Saturday, 9 December 2017

Repression is King

Repression is a real thing.

It is so real, in fact, that it has rarely failed to intervene - first a little then a lot - in and even prevent my ready acquaintance with just about every single human animal whom I have ever encountered, either upon short or long association, all of whom think they are mentally healthier than I am, not to distinguish them very much from any psychopath whom I have ever known - and I have known a lot. Hence the quality of my research and my alarming deference to reason, observation and experience.

People tend to associate with other people according to the roles they play for one or more people in particular and for society in general.

If you know a police officer, then rarely does one forget that they are a police officer; the same goes for an actor or a banker, a madam or a garbage collector.

What I have found over many years of research - which is all I can do, passively, when people routinely collapse or have a seizure in the mind when tasked with the challenge of demonstrating an interest in someone whose role, toward them, is undefined or even need be - is that almost ALL human animals will lapse into repression - a kind of global seizure of anxiety or not - when faced with the challenge of interacting with someone whose role in their particular life or society as a whole is undefined or when, in particular, it threatens to go beyond that of validating their particular concept of themselves and their role in society.

This is learned or cultivated like wheat or cow manure at a young age. And because it is learned or cultivated at a young age by any household from the most to the least pleasant institutionalization of Man, it enjoys the better part of the brain's or the State's instruments of regulation of communication, reason and perception; it does so with holy impunity.

Believe it or not, what I have discovered is that, whether a police officer or a father, these roles are not well rooted in the human brains who carry them out; they are an Act, an Act of Parliament or Congress, of Church or Science or Hollywood that primarily means to follow the General order of Warfare to blight the roots of Man's mind as early and as completely as possible, to silence the Voice of Man. And the people who do this are Criminals. They are also our brothers and sisters the world over. So accountability is problematic. So people hate their leaders instead of their parents, their children instead of themselves. Smile. Because you just read about All History summed up in a single paragraph and you didn't even have to leave the comfort of your chair; but to make use of it you will have to leave the comfort of your conditioning; in deference to which you will feel very uncomfortable indeed and likely reverse accountability onto me or my "role," as you see it, in what you call your "society," your "hard work" and your "family values" hard won, are they not, from one kind of institutionalized living, talking, fucking and loving or another. If this were a zoo you would be given a reward of food. It is called a SUPER market. Go get it yourself, because you are the highest primate and can be taught to forage for your own food in special institutions for that purpose, all part of your "freedom." You think this is mean or uncharitable, but no more than your "society," which by all its laws and languages supreme thinks of you as nothing more than a PEST, whatever else you like to go on about the nobility of your fellow man while you follow the orders of the most successful Professional serial killers [and their "citizens" compliant or defiant] in human history and actually feel safe, successful and secure. It is not a wonder that penile dysfunction is the number one health issue of all armed and labour forces in the world; it is a wonder that any real man can get it up at all, much less find a willing receptacle for the seminal fluid and Holy Word of several thousand years of continual slaughter of the mind and all of its wild and natural bonds of flesh and blood, story and knowledge.

Take the retired chronically single overweight woman - the "cheery one" - who laps up months of my attention toward her growing and quite elaborate portfolio of sketches and illustrations of the local environment who, when confronted, after years, with the demand of paying some little attention to my own craft - suddenly gets flustered, runs out of time and has someone she must go to see immediately, Daddy.

Her father was abusive, distant. A soldier not a man.

She only wants to perform for him.

She has repressed everything else because, like my own work, it plays no useful role for her except to shut down every part of her brain that might labour under the illusion that the most soul-collapsing experiences of our society remained even nearly informative as to the health of that society as a whole and that person in particular. Abuse only informs, feeds or loves Roles. It never allows the human mind to grow.

Now multiply this same dynamic by every single acquaintance whom I have ever met in the local area where I live - and this over ten years. Multiply it by billions of soldiers.

I have a "friend" from college. I have dutifully followed her life abroad for many years - almost twenty years. When I am able to provoke her to write to me she has no trouble telling me about the various woes and ambitions of her life. In twenty years she has never once inquired about my life. The same goes for a half dozen other female and male friends whom I am thinking about right now.

These are not real friends, of course.

They are Actors, pretending to be friends with people.

The fact is that they are No More Friends with anyone else in their whole life than they are with me. The roles may change. The repression is the same.

