Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Man's Responsibility to Man

"The more new trails I allow myself to take through a forest, the more new trails I wish to take in life, added to which quality is the tendency to be a good bit more spontaneous and kind."

- Ancient Raynian Proverb

"People need to use their ancestral voice to tell their stories and not abdicate their voices to any religion.

"Rain must have its wind and winter its spring."

Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch and Warlock

"When in an alien land, the smartest person you know is the person who most speaks your own native language."

- Ancient Raynian Proverb

A Man must set his house in order.

And by the effort of his will, his whole mind, his native tongue and that of all his behaviour so cause his House to remain in Order indefinitely.

He must not yell or seek to cajole his children, so as to gain and retain their respect. Safety and Discipline is his Oat.

And may all our comfort be a light unto all men.

We as Man have made great strides in preserving the delicate biospheres that will attract animals to take their rest and restore themselves for their respective migrations for generations to come.

But we have made no effort, which is most illuminating, to make our natural spaces attractive to the laughter of our children, which constitute rivers without which our lands will lay barren and forlorn, swelling only with our tears and their beckoning joys for years and stories to come.

Man must, if it must preserve his child's and wife's respect, observe the first line of any and all books of knowledge: Do not subject thy child to unnecessary stress.

Religion of every Kind being the most visible sign of parental failure.

History touches us this most critical of lessons: that a brain if not a brain can be taught to actually enjoy pain.

That a brain will most ignore and incorporate into all kinds of torture and warfare the most dire circumstances in which it has ever found itself. 

- Fables and Fortunes

"Story Swap and Mischief Making" 

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