Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Cradle

Thine holy family and thus thine holy flesh and blood create
The birth of one another in the currents of the cloud
And mountains seasons spring and winter, meadows that relate
The waters of the heavens and the earth to every bound
And even in our grief some peace can grow or show its Star
To we the people whom this garden knows as well as rain
And wind begins to change the world and this in every part
Our flesh and blood celestial biology again
As once before first we were born this church of flesh and blood
Contraction currents wrapped in currents distant as they bleed
Into the measures of the heavens and the earth becomes
The only place that we hath ever known or hath need
Communication all that would survive the farthest doom
The language of the cradle of the world a mother's womb.

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