Monday, 1 January 2018

Axiom 1101 - Celestial Biology and Language

Language is a very organic beautiful part of how all life communicates itself.

But language itself can be tortured and be forced to labour under conditions which will generally prohibit the primary functions of language and indeed all the organs of body and mind, of family and even of Mankind as a whole - the best way to torture people.

The best way to see how the human brain is supposed to function and, indeed, some of the largest stores of restorative medicine for whole brain function of Man's flesh and blood reproductive systems lay within the Ancient Language and the Amniotic Prana, Qi, Nectar, Bliss or Aether of the Old Gods, of our Ancestors.

This is why it is tortured most of all and even the most important component of the whole torture of Satan's or Man's Will.

Anesthetized by birth leaves the infant Man isolated from their whole environment. Probably the most effective way [among many] to kill or "neutralize" the mother-child and Man-self bond and indeed every prospect of brain and sex development to a repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary.

So here you have it - no single medical or therapeutic model on Earth today has the least competent concern for the greatest hurts of your life.

"We have the Freudians to thank for the adherence to shock therapy. Freudians decided that delving deep into the unconscious would disintegrate the mind. They thus eliminated the most important way to rid patients of deep numbness: experiencing what caused it." Dr. Arthur Janov, Why You Get Sick and How You Get Well, 177, 166(eg) 

- See Axiom 1100 - Medical Philosophy of Celestial Biology: Health and Modern Naturopathic Doctor

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