Saturday, 30 December 2017

Peace, Knowledge, Growth

May the power of our mind transcend the evil of this war torn world.

May we find the peace we seek so that the whole story of our flesh and blood is not completely riddled with misfortune, riddled as it is with all the misfortune of this war torn world, that we would not let slip that voice into the world and at once be more intelligent than anyone is led to believe it worthy being according to the fairly barbaric parameters of what they call their peace or liberty, or love. 

For if our love is not enough, then what do we have?

True Knowledge is what a Doctor should be schooled in.

And as its first or capital letter suggests, Knowledge should be like a tree with branches going toward the sky and into the earth, into our roots.

If there is too much fear in the flesh and blood of Man, Man becomes a predator, even of his own language, of his own voice and that of the very roots of his own flesh and blood.

If there is too much fear in the flesh and blood, then it will be categorically difficulty to give voice to it, for fear of reprisal or social isolation. To give voice to such a fear were to ceremoniously turn one's back to the predator of Man, to experience the torture of a child at even two months of life.

And it is no mere coincidence and extremely convincing of the proposition in question that the farther one moves away from society, the more fear one might be at liberty to give voice to.

All beliefs should have a sophisticated enough philosophy that of a peace or psychology which makes sufficiently adequate provision for a Knowledge comprehensive enough to allow the flesh and blood of our past, of our Ancestors, to sufficiently nourish our children. 

Otherwise, our brains will be dictated by fear and pain, the balance of our however natural institutionalized repression spread out through all human behaviour, thought or lack thereof. 

A belief system without a philosophy [all religion and science] will found its every therapeutic or cosmic model upon disintegrating the mind of Man so that the real cause or origins of pain and violence of current scales is never revealed, or even worth revealing.

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