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The Garden of Genius

I die a thousand deaths upon the daggers of thy word
Thy flesh and blood attraction to the pulsing of thy mind
Speaks with the eagles and the stars, the Heavens and the Earth
The song upon thy child's lips and all of humankind...

The Garden of Genius 

"I think a paucity of concern about a great many things is definitely something of lasting voice and lack of surviving voice and so power of mind and heart (the voice of much and many of whom we do not listen to when we lend our voice, under severe developmental duress, to institutions of whatever supposed utility) that can often be drawn, and not a little usefully, from abject and impotent attempts at sufficiently robust and even hungry discourse and as though its importance ranked nowhere near its poverty-stricken and anatomically-dislocated counterfeit."

- Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch Doctor 

Let us start by saying that any religion and we include by religion many if not most political ideologies and even psychiatric philosophies always prides itself upon having the most imperative, survival-oriented and deepest possible lasting critical influence over any number of millions of people of all ages, places and times - in short, an anodyne for all human ills real and imagined - and yet bears, in order to protect its survival-oriented purity and necessity, its every value and god-like power, absolutely no responsibility, nor needs to, as a new moral and even sexual imperative [if it is to successfully reproduce and sustain itself and the voices that have lend themselves to it in order to have a greater voice, or so they think and as we shall discover in very short order] for any of its prospective or actual effects of any kind and particularly not its negative effects, all of whose unflattering aspersions or any of which might, conceivably, throw the religion or philosophy [or all-knowing sycophant] into any disrepute or confusion, anxiety or independent critical scrutiny, reversed or conferred upon anyone whom the religious philosophy and god-like anodyne of critical survival importance and richness for all does not manage to convert and cow, console or cajole. 

The religion can never be wrong and its victims or critics always are, people who must always bear the sins of the all-knowing God, for that is all a demoralized or disintegrated mind is worth and the priority communication of all religious institutions in a demoralized society.

"Our religion that is not a religion - as is the modern parlance - is always right and you are completely ignorant or malicious" - which I may as well be, but that is completely irrelevant to whether or not the religion that is not a religion is good or bad or legitimate to the preposterous extent claimed for itself and for no one else, for no single person could make such a claim of superiority... unless they were violent, thirsty for blood.

Therefore, it only stands to what reason remains to us after religion is introduced that language itself will be altered by this invective of a medicine that is supposed to cure all ills. Language is effected because the silencing or not of the voice of Man is totally symbiotic with the silencing or not of any or all of the faculties of Man, the deficit of which voice is imputed to the very institutions and religions so many men and women suffer themselves and their children to give their voice to because the developmental impressions of being disabused of whole mind function, of one's voice and that of one's whole flesh and blood celestial biology - that of Man the Mother and Mind of Man spoken by all living intelligence and all living stories and sequences of cause and effect, all knowledge - translate perfectly into propensities to exert the same kind of as though survival imperative upon anyone over whom one or one's whole tribal group holds any kind of advantage, all with the impunity of any all-loving tyrant, one who, by necessity, birth, breeding, torture or education [all of which are effectively equivalent, clinically speaking] cannot and will not be prevailed upon by reason or indeed by any voice of dissent or injury that cannot be consigned to some weakness or malady for which the same cybernetic or religious algorithm cannot be applied with all sincerity, dedication and that pleasure that comes from, having first losing one's mind, voice and family [which are the same thing], enjoying the consummately humanitarian aims of the new cult or surrogate family, one whose most deeply felt anodyne for being so orphaned must necessarily exert, and does, historically speaking, a corrupting effect upon all thought and competence, the disastrous effects protected from all so powerful examination by multiplicative orders of delusion that speaks the infant brain's own attempts to repress the pain of having one's native voice and family so systematically and unceremoniously replaced with its imposters, repression who's unavoidable leaks into aggressive lapses in comprehension, foresight and empathy [while the cult member deems one another paragons of all three, and all the more the more resounding the complaints, as their own injured brains dictate because the needs of the repressed brain are critical survival needs that often go to respiratory and sex functions or dislocated functions with altered set points] are indulged by a wide or, dare we say, "diverse" range of glorified cults of aggressive insinuates into the minds of the very people they claim to be able to save from everything these cults make possible in terms of war, disease and epidemics in inarticulate madness and family breakdown that, together with its commensurate cultural institutions of life and thought - and your way of life is the way your brain functions and vice versa - turn their constituent tortured human organs into glorified repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionaries referred to as animals, pests, taxpayers, doctors, teachers, candlestick makers and xian soldiers, whatever they wish to call themselves or suffer themselves to be called and call out for with voices with a thousand costumes - neuro-chemical-linguistic burqas - to protect them from themselves and anyone else whose flesh and blood voice does not agree with theirs.

"Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man's enemies will be those of his own household."

- Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:34-36, The Xian Holy Bible

Why should or would anyone put the voice of this ridiculous military cunt above our own? Please continue reading.

Make no mistake that if this can happen - and when and how it does people are effectively lost to a God concept or God cult and need to be for any amount of time that must necessarily, at a pathological and even developmental level, be immune to being prevailed upon by any resort to reason, facts or logic, to injuries, dangers or mammoth amounts of historical precedent - then there is much more that has already happened by many similar means that are far less obvious, even unutterable in a cybernetic-industrial mono-culture that breeds disintegration of the native voice and so native faculties of mind and of all the five senses one's whole flesh and blood impressions of all history.

Indeed, how can we give voice to, understand and gain the restorative value - that of any mistake or mischance in life - of the most saturated and injurious elements of a society and its bodies?

As military shill Marshall McLuhan said, "The medium is the message."

There is a reason why religions are called the opiates of the masses.

The opiate is so prevalent that institutions generally enjoy immunity from any such scrutiny of their fairly proudly uniform regulation of human life and thought as though everyone is thinking for themselves. Institutions change the human mind as much as any religion does, which by nature means that many of these people will be left unable or unwilling, if they ever enjoyed the capacity to learn to be curious about, to notice, much less comprehend, the enormity of these effects - largely negative - precisely because, ironically and psychotically, of how important that institution becomes to their safety and power of mind and industry, any question of whose much celebrated and strangely contradictory goodness and infamy will be deemed "too negative" and beyond the pale of the consideration of any sufficiently well educated [or well institutionalized] man, woman or child, none of whom can reasonably hope for more advance in life than that of a very intelligent, industrious or ambitious domesticated animal animating and alloying, by necessity, their every little to big improvement in their illustrious or humble appointment in life here or hereafter with the animation of the God of the Institution as a kind of pathological tribute sacrifice of themselves and their own children to the host maternal or paternal "Body" that has predicated its whole existence and so that of any dignity, language, science, story or knowledge worthy of the name upon aborting its children from their native celestial biology, their most intimate proximity to living nourishment and knowledge, their mother's womb and that of their whole flesh and blood book, without which they cannot possibly hope to restore their minds with anything more rich than a persistent state of war.

