Sunday, 3 December 2017

Xian Compassion

"Either teach or learn. To do neither is folly."

- Sir Casper Alexander, Third Shit Groomer to His Lady of Mercy

Rob Cortez

Hey retard the ball earth dosent come from "the Vitican and NASA" Learn something before you post disinformation.  LMFAO!  You have an emotional breakdown and want to see people tortured and murdered over blah blah blah.... Justs proves how immature and weak your character is. I hope you find God in your life and snap out of the evilness that comes with your stupidity. ~peace to you and your family.

Rayn Gryphon

Either teach or learn. To do neither is folly.

When the mind is hurt so much that it becomes happy and even euphoric upon subsequent bouts of hysterical capitulation, the commensurate repression tends to leak out through a tacit conflation of love and hate, i.e. Xian love.

Woe to he who cannot withhold compassion when necessary, for his compassion is incoherent and even deadly, a narcotic artifact of extreme infant developmental repression that commends the brain to sacrifice or expend most of its developmental legacy on managing repression and rationalizing Biblical lapses in cognition known as Xianity in particular and Roman fascist institutionalized mental illness in general, the Bubonic plague of our time, for it so effectively numbs the mind into happy compliance that it is rendered as perpetually suggestible as an infant child or a subject of intense torture broken only by fleeting moments of sobriety that can only send one back into the stupor from whence one came, cutting off the cradle of history or biology with a septic brain-specific miasma of unending self-annihilation as a whole survival imperative that shrouds the native human voice and birth in violence, disorientation and craven aggression masked by the acting out of knowledge without a voice and so a voice without knowledge of anything but how to coerce others into supplying it and its "Government" with its customary violence and delusional self-importance of choice.

"It never ceases to surprise me at the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the introduction of useful knowledge."

- Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury, 19th century educator

"A Black Mass is come upon us, my brethren. And here me when I say that You Say that if this does not take first place among all sources of illumination - in heaven and hell - then nothing ever will: That is that There are many things which are lost - whose loss we would grieve most sorely - that one can only get back by mourning."

- Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch

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