Friday, 12 January 2018

Axiom 1103 - Most Evident Soulful Quality of Man

I die a thousand deaths upon the daggers of thy word
Thy flesh and blood attraction to the pulsing of thy mind
Speaks with the eagles and the stars, the Heavens and the Earth
The song upon thy child's lips and all of humankind

One of the most if not the most enduring qualities of our lives and that of every dimension of our past or future existence is that, on some level, we have some growing to do, growing that need not suffer any of the negative aspersions cast, intentionally or not, by any religious, scientific or spiritual philosophy in that existence and growing that will forever suffer and enjoy as need be the most considerable nourishment of all of Nature here and hereafter, within and without, North and East, West and South, all without any relationship - or not necessarily so - to any religious, scientific or spiritual philosophy in existence.

Therefore, if you wish to begin or end with any kind of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social or soulful nourishment, support or mode of communication, one need look no further or farther than that of any animal, plant, creature or mineral in all the Earth.

For many things have been designed to feed upon Man - which some or all quite disturbing - but there only one [or two] things that will nourish us in turn - and that is our Ancestral Nature.

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