, what having a kind hearth has to be to educating in sexuality to our children?? Do you do not understand that sexuality is private and not public??? Do you understand that a bully will bully anybody no matter what? even if homosexuality wouldn't exist in the universe, a bully will pick someone else for whatever reason. Taking the privacy of sexuality to the publicity wont stop a bully and wont stop harassment. I just 100 percent sure that sexuality MUST be teach by parents, but NEVER in the school unless with a parent authorization. I ask again what having a kind hearth has to do with exposing sexuality to kindergarten, elementary and the world???? sexuality is private. period 

Andrew McEown Assigned a female at birth ? No you were /are made male or female, if you have male parts & DNA you are a male and vs verse That is scientific and physical fact. If your insecure about yourself lots of people work through there insecurities. Insecurity is part of life like them or not, but to introduce a mental deflection mechanism that if you are insecure about yourself, it must be because you are something different than you are, is purely promoting a delusion. Unfortunately a large segment of our youth has been played by the cultural marxists in academia that purposely perpetrated this alternate reality (proven fact) is valid when it’s not. Every Phycologist PHD equates all this non binary gender fluidity as child abuse and mental abuse at its core. The Marxists goal is to split society into groups of victims who only identify with each other (Easier to control when the time comes) and the old time original commie favorite to separate the children from the parents into the control of the state. Go look up the Cultural Revolution that Mao perpetrated in China, sad you can’t see this for what it is. These are facts and the majority of seriously normal folks have about had enough, so changing in the “neutral” washroom if available (pisses me off we had to spend good educational $$ on this foolishness) is probably the smartest move. But don’t be surprised if you are found in the woman’s change room, shower or bathroom a response not to your liking or belief of entitlement.

Brandon Lacuna Andrew McEown They do not have the capacity to comprehend what you are saying, but I do. It is not, in fact, a very difficult concept.

And if they she cannot engage in a rational discussion without recourse to baiting and legerdemain, then I hesitate to point out that, logically speaking, it she they arw not in the best possible position to make any very confident declarations about the intelligence or manner of anyone.

Tayler Ann Geraldine McManus you said it!!!

Brandon Lacuna Like I said.

Brandon Lacuna Let me just regale these somewhat confused sycophants with a true story. "Robbie" is a Male to Female Trans "thing." I knew Robbie very well for several years. Robbie was quite sure about a lot of things: It was sure that it was "two spirited." It was sure that being kicked almost to death by its retired military father was "okay," that "his body was a woman," that this was why, for two marriages and several children, his penis just stopped working and became permanently flaccid, and it was totally certain that a sixteen year old girl was "old enough for porn." Robbie was sixty-five years old and spent its days going to the watering holes for the young and trendy, befriending women in their teens and twenties then regaling me about how much it wanted to have sex with them, if only they would let "her" do so and how "kinky" his marks must be. It liked the fact that they trusted "her" so much. Robbie also believes that aliens are watching it, that anal sex is better than conventional coitus, a point he drove home by one day waving his rubber dildo in front of my face and suggesting I "try it out." Its eldest daughter is a meth addict and it takes absolutely no responsibility for that. It is estranged from the rest of its family. It believes relationships, and particularly sex relationships, are "all about power" and that if I or anyone did not like it that was only because we were "just too immature." It wants to be a "world renowned musician," a project it hopes to achieve by smoking lots of dope and going to open mic in a coffee shop once a week where people literally put up with its oddly unemotional songs - the only ballads it writes are about "other people." Eventually our friendship reached the point where he slipped a large quantity of marijuana into a hot chocolate and tried to have its way with me, which, according to its values, was entirely normal. Robbie is a narcissistic sociopath and a sexual predator. I have had a number of gay friends from high school. They and their friends are no better. Days are spent trolling the sky train for a piece of tail and sleeping around at highway rest stops when they are not telling square people like me how the homosexual shares in the plight of the pedophile, people who are just not "respected enough." But by all means, as you were.