Where is the war? Much of it is as buried as the real extent of stress suffered and assimilated into every impulse of the flesh and blood Mother and Mind of Man; it is masked in the very language it has robbed from the voice of Man for generations, many of whom have seen the erection of a mighty civilization but none of whom will ever witness the inception of a School for the Study of the Effects of War and Delusion upon any reasonable distinction of where or when it starts and ends. Like an almighty nature, it erupts here and there or, like Polio [a paralyzing disease caused by industrial waste and the Polio vaccine itself] is given new names and used in different ways like the deadly chemicals of one generation of war for growing the food for the next ten generations. It is, in short, a way of life as natural as winter and spring, something that "just happens" because of "crazy people over there," ours were to marshal all our labour for that chief among all the precision of our civilization to fighting off the hordes with our own greatest achievements in a systematic disintegration of the mind that is not very particular whom it saves from ignorance or a birth free of any very insistent molestation, as long as everybody has a place in its almighty holds as its vast armada travels to the stars, their captives, slavers, poets and engineers peering through windows beyond which leads a shimmering cord of progress that brings the past into focus by cutting out their eyes and replacing them looks of angelic and blissful scows of fear, misery, sorrow and distrust as though in their own mother's bellies, attacked as they are by a foe mightier than any gun or sword - the malice of her own host society at the very genesis of a happiness that cannot, pathologically, ever be complete without doing something to disintegrate [in parlance, educate, love and save] the minds of other vulnerable people, a vast salvation army saving its victims from life and death in equal measure, chemically addicted to winning and losing their own freedom to a degree that makes either negligible, the actual locomotive force of their proverbial ores being most effectively translated to that of the wars springing up all around them within the Mind of Man even before birth. Total Saturation.

So we see the problem. 

It thus becomes highly relevant to note that I can write, think and live the way I do precisely because I have opted out of institutionalized ways of thinking and living for most of my adult life, and much to my cost and advantage. Please do not take me to mean that it is an easy matter in any life to resolve one's costs to one's spoils. But my voice is as rich an instrument to me as any other instrument of human liberty, thought, medicine or power on Earth and richer still for its trials and violence alike.

But there is more. 

The subject under consideration includes that of recent Government education policies around the sex education and cult-like grooming of the gender vernacular - though "scientific" - of young children.

Culture Guard and Kari Simpson [who hosted the original discussion of State-sponsored yoga and "mindfulness"] has made a formal declaration of intent to hold the State accountable for its aggressive marketing to children and their families, children and families who are already under incredible amounts of socially-induced and State-condoned duress. Their mandate is as follows: 

My own remarks follow hers:

Also See this excellent article:

And my own:

Kari Simpson [of] writes:

To protect Canada’s children,

We must unite to stop SOGI!

Legal action commencing, we need your help and support.

Parents, grandparents and common-sense Canadians across this nation need our help. We must unite! It’s not just that our Charter rights are being trampled; it’s that our ability to protect our children is being obliterated, federally and provincially.

As I speak, a dangerous agenda called “SOGI” is being introduced into all BC schools; Alberta and Ontario schools are also being targeted.

My name is Kari Simpson. I’m a long-time free-speech, less government, pro parental rights activist, and now the executive director for Culture Guard.

The anti-Canadian social deconstructionist forces that threaten our children and our Canadian values compel us to unite and fight. The SOGI agenda is here—and it must be stopped!

What is SOGI? SOGI stand for Sexual Orientation Gender Identity.

SOGI is dangerous—it’s a hedonistic political agenda designed to alter your child’s thinking and undermine your authority as a parent. SOGI recruits kids to be anti-free speech, pro big government, confused and angry rebels.

SOGI 123 lesson plans prey on vulnerable children, using well-known strategic brainwashing tactics to undermine each child’s sense of identity, security, modesty and morality; then it reprograms them with a hedonistic “lust-driven, sex-positive” anti-heteronormative belief system while undermining parental authority, and instils a values-neutral system in which there is no right or wrong.

SOGI 123 replaces logic and critical thinking with decision-making based entirely on “feelings” and emotion—politically correct feelings and ‘trendy’ emotions.

SOGI adherents are programed to embrace delusion and reject facts.

SOGI is a tool for social deconstruction.

SOGI 123 starts targeting 4- and 5-year-olds—yes, in kindergarten and pre-school!—with lesson plans chock-full of subtle and overt misdirection, like directing kindergarten teachers to NEVER refer to students as “boys” or “girls”, because to do so would affix “societal stereotyping”. The words “mom” and “dad” have been banned from the classroom. Instead, teachers are to use the words “guardian” or “adult” when referencing “caregivers”. Activist teachers have even made reference to themselves as “co-parenting” students!

