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Axiom 1102 - Civilization: Definition

Anal Expressions:


Civilization n:

The organized conditioning or disintegration of the flesh and blood history and language of Man that corrals Man into finding consoling identity as a repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary through any number of fraternal orders of Labour or Combat, two dissimilar yet identical fields of War. We are always in wartime.

The twin tower system or dipole of civilization sees, similarly, the dissimilar yet circuit-closed equivalence of the strategic aims of the highest orders of Warfare and the passion and industry of all Mankind, as though the mandate of one were to protect the freedom of the other in a wholly reciprocal fashion quite out of keeping with the reality; subsequently, the voice of Man is incoherent - the real background radiation - with the knowledge, voice and story of the Book of Man's flesh and blood response to [or comprehension of] civilization, inhibiting and in many ways prohibiting all faculties of Man, Family and Society.

This systematic incoherence between the knowledge of the world and the real voice of Man's flesh and blood Book or Bible of celestial biology tends to throw Man back upon the level of dependency of an infant child's brain upon a birth Mother [and father] State or World Order composed of any number of religious cults - Civilization is a wholly Religious enterprise, politically or otherwise, by definition - a level of dependency and suggestibility - a kind of blank page - whose only personal power comes through total identification with the surrogate Mother [and Father] military order, so tortured is every order and organ of the terrestrial and celestial Mother and Father of the flesh and blood language of celestial biology tortured by all civilization as a rule and in a manner totally integral to every branch of knowledge and medicine in a cybernetic-industrial society.

This is how all military conditioning works.

First it hurts. There is the feeling of extreme danger, fear and betrayal.

Then the hopelessness of the situation forces one to continue until this hopeless betrayal is replaced with a sense of new found purpose in life. Then you are a repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary. To be "good at your job" in organized labour [warfare] were a measure of one's conditioning and repression.


Therefore, all drug addicts and all soldiers and all predators of any kind - and all careers require predation upon the vulnerable and here is why - are addicts before they ever see a drug or a military institution. The brain's own repression of pain leaks out through aggression that the host then represses [including any pain it may cause and all the voices of that pain in Man's flesh and blood] as a form of basic personal survival on the order of breathing or sweating or shitting. This leads to acute lapses in comprehension and empathy whose anesthetization is magnified by fraternal orders [surrogate family cults whose psychological provenance will tend to exert a corrupting influence - with impunity - upon all however sincere aspirations to serve humanity or a god see note A] of achievement and belief whose main actual flesh and blood purpose is to disintegrate the mind [to dislocate the Heritage of Man as the Mother and Mind of Man] of anyone who is vulnerable or, indeed, within one's sphere of psychological, physical or social advantage over the vulnerable.

Civilization makes everyone a psychopath.

And so everyone complaining about anything or anyone is probably right - if not totally honest with themselves.

Therefore, in so much as the prototypical alcoholic has never really drank too much, a psychopath's behaviour, it must be owned, is actually always totally appropriate to the actual situation as dictated by civilization. The professional and passive narcissistic psychopath - or repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary - is the number one and most prized export of said civilization.

If one presented any member of civilization a book commissioned and written by the top brass of all subjects explaining the actual range of all effects of civilization upon Man's flesh and blood, nobody would read it or even want to hear about it.

I know this because this book already exists.

It is the book of our Flesh and Blood, our ROOTS. K[nowledge]. Kyke, Kill, V[irgin] - V made up of the vaginal and the penis, Vir and Gyn. Evidence of corrupted language of celestial biology and native brain function....   Killed .... We are all Semitic. There is no such thing as the Jew or the Christian. Hence the phrase, "Christ was the last Xian" and perhaps the only one in so much as Christ is a prototypical cybernetic-industrial functionary and a contrived anatomically-inaccurate [read the value of sex and language, celestial biology] contrived element of torture. Notice that the two most pivotal acts of Biblical creation are marred by the circumvention of conception and birth in its purest form.

A - This is precisely why the most horrendous or insensitive behaviour of people or groups is always justified by their most seemingly expansive or altruistic beliefs - usually of a group nature, most of which beliefs suffer any considerable scrutiny - for all their preeminent power, goodness or significance to all Mankind - only on pain of negative aspersions as to one's birth, nature, mind, intelligence, breeding, motivation or fate.