If you see Robbie in any of our local coffee shops, he, she or it will be happy to inform you that it "got rid of all its baggage" and is "totally healthy" living in relative squalor in a trailer park where he provides free medical advice to ailing senior citizens in the form of "get off of gluten and smoke tons of weed," advice that seems to fit just about any medical problem you have. It, he or she also claims to be a "qualified psychotherapist" because it has such high IQ that a couple visits to a shrink twenty years ago magically passed it the torch of psychological genius for all situations for all time as he, she or it divides theirs between watching tranny porn, reading old issues of Robert A. Heinlein and sodomizing themselves between spates of casting a merciful gaze upon the ignorant masses prior to dispensing totally unsolicited advice on everything from the digital nature of the cosmos to how the world will change into perfect love the more children engage in Internet group sex.

The more discerning among you will appreciate the fact that Robbie [who is neither man nor woman] did not "get rid of its baggage" but, in fact, converted its baggage into women's clothing and an ideology where freaks and perverts like it can be safe from the critical gaze of anyone with IQ hovering above that of a weed wacker. 

What is this discussion really about?

It is really about religion, and in particular State Religion.

We can turn the whole issue upon one point, and that is that more and more caring, educated parents see absolutely no problem endorsing a system of sex education that stands to consign more and more children to sex demographics with the highest rates of suicide and much else between the cradle and the grave. What is more, they refute, with no attempt at rational argument, any notion that these suicides might be generated within a deeper psychopathology and, in particular, the one that induced the sexual dysphoria in the first place. This is a knock down refutation of SOGI and its ideological sycophants whose declarations of love mean nothing in a rational debate and even less when that love is devoid of the rational, so much so that if we are going to deal with the inquiries that need be made into any child's confusion about sex and society [problems thousands of years old that SOGI people think they have solved by trusting the government's feigned interest in the well being of its future taxpayers, soldiers, and state custodians], we have to deal with the psychopathology of State Religion and in particular its ability to create a uniform code of thinking that applies to a wide array of disparate problems and all the more so the more anyone objects to it.

The question need not even be "Is SOGI good or evil?" The question is how do you really know one way or another? It has, after all, never been tested - at least, not here.

Why do SOGI adherents avoid all rational debate?

How can they so confidently shout down any critical inquiries into its corporal system of sexual indoctrination with sentimental platitudes about "caring for children" and "the kids are just happy normal kids." One thing is certain, either these are the smartest most loving parents who ever lived or they are the worst most confused parents who ever lived.

For one, if they are so happy and normal kids, why is SOGI So Necessary? Do you know why bullies are formed? They are formed because that is EXACTLY what schooling is FOR, to force children to be socialized in an institutional setting with lots of people who are not members of their own family and under much other duress besides. The only reason anyone does it to their child is because it was done to them. Pain impressions become survival-oriented propensities. The family is the basic unit of the fa-military.

What is worth giving up your critical inquiry into medical claims that do not bear out any serious scrutiny?

Do you know that most of your TV, Cinema and News is provided by Transgendered actors and actresses going back to the very beginning of Film and Television?

Why do you think that is?

Did you know that this is part of a religion known as Judaic Luciferianism? This religion owns all other religions in the world.

It is symbolized by the Baphomet and its values are to reverse all normal biological and psychological set points for Man in order to liberate him from ignorance or his life and that of generations of his children, whichever comes first. That is a stress that cannot be overestimated.

Now, if you want to practice that religion - and that is what SOGI and, in fact, Xianity and Islam, Buddhism and Scientology, NASA and Evolution are all about, go right ahead.

But don't tell me that you are being loving and so rational by avoiding any serious critical inquiry.

That is just religious.

And the answer to religion?

More religion.

Religion of this nature, history and extent works because it exploits social conditions [of stress] that generally force the developing brain of pre and postnatal children [of whole generations of families and nations] to repress pain and so take on exotic sexual and mental set points in order to do so, leaving the compulsion to exhaust the failed or leaked repression [the brain has receptors for its own opiates, which is why opiates work so well on the brain of Man] through as though social and biological [and even sexual] imperatives that demonstrate gross or acute lapses in comprehension, empathy and reason, especially when their narcotic effect [and power to arbitrate for what is real, true or worth discussing, what is truly "loving"] is magnified by numbers of people and State icons, flags and fear-based "social movements" that qualify as nothing more than controlled mass hysteria, subsequent to which the "ideal citizen" or xian is unable or unwilling to consider any of the actual range and effect of these multiplicative orders wars of stress response.