And what this repression indicates is a catastrophic developmental arrest of the fundamental capacity to form relationships, for communication [which requires knowledge of or interest in the object of that communication, the lack of which I have supplied by "friends" for my adult life, if for no other reason than to acquire a working database of human pathology, which one must do in order to understand society outside of institutionalized learning and talking], for empathy and, by and large, for the entire we could say Animal project of getting to know one's whole environment.

Repression is King. 

And you have to dethrone the King if you wish to Know the Kingdom.

I have written over fifty large books.

For several years I have been writing an epic work of poetry based on over twenty years of research.

My closest friends do not know this or ask.

If I were "famous" they would be anxious to tell everybody, because then, of course, it would do them credit to do so; it would enhance their role or stature in the community. There are probably many well known artists who have occasion to reflect upon how many people whom they know really care about them - or CAN - and would be right to assume that that number is zilch.

Remember, they CANNOT.

Remember, this is conditioned into the brain stem.

People cannot help it. It might as well be shell shock.

In a war, people are only as important as the roles they play.

Everyone has to have a General around whom they rally. They might flatter themselves that they are a kind of General unto themselves, but they only pretend this in order to console themselves when the General - like the owner of a dog - is away or his or her orbit has taken them upon a more eccentric course away from their immediate advantage.

A new American President was recently elected.

Leaving aside the fact that elections are a farce, people have lapsed, as a group of hundreds of millions of people, into some little hatred of their new leader; this gives them power and stature in their community. For to hate Mr. Trump is to be Someone.

Love does not last. But Hate like that is forever.

And most of these people probably think that Love is the most important part of their lives, because this is what society and their own mental, sexual and emotional Repression dictates as much as any bat to the brain stem of an infant ever could. 

I myself get very lazy about talking to other people because I am so rarely afforded the opportunity to reflect upon the nature of my personal relationship and that of my whole family with my social and physical surroundings. What I find is that nobody speaks that language, not even and often especially even with years of advanced education and travel to foreign countries whose ever widening list never seems to include the country of their own cerebral cortex or any of its itinerant slaves and State regents, all of whom speak the same language, the language of the predator-victim, the slave-king, the master gland of Repression.

The language of society is the language of repression.

Repression has a History.

Repression is a Technology.

Repression is a Banking system.

Repression is a story, a language, a way of knowing, a way of loving your own children.

Repression is the effect of war, the primary effect and instrument of war.

It cauterizes the roots of the mind and sends it into an eccentric development that is not development that comes to loom as it will - as though the most exceptional development - over anyone whom it can gain any psychological advantage over. And it does this without even thinking.

If you listen to your fellow Man, you will hear many voices talking about their longing for something better; you will hear them making due with their lot in life and imagining themselves to be loved and lovable.

They are not.

You are not.

And certainly I am not.

This may sound like a dire proclamation, but it is no more dire than that of every day of our lives and every language of our technological society.

In fact, this might be the most God-like message through time and space in all the world - that you are not loved.

And so you better be smart or talented or pretty or a hard worker.

Please allow me to interject at this point the fact that this is entirely barbaric. But, then, when you hear about human history, did you ever get the impression that it was as prosaic as a child's brain might like?

Of course not. We labour under the manifold delusion that history confers advantages upon us. In fact, it never has; it confers advantages of Biblical orders upon organized warfare that speaks the language of Precision even when it is most imprecise, a sword in place of that of your Animal Voice as Man. I will give you that, because I know that your own parents did not give you that; you were abused as badly as anyone.

And this is humiliating.

It is abject.


It leaves one with nothing to say and nothing to do, with no useful grip upon knowledge or power or beauty - or love.

This is where I begin my every meditation on life and by so doing dispense with every kind of science and religion on Earth, all of which have equal utility to me or to Man and none of which function according to any mechanism but that of Repression.

The twin gods of the modern world are Stress and Repression.

And you have to pay tribute to these gods - usually by sacrificing your children and yourself to them - if you want anything at all from society. And you will not get anything even then. What you will get is a role to play that might afford you the never secure power to delude others into thinking that you are somebody who than think and feel in normal ways, in ways that are sufficiently interested - and can show it to a three year old - in your whole environment and that of your whole flesh and blood.

But that is taken from white people and red people, from black people and brown people, from yellow people and from little people all over the world. Anything that does not help to do that more efficiently is either illegal or uninteresting to people of any education or bearing on Earth.

But do not take my word for it.

See for yourself...  if you have the courage.