Teachers are being told to expose children to political views on sexual orientation and gender identity—views based on propaganda, not science.

Picture books normalizing homosexual relationships and Gender Dysphoria are to be accessible to children at all times—books that make parents look stupid, and easily bullied by their children.

The next step is to break down a child’s sense of identity. Teachers are instructed to tell children that their birth sex is based only on external body parts, and that it might be different from how they want to identify. Boys can be girls if they want, and girls can be boys—or both, or even somewhere in between!

As children progress through grade levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12, the emphasis turns to making students into SOGI Warriors. They’re required to study how to be a radical leftist and sex activist ‘Social Justice Warrior’; forced to study a propaganda version of homosexual history; and taught to use a “common language”, defined by the sex activists.

Legal action is being initiated to stop the SOGI agenda in schools across Canada; but your help is needed NOW! We must stop this abuse of children and the usurpation of schools that we all pay for. Please give generously. $100,000 is needed right now to commence legal action against the BC Ministry of Education and local school boards. We need to cover legal fees, expert witness costs, research work and other related court expenses. 100% of donations generated here go directly to the legal fund.

Every child in every grade is targeted.

My phone and inbox have been flooded by parents and grandparents looking for help. One grandfather called to inform me that his 4 year-old granddaughter told him she can be a boy if she wants to—she attends a “progressive” daycare.

This is child abuse!

An urgent email was sent to me on the second day of school. The mom wrote:

This happened at an Elementary School in Richmond. On the 2nd day of school, there was a school-wide assembly announcing that “a Grade 5 boy has made the decision, with full support from his parents, to transition to a girl. He has a girl’s name now.” The Principal told the whole school to support and respect him. Then they started in to have some school-wide SOGI teaching.

My friend has a Grade 6 daughter in that school. This mom was very concerned because her daughter seems to believe SOGI is something innate.

This, too, is child abuse.

Then there was a SOGI-loving angry father: spewing hate and the typical rhetoric at me over the phone, he informed me how happy he was that his daughter had “transitioned”, and he now has a son. He admitted that he paid for his young teenage daughter’s breasts to be surgically removed. He then went on to tell me how his family had gone through a dysfunctional divorce—and many other factors known to contribute to kids being messed-up; but he says he trusts the professionals—!?

When I asked him if he had read the SOGI lesson plans he said “No.” It’s his child who will pay the price for his decision.

This is also child abuse.

Seven million young, vulnerable Canadians have been targeted and need your help. How many are involved in transexualism? Experts tell us fewer than one-third of one percent! And of those, by the time they have gone through puberty, 85 to 95 percent will have adjusted naturally to their birth gender.

But the others will have been given chemical puberty blockers that will stunt their growth, and cross-sex hormones that will render them sterile for life; some will have had irreversible surgery to remove perfectly health body parts.

That’s child abuse.

Meanwhile, the preponderance of normal children will have been programmed to believe that this kind of child abuse is ‘normal’ and ‘compassionate’.

That, too, is child abuse.

And who benefits? The political activists who want to overturn our culture, weaken our democracy and dismantle our nation; the “globalist” unions, and a small handful of doctors who are pursuing this new, unverified branch of medicine; and Big Pharma, the makers of the dangerous, unnecessary chemicals being prescribed for these poor children—who need care and comfort, not quack treatments.

This insanity must be stopped! Please give generously; then get informed by visiting; then tell your friends.

United, we can and will stop SOGI.

For the sake of Canada’s children, we must.

