Friday, 1 December 2017

More UFO Propaganda

Body Language: Tom Delonge

Rayn Gryphon

Mandy as you have pointed out mucho, the body will sing with a belief as well as with a memory [or memories through the lens of belief]; he is reading into what actual experience he had. Just do not think for one second there is any UFO reality, much less that this celebrity pansy ass is considered anything more than a low grade asset with shit for brains. Fame to Fundie in under three seconds. Look. It's a bird. It's a plane. It is the seminal fluid of centuries of mass buggery of Biblical proportions, speaking of which: Did Superman ever have to take a shit while he was flying? Nasty. Grid lock and Superman's shit on the windshield. "Honey, I told you, they don't say he is SUPER man for nuttin, my limp-dicked bastard of a husband, now get back out there and lick it off."

A psychopath or a religion does not so much need to lie to you as get you to lie to yourself.

Frankly, Mandy, as a passionate uncircumcised man of middling age, giving this hump more than one minute of my time is, if you will forgive the poetic license, gilding the lily. I dare say I fear that one can actually LOSE intelligence in the proximity of people who believe in Jesus, UFOs or Trickle Down Economics. Shit damn. Do Eunuchs have more fun? 

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Sydney Lynn It's creatures, not from space, from different dimensions. Advice: don't invite them, don't be interested in contact. They can't impose themselves on you unless you welcome them. Not kidding. Find out what repels them, only one thing does.

Rayn Gryphon

Yeah. Bullshit, obviously, in copious amounts.

Speaking of which,

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#267 DID JESUS EXIST?? Jordan Peterson and Lindsay Shepherd Guest | Louder With Crowder

Rayn Gryphon

At the risk of getting more Steven Crowder in my YouTube channel suggestion list, the answer is No. Now where do I get my chicken?

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