Friday, 19 January 2018

I Hit the Bone If Only: The Yoga of Everything

I Hit the Bone If Only:

The Yoga of Everything

A good man is a man who cannot be corrupted.

We are looking intently for him.

The next thing we have, believe it or not, is a Man of God.

For a good man will not be deceived by him for long and will walk away with some very useful knowledge as to the truly Biblical depths of human calumny. 

Vigor and Distinction have become like a venereal disease.

Take to the Forests and Hills and Seas.

You will not be disappointed.

The safety and the confidence of children our revolt
The trenches of the cradle the invasion of our flesh
And blood conception our rejection of and by the Bible and the bolt
Of such a world as turned upon the axis of our sex
The spine the mountain and the tree the world inside the mind
Of our rejection of and by the heavens and the earth
That would not place our elders or our children in a bind
Unless it was their bless├Ęd honour to recount their birth
And mutual conception of the Mother and the God
Of Man and Nature in a cradle war had never found
Beneath the sound of sadness, fury language loved us not
As much as they who first embodied wind and sun and cloud
And every day they got away from ran away with we
Who count our numbers in the thunders of eternity.

Satan's Lair

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