Sound the bellows, rouse the king's brigades and stir the realm
That flies the banners of its greatest freedom from the masts
Contractions of a mother's labour and a living hell
From whose life-giving wombs of generations reached the hands
Of organizing work and wor a world of torture, fortune and defeat
Ancestral speech and ways of life and function of the brain
Of Man and Nature governed by the Belly of the Snake the Mother of the Mind
Absorbed immersed before its birth the septic epics of the Age
Peripatetic voices scattered to the winds of Time
A child hears in all their fears and all their tears confirmed a burning loss
Of home and kindred spirits with the language of their birth [their worth]
The words of closest knowledge flesh and blood celestial that rots
Upon the Tree the Spine the spired Dome the Heavens and the Earth
The crowning glory of a childe roundly silenced by
The wisest legions [lesions], priests and healers for dislocating the Mind
To free themselves through the hypnotic nectars of fraternal orders [Man's repressive organs] hold
Over the silence of the voice the torture of the child's Home.

A lot of acute stress is created when one is forced to comply with or capitulate to anyone, even if it is ethically or logically illegitimate to do so. Even though it is socially-expedient to comply with officers and agents of State Torture, this compliance is illegitimate.

Spiritual adj. How people exhaust, exert, and coerce the delusional liberty of a systematically repressed cybernetic-industrial functionary, one that betrays its depraved provenance with its compulsive disintegration of self, the sole liberty in the ubiquitous conditions of war.

Civilization and its constituent human agents of all professions, creeds and distinctions are trained by its every informal and formal education to seek distinction or "Manhood" through the literal or figurative donning, adoption or immersion - for pain mitigation or repression - in glorified costumes which permit the justify the qualified liberty to withdraw empathy or understanding from anyone whom one chooses upon the least provocation.

Ninety of percent of doctors or law enforcement will do this.

So will ninety percent of the general "God-fearing" population.

One can only really know or appreciate the language and the story of the celestial sphere to the extent that one knows the closest most important language, knowledge and story of one's whole flesh and blood celestial biology. - Satanic Witch 

And this includes the harm our flesh and blood has actually sustained, including its voice.  - Ibid.

Look at the three minute to the four minute and continuing:

Look what Eminent scholar Joseph Campbell calls "psychological bondage" and his recommendation to annihilate the child [psychological disintegration of the self] as a mark of "courage" and "manhood" and "maturity" and "power" in a cybernetic society. Note that in my over a quarter of a century of field study of Narcissistic Sociopaths that they all share the same religious insistence upon disintegration of the mind upon any objection, emotional or otherwise, to their compulsive need to disintegrate and humiliate the self as a way to improve their power/happiness. [The brain when tortured finds neurochemical bliss by further disintegration and insisting upon it in others over whom one wields, or seeks to, any kind of psychological advantage, usually for one's "own good."]

His recourse to aboriginal custom is novel in so much as the process of animating the gods is I think quite legitimate and yet strangely subverted by the insistence upon killing, fighting and terror.

Joseph Campbell--On Becoming an Adult


These types of uber academic heroes actually work for the Military's equivalent of the "Ministry of Magic."

See work of Jan Irvin and Gnostic Media on Burning Man, Silicon Valley and Stanford Research Institute.

Universities, like Hospitals, are militarized zones. 

The work of Dr. David R. Hawkins is similarly preposterous in its ethical and logical vacancies [and clinical support], for all its utility and prosaic treatment of the psychological [and somatic] equivalent of bleeding out, all of which he treats by thinking it away in some sky-high and dehumanizing warmed-over Xianity and Hinduism wended with muscle testing [a preposterous pseudoscience easily refuted by James Randi]. 

E.g. He talks about karma, or the idea that all harm one does "creates one's own hell" in that it will be returned to you. This is the Hindu equivalent torture of logic to the xian notion that suffering is caused by merely being born impure if one does not wish to be Xian or fascist in one's lust for personal and collective disintegration as the ultimate creativity of an anatomically-challenged "creator" whose bearing is remarkably similar to a narcissistic sociopath.