This is how world war was and is conducted. And conduct is the right word because it distributes a kind of electrical or magnetic charge that people "pick up," one that shores up their survival-based needs for safety and group acceptance, to know that they are "good mommies and daddies" and not "bad mommies and daddies;" In short, it nourishes their glorified naturally developed but unnaturally stupid psychosis, one whose only true recommendation for anywhere near the preposterous amount of power or love or intelligence it thinks it commands is just how many people share in its undeniably positively irrational narcotic effects.

This is why Robbie, one transvestite, can "get rid of all its baggage" by merely converting it to women's clothing. Just so do the religious [and even the staunchly anti-religious] make themselves and their magical powers known to us by converting their independent repressive brain development into narcotic costumes from Burqas to Body Armour, from that of the Liberal to the Conservative, the Canadian or the Muslim. They become a "new person" and only wish to indulge the pure compulsion to convert others in order to enjoy a kind of herd immunity from any question of the repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary, most of whose primary coordinates for space, time or thought are no less preposterous than that of a Star Trek convention and all according to the stated mandate of the largest Intelligence Regulating Military Agency on Earth, the CIA.

Books could be written and have. I wrote a few of them myself.

Needless to say, my children do not go to any school but that of the living school they were conceived in.

Good luck with everything.

Universities are Hebraic Luciferian Seminaries.

A child is born divorced, rejected by and rejecting the world and left to wander in abject confusion mitigated, more and less, with aggressive repressive psychosis of multiplicative orders of delusion, utility and paramount survival-oriented imperatives.

Poster said:

"Emmett Gebhart PHd’s of Psychology Gad Saad / Jorden Peterson they in turn will site another 7 to 8 peered reviewed colleagues that are as well versed in the cultural marxists ideology you hold so Deer as fact or science when it is actually a fiction, ideology, delusion psychosis Et el and frankly I am really not concerned about your response one way or another other than if you actually invest approx 50 hours of your time and listen to their lectures (Saad & Peterson) or read their papers you may or may not get it."

Yes. The idea that group identity (by sex, race or creed) necessarily supersedes personal identity is a troubling one with disastrous historical results. But in refuting one ideology let us not protect other ideologies from similar scrutiny. For when speaking about how our society is regulated there is no system free of considerable costs to human liberty and different ways of counting those costs. In fact, a lot of what makes any social system or ideology so popular are the perceived or evident failings of its competing ideologies or religious cults. We see in what people protect of a confluence of personal safety and personal delusion the voice of what happens to the voice and so the mind under the stress of most any regulatory belief system in a cybernetic-industrial society. So let us not make the common error of merely supporting our own bias by throwing any competing faith into disrepute, a mistake made by the eminent Dr. Jordan Peterson, a man who believes that "the fundamental assumptions of western civilization are true" and that, despite his own peer reviewed studies, "psychopaths cannot hold any real social power for long" and that "hierarchies of competence are never hierarchies of dominance." Just goes to show what an education in psychology gets you these days. That and a token might get me on the subway.

It is against the law for any licensed medical doctor to cure any degenerative illness in the world or to prescribe any product that is not under pharmaceutical patent in some way.


Now imagine if we made it against the law to wonder if a cancer victim had an illness, as opposed to being "born that way." Then imagine having cancer Pride parades and you will have some clue as to why some people think it odd that we are so willing to adopt, with gusto, a social ideology which props up the most at-risk children for suicide and much else as the very beacons of civilization, to be protected from any due inquiry as to the origins of what amounts to seventy different words for being psychologically infertile. The healthy sexual function and development of Man is among the best indicators of overall well being in life. There are over a hundred names for Aspartame, a bacterial dung used to sweeten food and beverage and known to cause brain damage. However, unpasteurized raw almonds [vitamin B17] have been banned by the American Food and Drug Administration. 

Why is war always related to religion? 

