Friday, 8 December 2017

The World

Anything that has or can have Precision is the main mission of all organized warfare, of the whole extent of the Military, of Religion and Science.. If it is not precise in one way, it will invariably be precise in another way. The God of God.

"Any sufficiently advanced religion is indistinguishable from technological warfare of Biblical proportions."

- Rayn's First Law of Magic

The time is come when time is stopped and aught of life at play.


Is this world how it is supposed to be? Is this world as the world presents itself to us?

Is this world as good as it could be or even should be?

If not, how bad is it really?

What would make it better?

Can it ever get better, medically and technically speaking, if we are generally more prone than not to ignore to just what extent the word fails to protect our infant minds from those who are most confident in their ability to protect us in a world as bad as it is and a world so bad, in fact, that one cannot simultaneously speak of or assert anything good about society without ignoring, as a rule, just how bad it really is?

The world makes huge impressions upon our whole flesh and blood.

Our cells, organs and sex organs pass this along as seeds of future behaviour, seeds as critical as our own genetic seed. We pass this on through family and through the world as a whole.

This is a whole world system, one whose accurate description also serves as its definition or that of a cybernetic-industrial society or, as you probably know it, The World.

"gender is determined by xx or xy chromosones, ie science and your anatomy between your legs. LIBERALS are damaging the brains of our children with their ideology.  The liberals need to be  put into an insane asylum."

Eric Jilinski, Facebook

Also, this indication is as strong a plea for the resuscitation of a celestial biology that is married to an anatomically-accurate sexual philosophy or even theology, because what we currently suffer from is a piss poor corruption of both. Sex may not be all in our heads but sex is in our heads as well, in an adequate reflection of whole sexual development - meaning safety for a child's brain from conception - in a celestial philosophy where the voice of a child is actually included.

We biologically and socially pass on all the failure and successes and all the flesh and blood impressions thereof.

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