If not, don't tell me or my children about Knowledge or Freedom or Love. Those words are quite beyond your grasp and, if you have your way, along with multiplicative orders of mass human narcissistic psychopathy, will forever remain the province of Generals who would think nothing of torturing your child even better than you do with a smile on your face.

Repression works. 

Society is sick. Which is to say that the organs and instruments - which double as our organs - of communication are sick and have long suffered to be diverted, perverted and converted to instruments of war.

Do your best.

Because anyone who says they know what to do about it is broadcasting the beacon of light shared by all Religion and Science: "We know shit and only want to hurt you but we call this love and progress for kicks." 

However, Repression is not entirely successful.

It leaks.

And when it leaks out of the brain stem it leaks out as aggression in its myriad forms, not the least being the vapid insinuation of Church, Science and the State into the daily affair of our own flesh and blood congress.

Religion, Spirituality and Science deform the brain of a child and constitute the Genesis of Repression and Aggression that as well as chokes the child's voice out of all non-coerced options in life and society, so much so that these choices feel like her or his own kind of soldiering. 

For thousands of years, this is how we have made war.

Do you wish to arrest this process?

Are you a good person?

Do you care about your children?

Do you care that soldiers old and young will regale us with how bad a President is and yet know nothing, nor wish to, about human psychology, history or organized warfare?

Did you know that it is more positive to be positive than to admit any signs of cultural distress into your most beloved systems of organized repression of multiplicative orders of neuro-narcotic-hypnosis and torture who neurochemical response you are addicted to through a process better understood than the atom or an engine in one of our automobiles?

We killed over one billion non-combatants in the twentieth century, and our children think that, like the torture of God's Holy Son, this was entirely necessary and in so learning learn to play the role of the most abject victim and the most merciless God Gland that "loves man."

Do you want to find your child on Google Maps?

Then look no further than amidst the rubble and debris of tens of thousands of years of developing barbarism so sophisticated that only the doctors of war are qualified to listen to the screams of your children- and then, only to silence them more effectively.

A prominent Psychiatrist once told me that the whole purpose of psychiatric medicine and medicine as a whole was to cajole children to work, mate and remain repressed or depressed for the rest of their lives.

I would like to think of my Ancestors as brave and astute people.

But I do not see any evidence of their existence, except in my own flesh and blood. And so I raise my voice to high heaven and shake its very foundations with the lightening of my mind.

Nobody hears.

Nobody sees.

Wars come and go and come again.

Human genitalia are so poorly represented by what remains of the firmament of man's native celestial biology that the Head of a Grand Penis intervenes in all of the most critical financial and even sexual transactions of the entire world.

Now you know the name of your God, Repression.

I dare you to defy Him. 

"gender is determined by xx or xy chromosones, ie science and your anatomy between your legs. LIBERALS are damaging the brains of our children with their ideology.  The liberals need to be  put into an insane asylum."

Eric Jilinski, Facebook

Also, this indication is as strong a plea for the resuscitation of a celestial biology that is married to an anatomically-accurate sexual philosophy or even theology, because what we currently suffer from is a piss poor corruption of both. Sex may not be all in our heads but sex is in our heads as well, in an adequate reflection of whole sexual development - meaning safety for a child's brain from conception - in a celestial philosophy where the voice of a child is actually included.

We biologically and socially pass on all the failure and successes and all the flesh and blood impressions thereof. 

"Yes (trans children) they need to take these kids to psychiatrist."


Unfortunately, that is the last place you want to put a child whose respect one wishes to preserve.

The fact is that man has as a whole been presenting sterility and its attendant abnormal repression and aggression for as long as we have had organized warfare and its institutes of medicine and education.

If you want to make sweeping prescriptions for social problems, you have to assess the full extent of the problem, a basic human function roundly demented by all education since before the first world war. The pharmaceutical industry sprang out of both world wars and constitutes a Fourth Reich and a medical degree.

For as long as Jesus the Harry Potter of institutional repression has been controlling all representative sex organs (along with Jung and Freud, who were military researchers), people have lost full sexual function, including the ability to conceive a child and protect them from unnecessary stress.

All religion (Militarized cultural genocide) is a shining beacon of catastrophic parental failure that has been throwing our own young under the power of organized pedophilia for centuries.

A real Man, a real mother and father make their whole house sound and by the force and organ of their will, their mind and their sex cause that House to remain in order.

If you have done that, please share.

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