[end quote]

If beef cows suddenly became infertile aka non cis gendered there would be a federal commission and mass social panic. But if your own children are chemically and sociopolitically sterilized in order to give them and their allies greater liberty and license to enshrine a hormonal disease no less understandable than autism or the flu as a law tantamount to all rational debate about the ancient critical symbiosis of organs of reproduction and communication whose compatibility with nature (not government cults and institutions whose whole credible utility can only reasonably be insured, historically speaking, by means of either strong personal delusion or the exertion of every attempt to protect oneself from state cults and institutions) lay at the basis of all human knowledge and liberty, one would have to be a kook or a bigot to want to raise any alarm or even insinuate that it is worth discussion under the assumption that encouraging or forcing the naturally experimental androgyny of infant children (which can be nourished without forcing them to give up their gender, one only "assigned" in the case of the hermaphrodite) to equate pretend with medical fact (that they are not a boy or a girl, sexually and genetically, first and foremost) i.e. simultaneously over sexualizing and desexualizing children, letting and encouraging and coercing their minds, minds already thrown over their heads and hormones into a maelstrom of political institutions of Biblical scales of influence, danger or benefit, to dictate the policies of a nation for generations, subjects of sexual development that even credible endocrinologists would be reluctant to be so cavalier about. Has the voice of our flesh and blood been so effectively silenced as to vaunt its decidedly narcissistic propensities to equate coercion with such a liberty at a survival level beyond all rational discussion? Do not be so quick to condemn our children to demographics of the highest known suicide rates (and much else) in all natural history. Do not do that. Think.

Danger lurks whenever Man confuses or is conditioned to confuse what he wants to know (or what is politically or religiously expedient to want or pretend to know, a qualifiable natural function and faculty) with what he actually knows. One may want to know that any sexual orientation/disease is perfectly natural, but we do not know that for sure and that is a big risk to rush into committing to in a natural world so utterly caught up with sexual and even asexual reproduction. Sterilization was and is the main result of modern estrogen-rich petroleum-based vaccines.

Estrogen mimickers and many kinds of other social and biological trauma are clinically understood to scramble sexual hormones. Historically speaking, new religions and entirely new brain-specific vernacular always attend politically-expedient domestication and submission of the flesh and blood and brain of man, family and society. Think about it.

My own qualification [that of multiple doctoral degrees] was granted me by the greatest school of learning on Earth, my mother's womb and that of the Celestial Biology of my Satanic/Ancestral Intelligence and Heritage, one that speaks with and to every nerve of my flesh and blood. And so all my voice and knowledge lives and dies, as do I and my family, upon the winds of all living systems of growth, birth, conception and transformation, upon every cataract and contraction of heaven and earth, my organs alive with all the Story of all that is Man and Woman, of all that can be seen, tasted, heard, touched or smelled, known or felt. 

As an example of how easily the mind can orient itself to its living heritage, take a moment to think of the East. In the East burgeons the very quintessence of what becomes our experience of life, the force and power of our very own minds as they take their congress with the celestial biology of their own birth and illumination, their own blood. As we move to the South, that same Sun spends a good deal of time, vary though its presence will over the course of the wheel of the year, suggesting that the dawn itself is carried forth into the Southern realm. In the North this same Sun rises but its left to its surviving knowledge or language, that of our own flesh and blood, as it suffers or enjoys the loss of all that is once risen, descend though it does into and ascend though it might from all that is dusk or death [out of sight or touch or hearing or taste but not out of mind, for a true People speak with the Dead for the sake of their lives and suffer no Man to speak on their behalf, anymore than one would allow any Man to insinuate themselves into any cradle and womb of the growth of a child's own flesh and blood celestial biology and ancestral communication, their native tongue, voice and wealth, their native mind] and there the very quintessence from whence we take our mind and that of its every limb reaching for itself, coming from itself and being itself whole, indivisible and yet animating a complex quaternary currents of electrical attraction and repulsion from whence our very life and death, our voice and that of any knowledge worthy of the name.