Because religion has always been used by a metaphysical military mafia, agencies of which would include the Committee on Foreign Relations, the Queen's Privy Council, Chatham House, Tavistock, Stanford Research Institute, Princeton [Einstein], Yale, the Pentagon, the OTO, Silicon Valley, Burning Man, NASA and Hollywood, Bilderberg, Chabbad, the Islamic Brotherhood and the Catholic Church etc. Lucis Trust, started by Alice Bailey, is one a number of think tanks that use armies of anthropologists and psychiatrists to engineer society [Government debate is just for show, a kind of ministerial liturgy of the Magisterium [Mage, Media...]. Alice Bailey created the New Age idea of channeling "Ascended Masters" whom she fashioned after industrial friends of hers. Nobody has ever channeled anyone since. But the symbol for a lot of this mind control from Xianity to David Icke to the Pride Ideology is the rainbow of total or full spectrum control of the human mind as a kind of "new covenant" with the God of all State cults and the reason that war always follows: the systematic disintegration of the human mind and of the human sex, of the human family and of all organs of ancestral communication, pride and vigor. All this catastrophic disintegration is the religious ideal of Hebraic Luciferianism which, in Hollywood, for instance, which is its American Vatican, castrates or otherwise alters the sex of all Hollywood children and turns them into Androgynous Baphomet Jesuit soldiers in the "art within art" or "holding a mirror [the moon] up to nature" [Hamlet] of the anatomically-altered Judaic Satanic church of all art and science on Earth, the better to feed off of the electrical and magnetic properties of human flesh and blood celestial biology [the current of our ancestors and not the current of religion and entertainment] while training its biological anode and cathode into progressively more septic systems where the solutions to all problems, like war, amounts to more war under a different name as a learned or trained propensity of a brain that is typically forced to endure too much stress, an amount that amounts to the reciprocal rejection of the human flesh and blood organism at marriage, conception and "registration" [the Roman fascist transfer of goods from the waters of the womb to the amniotic waters of ongoing cultural genocide; this is why babies were first put in Wards, to prepare them for Wars]. The cradle of civilization is where the war has always been. Take it there. 

See Satan's Lair

Andrew McEown
Andrew McEown Emmett Gebhart Go look them up yourself they are both PhD’s in Psychology and or Behaviour sciences, both are published authors and both have YouTube channels knock your self out

Brandon Lacuna Or, Andrew McEown, he could save himself the trouble and just transfer his allegiance from Marxist ponerology to Capitalist-Stalinest mythopoeics of equally Biblical - and scientific - religious proportions.

Brandon Lacuna Gad Sadd and JC Peterson are career technocrats. Asking them to help with the festering wound that is modern civilization is like asking the forces of the Empire to help Han Solo fly the Millennium Falcon. Unless, of course, you are delusional. In which case, fill your boots, knock yourself out. Let me know how that goes for you and your children and their children. If history and all human flesh and blood voice and story is any judge, piss fucking poorly and getting worse fast. Go fish. "The individual is everything.... to the world that needs you to make your career a boner that never goes away and only makes unhappy children everywhere..." Jordan Peterson and his ilk, "If only I can be more like Christ.." Wipe ass now with the holy paper written "riches of heaven" that Christ has provided His chosen few. And Death soon followed.

malvina reynolds - little boxes


Peterson and Saad have their own religious beliefs. Like the xian idea that the freedom of the individual is paramount up and until their responsibilities outweigh their rights; that is, your freedom is only as valuable as you use it to supply the market or the group with what its cybernetic algorithms have determined it needs, irrespective of the responsibilities of the State or the God/Group to the individual. In other words, every competing State cult serves as the final testament and total refutation of the other.