If "life is suffering" or if "all harm comes back to you" and that is the implied source of all pain and if "suffering comes from sin that requires a torture as the most creative and essential relief of all suffering here or hereafter" then this logically dictates that the highest moral obligation is to hurt anyone whom you can and that all harm that befalls a child [who is already disposed to blame themselves for all harm in so much as they even retain any recourse to examine such injuries without using a religion of disintegration in Medicine or Military] is "all their fault."

This is the direct implication of and a logical corollary of the notion of karma as harm that comes back to bite you, in so much as we make any provision for the harm that the flesh and blood of Man actually suffers from when he is not avoiding it.

People who hold these preposterous beliefs never own to the emotional compulsion to harm others and yet in every case of whatever professed intelligence or ethical leaning always, in my long research and field study, always dismiss the inhuman implications to their ultimate stories.

Go back to your roots, even if and especially if it hurts. 

It's amazing that the most if not the only truly illuminating and enlightening thing about all spirituality and religion [scientific ethics and religion, which has always been about religion upon any even cursory examination of the history of science] how people will vaunt these beliefs upon any pretext and absolutely screw up their faces in abhorrence of the violent effects, logic and origins of their own pathological beliefs. 

If karma or sin that can only be relieved by the ultimate torture is true, if "life is suffering" or, as the Catholic would have it, beatific, then it logically follows that you are morally obliged to harm Mankind and even your own child as much as you can and cause them to be thrown in harm's way as much as possible without them knowing it and in the name of all that is good, moral and socially right and even imperative for all peace, knowledge, wisdom, progress or safety - because that would be the most painful and because any pain you can effect must necessarily be the victim's own bad deeds or nature coming back to them. One would-be scholar whom I related this to shook their head immediately saying, "that is not what I mean," after which he held forth on "being more conscious," even though he refused any consciousness of the moral and logical implications of his own beliefs or Big Stories and, indeed, their own provenance-by-torture. The most "conscious" or "spiritual" people are sociopaths just as effective as the best citizens as the worst ones. 

If one's very birth or hurt demands the ultimate torture as the ultimate and most redeeming creative act then your merely being born demands that you torture everyone as much as possible forever, which is exactly what we currently do. This is consistent with all Xian, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Muslim, Judaic and, increasingly, medical and scientific belief. They are all compatible and all effective at cybernetic regulated xenophobia by birth precisely because they are all growing on the same tree, as it were, one planted upon the desecration of our Tree of Celestial Biology.

For these sociopaths - most people - nobody is ever hurt without deserving it on some level merely because they were born or have a voice and flesh and blood roots and stories of truly rich celestial biology. 

Under such conditions of so austere warfare as the amniotic medium - at saturation levels for untold generations - it is very likely that the cessation of one's physical life ends more pain than it actually creates.

E.g. "World War gave us the Internet" or "Evolution is about the most cruel existence forever in order to conceive of modern liberty as defined by Evolution the theory and the fact combined like the ultimate Elect-ronic "consummation devoutly to be wished" of Life and Church." 

Neo of the Matrix Movies only gets out of - and his condemned to - his sine qua non alien womb sac by eating the "red pill" and "learning of his penultimate place in the reality of life where the subsequent Hegelian dialectic of good and evil describes all cycles of human existence. There he meets Trinity and Morpheus, the god of sleep and pain management that speaks to the brain's most powerful assembly of repressive and ultimately aggressive neurochemistry, subverting all recourse to the voice and story of Man's celestial biology and that of his own Mother."

This movie made Billions of dollars.

All lines of cause and effect have a narrative [flesh and blood voice] dimension roundly insulted by all claims upon "civilization" and its scientific or religious anodynes that function more like stories told at a cocktail party by a sociopath one martini short of passing out into a puddle of their own piss, shit and vomit. And, not to pass up the opportunity to chill the blood, only notice how nice and smart or sincere the priests of these forms of glorified barbarism which, to be fair, should rightly arouse as much shock as understanding for all it betrays the pain that constitutes most of the function [or dislocated function] of such an Animal mind. If you have ever wondered why there is so much pain the world, this is why.

Therefore, your voice and story and that of your whole flesh and blood [which necessarily refutes that of all mass culture, science and religion by definition] is integral to any science or religion worthy of one's family. 

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