Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Lord of Nature - A Living Poetry

If our Ancestry is not in the very current and circuit of the Stars, it is nowhere at all to be found.

We consume and are consumed by the waters of our Heritage, of the Stars who are the Ancestors from whom we first learn of our birth everlasting. So we hunt with Them the flesh of the future and that of whole flesh and blood celestial biology immemorial. Such is the flesh and blood celestial story most seen by every inhabited land mass on Earth upon the very roof, festooning the crown and inscribed upon the Throne of the Home and Seven Sisters and Seven Snakes of the Seven Churches of the Seven Flames of Man the Mother and Mind of Man.

- How Love, a novel

There is a country in our hearts a freedom strong and true
To every creature of the stars and wilds in these far
Horizons of our flesh and blood as comes and goes into
These memories and waters working organs each of our
Coordination with the constellations in the sky, the Moon and Sun
Our Ancestors among the stars the waters all our flesh
And blood the hunters of the Bear or flesh of yet to come
The Heritage in whom we Stand so Strong and Proud a Sex
Whence every generation of the Heavens and the Earth
The organs of the Mind and of the Body interlaced
Horizons all our drawing out and being drawn the Words
Whose boundless substance and our substance long communicates
The stories even their inglories worst of all the loss
Our Native and our Natal tongue of flesh and blood Satanic as it was.

If thou resists capitulation to the Schools of War
Thou art much more intelligent than what these Schools allow
In all their Art and Thought, in aught their Greatest Knowledge formed
Upon the whole capitulation of its Human cow
Takes pleasure and some consolation in a special kind
Of blindness as an instrument with which to see the Earth
Each other by the Sacrifice each other to the Christ
Of all the Knowledge of the World the torture all the waters of thy birth
Hath introduced into the World of War with these or those
Who would continue to exert the substance of their will
A flesh and blood celestial as everything that Grows
From any loss of life the cross an living language living still
But still will yield its every field of influence to make
A home at war endurable as possible and give
Against the play of time and nature something of a brain
Of flesh and blood celestial biology with unimaginable patience just to live
If only in one's borrowed time or labour power o'er
A fugitive of Nature and an orphan of the Church
A kind of womb we never leave and always disabuse a child of to War
Which labours more than Mother, Man or Child must to learn
To speak as much as not to speak the freedom or the torture of our flesh
And blood to one another every organ, voice and torture Life and Death. 

A darkest day in Heaven when its temper soured on
The voice and story of its currents nerves of flesh and blood
Celestial Biology asserted what had gone
And carried off that continuity of family and love
Like waters of the deepest night a forest round about
With limbs that peered into the wyrd and wild of thine own
Tremendous roots in all that broods upon these waters stout
As creatures of supernal aspect in thy flesh and bone
Contractions ever passing pressure, pleasure, letter, limb
A Story Once upon a time whose firmament the Flood
That was become the doom of Man's own womb receded with
The lips of instruments of War cast o'er a Little One
Before the epics of her brain, her bark celestial fire
Consecrated by the Wizard and the Witch of Wood
And Star the Family in the Beginning of desire
Cider of the Stars of wells first spelled that Story Good
As Man in his and her pursuit a Science and a Craft
Which keeps its spells infernal hells a Wood and Wild People hath.

There lives a warmth that Nature's even coldest death conveys
To burn one Aeon from the next and to conceive the Childe
Of these seasons wholly passed like everlasting lays
That had for all the world escaped our grasp but in the Wild
Where the Gods of Old had taken roots with us and ours
Among the talking of the Dead and of the yet to Be
Inscribed upon the Tomb as was the Womb of human hearts
Which slept and trembled by the measures of their Family
Among the heavens or the embers of the world the growth
Or transformation with which all the world were taken up
A firmament of earth and heaven constellations know
And words of unreservèd richness living flesh and blood
The Wooded limbs of human winds of sticks and stones and moss
Which undergo the molten ingress of the very Doom
Of all Creation in its Nature Nature in its Gods
Who underwent their Death and Resurrection in the Womb
Of Spring and Winter hearths which splinter with the Stag and Bear
Casting their spirit shadows o'er these places then and there.

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