How TV and Sports Are Used to Control You and What You do


Alan Watt - A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society - A Prison Planet special


"A child being coerced into any institution is stressful and so 'successfully' so that nobody questions the very assumptions upon which the foundations of institutional education are based, chief among which is the belief that a child's will must be broken, perhaps the only reason - if you could call it that - why it takes thirteen or more of the most critical years of human development to teach a child a functional capacity for mathematics that, on average, amounts to maybe some basic geometry, algebra, addition, division and subtraction - and, as a tutor of high school aged boys and girls, usually not even that. The logic sequence has itself been removed completely. That is, precisely because of the range and nature of successful education, the best way for a human subject to relax is to leave school altogether. Some would disagree. Most deem stress a necessity to success. I for one do not. As to distinctions between yoga, mindfulness training, spirituality and meditation, these are trivial at best and confusing at worst. Kari at Culture Guard is right: children need to feel free to play. If any other system of relaxation is required then this will only serve to occult the causes of that level of stress. And hear me well when I say that everything from Vapassana (forced on violent criminals in India) to Meditation can and often does induce more stress and psychosis than not. A good friend of mine taught one of the most advanced meditation techniques in the world for twenty years - students would often start to hallucinate and commit spontaneous unprovoked acts of violence to themselves and others; there were also sexual problems, esp when one starts early in life - exactly as we see with pharmaceutical remedies for being a real mom and dad with basic ethical and critical faculties. What these Hindu and increasingly Western systems of martial regulation of the body, breath and voice (like school) rely upon for their success is the clinical fact that sufficiently martial or irrepressible stress or coercion actually relaxes the mind of a child. A child who is more successfully abused (children with larger or more affluent homes score higher on IQ) will actually become happier if more successfully psychotic at a neuro chemical level. These developmental impressions become propensities more and more symbiotic with the dominant hegemony and its ready arsenal of custodial agents (parents). Laws are actually made in a child's brain. Remember when people actually raised their own children? No? Spare a thought for it today."

The LGTBQ Quasi-Xian Cybernetic-Industrial Death Cult Explained


I have listened to this video am confused as you attempt to string together noncoherent thoughts into a tapestry of reality. You have posted a video of yourself on the internet for the sole purpose of other people listening to you. But the art of the spoken word at its core is to communicate, and in its enlightened form, it is to communicate a sophisticated thought. While you do present some interesting points that I would encourage you to record a subsequent video on I think it's clear by reading the comments your manner in delivery is not easily digestible. I don't find this pretentious as others have suggested, but merely overenthusiastic, trying to cram so many ideas into a 11 minute video is more than most people can handle.

Rayn Gryphon
TSCBroken Not really. Just not that interested in institutional kooks who are daddy figures for confused minds that do not know how to reason. But then, perhaps they are just overenthusiastic. However, that is not a sound argument.

As an example of the arrested capacity to reason, it would be reasonable to presume that if you did comprehend anything (and many factors besides my elocution can and often do intervene in comprehension, esp. in the case of psychological surrogacy - knowledge is always about social bonds and if you have none with your native flesh and blood voice and so faculty of Reason then surrogates are found even though such a surrogacy generally tends to exert a corrupting influence [Tyrrell] over all of the surviving faculties of reason and comprehension, as in your case, and so previously incidental factors like perceived power, authority or injustice become paramount, much as with the liberals Peterson attempts to rout - and as with any political cult, all of his objections, save for some fancy linguistic trickery that, to be fair, probably keeps him from killing himself, apply as much to his political adversaries as to himself); if you did comprehend anything then a person as presumably reasonable as yourself would have been anxious to challenge me on those points instead of using transparent and actually self-denigrating rhetorical legerdemain in order to affect a posture of, ironically, queerly paternalistic dominance, which is exactly what ALWAYS happens when the legitimate bonds of Reason are replaced with the illegitimate bonds of knowledge by surrogate fraternal or paternal love (such as in the xian cult proper), knowledge equivalent to the power to arbitrate for how other people should think or talk, quite irrespective of unprovoked commensurate lapses in comprehension. This is learned behaviour. And it exerts, as we can clearly see, an wholly and often holy corrupting influence over the entire society of Man and child.

Thank you for your comment. My "enthusiasm" has published forty books on related subjects. But it is good to know that brain damage can still inspire such enthusiasm. Woo hoo!

You have anything else or are you just going to run back to daddy? 