The every nerve, bone and chemistry of our body were a book that has all the senses that are normally imputed to Man, much of the stress and memory of which were necessarily silenced [though spread liberally around through glorified aggressive unquestionable lapses of empathy and comprehension, foresight or proportional reconsideration] by a cybernetic society in so much as this stress can greatly alter an entire society's or species' capacity to listen to this book, a moral obligation and ancient liberty removed as much as the human voice is coerced into supplanting itself with the subsequently comparably greater voice or liberty of its rapturous capitulation to the Institutions of Civilization and all of its religious liturgies of love and hate, black and white, red and blue, true and false, good and bad, all of which maintains like a new celestial digestive system the steady introduction, though scrutinized by a fully functional social mind, of Hegelian policies and perverse social customs whose primary export is the ever more pleasant and protected systematic disintegration of the mind/sex of Man, the Family and of our way of life.

This book records everything of the substance and function, cause and effect of its every experience of its life and that of much else besides. When it is tortured enough [that of the whole flesh and blood of Man's native celestial biology or Mind, Language and Fertility and that of all Life] it exerts its only remaining objections through its propensities to exert similar kinds of torture upon other people with impunity magnified by mob or group religious or cult psychology [even though we will lose the will or capacity to even give conscious voice to so comprehension of the scale and nature of human stress, much of which is consigned to prepossessing arbitrary beliefs as to what Man is saying by birth, that he is sinful, heir to karmic debt, a mere product of scientific religions of evolution, outer space and an umbrella treatment of genetics that utterly ignores any force but genetics in the development of a fetus], a disintegration of the faculties of reproduction and communication [of all voice and thought] that persists until it can provoke the restorative power of the courage or necessity to actually listen to what it is saying in a manner independent from if not wholly antithetical to that of the institutions to which it has been commended or condemned to "solve all our stress," usually by producing more of it under different labels, edify though this does the very minds that we are forced to call healthy, much less capable of knowing things simply because the most successful systems of cultural genocide in all of history tell us so, people or institutions we absolve or hate to the same effect, our own impotence to do anything but allow them to dictate as much of our lives as that of the amniotic fluid of our own mother's womb, so saturated is the world with mass human stress psychology and its innumerable branches of a knowledge, story and vernacular of any medicine, science or religion that necessarily prohibit the voice of Man's whole flesh and blood and to his own complete satisfaction, more or less, for all the world were tellingly compatible and anxious to indulge - though no one will listen while under such a drug therapy of truly celestial proportions of torture - the commensurate systems of pain repression and their more aggressive acceleration of if by and large arrest of the whole Mind of Man, functions and feats of coordination and industry marred by otherwise inexplicable lapses in comprehension of and empathy for oneself or anyone else.

When it is tortured, the Mind, Heritage and Biology of Man tends to confuse what we like to know or believe [whatever its natural if qualified utility or fertility, for imagination is only as important as knowledge if accurate distinctions are made between them, if only on a qualified basis that can make or would adequate provision for the dangers of advantages of belief blurring into the disadvantages of belief, so fertile are the deepest or most ephemeral or celestial reaches of human abstract thought or experience, the pleasures of which can as well be induced or generated by the rational as the irrational, by nourishment or starvation of the dignity of Man] with what we can reasonably know.

For instance, we do not really know for sure that the Earth moves in space, that Man landed on the moon.

There are several experiments that indicate that the Earth is stationary. Incidentally these experiments also show the existence of Aether [see below] the substance of ancient science and celestial biology and the fundamental element of Man the Mother and Mind of Man. Whether one believes this or not, whether one thinks this is ridiculous or not, the fact remains that, though popular search engines will dispute these results as those of failed experiments, no science has yet explained away these results, even as they have been repeated by others. 

Look at the Sagnac and the Michelson-Morley experiments for measuring the motion of the Earth.

While it may be socially expedient to believe what we are told or what authorities say, this does not mean we really know what we claim to or that this belief is legitimate. This would not be so precipitous, save for the fact that, for all we have come to claim we know, we have been robbed of the capacity to make useful, logical and ethical distinctions between what we actually know and what we are merely told by others.

1.    aether - personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians

Aether - personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians; son of Erebus and night or of Chaos and darkness

2.    aether - a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves

aether - a medium that was "once supposed" to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves

medium - an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication 

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