Tuesday, 5 December 2017

That Rough Beast

Religion is the most visible sigh of catastrophic parental failure.

There are times when a circuit is closed in this world and the next, in life and death, in our celestial biology and our ability to pass on, through sex and language alike, all our flesh and blood inheritance in nature.

There are times when a circuit is closed - like east together with west - and we can come to truly understand that "rough Beast slouches toward Bethlehem, waiting to be born." [Yeats]

Staring into the distance can close this circuit in the mind, so can meditation upon or devotion to the principle or image of a scientific or religious guru; assuming of course that it is always a good thing to close these circuits or to close these circuits under the conditions that generally tend to dictate our closing of these circuits, whether or not these conditions meet the natural needs for prolonged total immersion in nature with vigorous retreat and stimulation of the mind and body. 

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