Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Creativity of Nature

I am like the black of the sea at night - I need creativity in my life.

So much so that I make creativity out of my life if I need to.

Nature were the making or creating of its Nature.

And whatever we make of the creativity of nature out of the creativity of nature, the creativity of life, of nature, is always the sexuality of life, of nature and all that we make of it.

Actually, this has to be true if anything can be true.

This has to be true for any Knowledge to be Sound.

"Hey. Listened intently to some of your vids. Very stimulating. If you understand Americanism to be a Religion then it is understandable that it has seen a kind of degradation of values and even of language, since the very language of America, as with all Religions, is very ambiguous. Try this idea: Treating your sense of the degradation increasing as though the reverse-degradation of your sense. It has always been this degraded. Don't let accelerated degradation blind you to the whole epic journey of that doom by every flag and science on earth. Because you will miss all the fun and all the real knowledge - our own." - Rayn


Public School Indoctrination

Jeff Bay

With all due respect im a student from public schools and the reason behind that is to keep the kids safe they don't want the armed person to know your in there it's also not public schools fault it's the procedure

Rayn Gryphon:

Your ability to rationalize this is exactly what she is talking about, people operating in a robotic fashion and thinking in a robotic and even hypnotic - religious - fashion due to the developmental equation of FEAR and Compliance.

I seriously want to punch people like you.  


I think you know what you have to do.

You answered your own question: "Why I send my kid to school."

These schools have absolutely no place in my children's lives.

But, then, I have worked very hard to disentangle myself from their Religions. 

If thou resists capitulation to the Schools of War
Thou art much more intelligent than what these Schools allow
In all their Art and Thought, in aught their Greatest Knowledge formed
Upon the whole capitulation of its Human cow
Takes pleasure and some consolation in a special kind
Of blindness as an instrument with which to see the Earth
Each other by the Sacrifice each other to the Christ
Of all the Knowledge of the World the torture all the waters of thy birth
Hath introduced into the World of War with these or those
Who would continue to exert the substance of their will
A flesh and blood celestial as everything that Grows
From any loss of life the cross an living language living still
But still will yield its every field of influence to make
A home at war endurable as possible and give
Against the play of time and nature something of a brain
Of flesh and blood celestial biology with unimaginable patience just to live
If only in one's borrowed time or labour power o'er
A fugitive of Nature and an orphan of the Church
A kind of womb we never leave and always disabuse a child of to War
Which labours more than Mother, Man or Child must to learn
To speak as much as not to speak the freedom or the torture of our flesh
And blood to one another every organ, voice and torture Life and Death.

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