Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Repression - Fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil

"To repress or not to repress; that is the question."

We most suffer where we most suffer and most enjoy where we most enjoy our own pathological Repression and its every system of Government, War and Institutional Living.

My life has always become most difficult where I least listened to my own Anxiety, so accustomed was I and my brain to Repressing it and my own Voice, the Voice of my whole flesh and blood, regardless of whether or not it agreed or agrees with anyone.

For certain and without doubt that in a world whose success is most definitely not dependent upon and usually most hostile to our own well being and that of our children, growth from betraying the Repression we Enjoy for the Repression we most Suffer from will not agree with anyone.

I have also most benefited from listening to and making a space for my Anxiety and for all my Greatest Suffering in life, all of which exists, whether we like it or not, as understandable as our if qualified Repression of it - to be fair - in as much as Doctors have to train their whole mind upon the most morbid aspects of human life if they wish to Grow, suffer though their Medicine or Big Smoke must from its utter compatibility with and even Obedience to our own Institutional and Martial Repression and its exhaustion for profit of leaking Repression or Aggressive lapses in consistent comprehension and empathy. 

People under threat to them will cover they sexual organs on instinct.

That instinct should extend to and from our native flesh and blood celestial biology [that of family and body, word and birth], an function of life that is directly Threatened where it is most Protected, on however conflicting social as biological reflext, by Mass Repression and all of its systems of Government and Institutional living and thinking that colours all of our lives like Africa colours an Afrikan or the illimitable reaches of darkness its brightest candles of heaven or of hell, knowledge or war.

Called by some a great reprieve long last the end of school
Or church the words of Bank or Tank or Sacrifice supreme
Among the forces of Man's organs voices of the womb
No Moon or Sun or Star Man's Flesh and Blood shall ever come between

To be or not to be; repress or not the very cup
Of life and of the wild of the whole environment of Man
Who art together with the question of himself and of
His place in Mother Nature just as Holy as his Land
And thus his grip upon the lips of all that speaks his flesh
And blood the voice of one's celestial biology, one's birth
Innumerable letters causes and effects reports
Compatible or not with Gods of Heaven and the Earth
So many generations of whose Government or Mind
Were stipulated less by questions of the World's contempt than thine.


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