Sunday, 28 January 2018

Explaining the World

Explaining the world is a difficult thing to do.

How does one comprehend one's own life, let alone the entire earth?

But what if all knowledge is free?

What if all industry, all labour were free?

Why would nature support so much regeneration and conception of life if it were not part of the vigor of all of nature?

So, we can say that the purpose and operation of the world is organized around, with and for the persistence of life in myriad forms, forms which or whom come together in contractions of conception and regeneration that occupies all of nature for arguably billions of turns of the sun.

A lot of people are never completely born.

They linger in repressive states organized around hierarchies of born or claimed status: they will do this without even thinking about what they are doing - though they will think of many things - in any situation that offers them any advantage.

They are rendered incapable of thinking any more of themselves than the world thinks of them when it treats them to the various indignities it has to offer the new born child; and so they cannot think any more of anyone else. Everyone is beneath them as they were once beneath the heel of the Earth, the snake in the Garden of Eden being crushed beneath the morally superior psychopaths who are bred as much as any dog can be bred, the lower "working class" having its own less exacting breeding program or "culture," its obvious inaccuracies more than compensated for by the numbers of births and deaths they can sustain.

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