Feminism is not about the Feminine. That is a lie. Feminism and other isms are about uprooting any hereditary or biological basis for sexually-functional genders, imputing - after the Biblical traditions, all of which corrupt the flesh and blood of our Reason and Communication - wholly fictional qualities to the very roots of human sexual reproduction and all of its organs of communication and life and so providing in its stead a presumably superior "liberty" that increasingly forces young children who are already under the incorrigible stress of institutional child trafficking to trouble themselves to make up their own sexual root system - and after being thrown under the dizzying narcissistic influence of any and all of the Biblical and Military fictions of the world. They might quibble about the "gender binary" and yet a "binary" system underlies all modern communication systems and itself betrays sexual symbolism, such as with your average power button. Sexuality is not binary; it is sexual; a gender is that which can engender and so communicate with vigor the whole flesh and blood of Man's celestial biology. So children are not being given lots of genders to choose from; they are actually being denuded of the remaining part of their sexual or endocrine root system as it relates to the bonds of knowledge and family together, bonds so strained that people often lose sexual function and find narcotic salvation in recapitulating this invisible crime by vaunting the exchange of native sexual roots "the gender binary" for novelty mental costumes or personae strangely integral to all subsequent social, political or religious power as it increases its and, in some small part, their dominance over all the faculties of flesh and blood voice, reason and posterity; this is called homosexuality or transexuality. They might quibble about "assigned gender," but what will they do when children are assigned both genders or even the opposite gender of their birth? This is what happens to their "movie stars" and "models" according to the governing world cult of Judaic Luciferianism with its belief that all born sex or gender is corrupted and so eminently corruptible, the corruption of which were indispensable to becoming a "Star." Will there be a new industry for fashioning your own penis or vagina out of the adamic clay of one's own butt cheeks? Poor people put their junk in the front lawn. Rich people put it in their ass, hips, chins and lips of the "Biblical" realms of Lunar art-within-art alluded to by Shakespeare and Milton, both of whom represent armies of people, as with those who wrote the Bible, tasked with turning all organs and systems of generational communication into glorified instruments of war and torture through all our "Holly" days of calendrical sacrifice, the quasi-celestial currents of commensurate Moonitary instruments attracting no end of human fealty and forced labour rented in exchange for tokens of religious and legal obligation to forfeit one's offspring and their every future industry on pain of social isolation, poverty or death, the effects of which were everywhere proclaimed and nowhere heard in order to protect the new heaven and earth from the as though mortal danger of one's own native humanity as it is pathogenically rejected by the heaven of one's first mother, a stillborn fugitive whose only salvation is animation by bonds of torture.

Shakepeare said, "To thine own Self be true." "Holding a mirror up to nature." This is a mocking phrase. For the same system that treats us like dead and dumb flesh has erected its "naturally-inspired" logistics and systems of generational torture this way precisely because the flesh and blood whole mind of Man actually records every nuance of its environment and so the voice is silenced and the mind left to live a shadow of its former self beneath the looming dread of some nebulous crime that the child thinks they have committed, some "sin," when sin is in fact the native celestial biology of one's own first estate [pronounced dead upon registered transport from the Government mother "waters"], one's own first labour of mutual conception of the heaven and earth of mother, father and child, a mother, father and child who then suffer to act out compulsions of dubious provenance or effect except under the attendant delusional mirroring of the world mind as it condemns people to a way of war or of thought, stature or rapture that reduces all their capacity to speak or reason while extracting all of their surviving industry in order to outwit and "save" them in perpetuity, flooding their whole environment with distorted reflections of every coordinate and custom of the flesh and blood of Time or of all Mankind. We know this too well.

An excerpt from an article by Ivan Tyrrell, first published in 1993, that explores Dr. Arthur Deikman’s enlightening work on cult behaviour.

Why people join cults:

“Cults form and thrive,” says Deikman, “not because people are crazy, but because they have two kinds of wishes. They want a meaningful life, to serve God or humanity; and they want to be taken care of, to feel protected and secure, to find a home. The first motives may be laudable and constructive, but the latter exert a corrupting effect, enabling cult leaders to elicit behaviour directly opposite to the idealistic vision with which members entered the group.”


Problem Professors
YouTube, Sargon of Akkad

See Video Series - Flat Earth For Dummies

Axiom 641 - Definition of a Cult

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