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Axiom 1100 - Medical Philosophy of Celestial Biology: Health and Modern Naturopathic Doctor

My Ancestral Family Tree of Knowledge has told me that in order to Grow, we need to deepen our roots, and that in every Tree lives another Tree, in every Life another Life. 

One will betray one of two people in one's life:

Oneself or Society.

Healing the Gut by HEALING the "Vagus Nerve"

Sally Gray


Hello, Dr. Sally Gray

This comment is, it must be owned from the beginning, an Indulgence.

Following find how I wish to take some considerable license afforded by your youtube page if not by your preference. So read at leisure, what have you.

This will be copied to my blog anyway, as it serves my person.

I am going to present a kind of limited and qualified rebuttal of some of your arguments, but this in itself is not to refute but to improve my own comprehension, which is what this whole comment is about.

I am doing this because your short presentation was so welcomed to listen to, for not the least reason that it was so stimulating and the best treatment of the therapeutic practice that I have seen in a good many years, not that I get out all that much, but you get my point.

Your mind seems to be working really well.

So that is a good recommendation for the content, how to get the mind to work better.

I can say this not because I "Know" your mind but because I am very familiar with the sickness of which you speak so compassionately [knowledgeably] and you have, for one, a broad and accurate estimation, in my opinion or all my observation in life, of the scale of human stress and its catastrophic influence over the mind of even our children, if not upon they and us most of all, since we were all children at one time and the mind, in its every tissue and vacuole, does not follow our cultural or calendrical social orders of time or space, such as it is or claims to be sufficiently well informed of its history to justify quelling the voices of its constituent human organs come good xian soldiers who cannot come very well at all but to spew the new seminal fluid and spores of social mores and stories which fall like a sword - inscribed with the words, "Thou better pay thy debt to society or else" through hells of only slightly less prevalence, diversity and uniformity than the psychopathy they divert every human biological and social organ in order to feed the food of blind dismissing of the mental, emotional and sexual stature of a true Human Being by birth - a sword that falls upon every flesh and blood objection of so foul a world for making as anatomically-inaccurate masses of people as possible and arrange them into a New Big Brick Dick for spreading the good news of Institutional living and how it "cures everything," including wanting to live free of delusional psychopathy the scales of which are unheard of by the worst excesses of the Roman Empire.

But you see the bent of my mind, such as it is, and such as I present with an acute case of parasympathetic vagus nerve "prominence" - I don't know what to call it. I think you call it unnecessary activation. I would call it unacceptable molestation, but I take a strong view.

The main point I wished to draw out was both my agreement and disagreement with how you present the provenance of not just the sickness of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems and symbols, really, but also the culture and even medical culture of it, so that this video becomes all the more necessary - to present some preliminary and foundational concepts as to the scale and nature of human disease, especially given how stress is the entire medium involved. As Marshal McLuhan said, "The message is the medium."

Dr. Arthur Janov cites the effects of stress on every hormonal and nervous system of a fetus after seven weeks - when it can remember pain without any means of protection or mitigation, with no voice but the capacity to incorporate it into the brain stem or what will become the brain stem and the very roots of our whole sexual development, respiration, blood pressure, stress-response, perception, memory, language etc.

I disagree that the vagus nerve is wrong to be so influential over the biometrics, in as much as you allude to this antiquated "sin" that "Mental Health" has been "treating" for decades: and that is that the "fight or flight" impulses of a given patient are "wrong."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have dealt with violent psychopaths since I was a kid born to them and throughout my professional career in research psychology and anthropology. None of even their behaviour is ever inappropriate or wrong. That is a total misapprehension of all illness.

The body's voices are never wrong.

This is the foundation of my clinical practice.

And, again, I am still very sick of civilization.

It is Healthy to be afraid of Man.

My body is afraid of all Mankind.

To be eaten by a bear would be better than being a human being today.

But we act as though this is not true.

And to base a clinical philosophy and practice upon the very idea that you should not show signs of chronic fear is not legitimate, no matter how rational you make it sound.

And you do make a sound argument that does not hinge, as I imply it does for the sake of my argument, on wronging the illness or the person suffering from it.

Yet you are emphatic to point out your professional opinion [and since you are a professional doctor I feel inclined to correct you] that stress-related illness is largely delusional.

"Not appropriate" to the circumstances and so forth.

If a child is raped at the age of three and gets cancer at a hundred and fifty, is that cancer "inappropriate?"

That cancer not only screams Rape, it also impugns the entire society, and all the more so how long it has taken that Stress to surface and become so unequivocal, to Leak, as it were, out of collective repressive systems of brain and State that create repressed fear and anger that is actually never out of place in such a society, only difficult to relate to others or even to ourselves.

Man murdered One Billion non-combatants in the last one hundred years.

The Spanish Flu, which took about fifty million, was created by the Military.


This is the most dangerous world it has EVER been.

And you, a trained professional who has "dealt with her issues" and has "personal awareness," are telling people that there is really no reason to be so stressed.

This is like taking a baby who is being murdered and telling it not to scream, that the scream is "out of place here, darling," let me show you how to stifle your own cries.

That is repugnant.

But, as you say, it is quite consistent with the level of stress in the world.

To inflate the proportions of threat is just as bad as dismissing them.

And, to be fair, nobody should be expected to know how or where to whom to place their stress, fear or anger.

Secondly, you miss one critical distinction in your therapeutic model:

There are two totally different types of reasoning - of training the roots of the brain in its most mammalian nerves and, words - that of the home and the factory.

Your reasoning is that of the functionary; it is to help people function better in and for society, a word you never actually define - does that mean working for Banks, the Military? Isn't that stressful? Isn't killing children stressful?

But society is killing us.

It has for thousands of years.

We are all still born and crib dead babies.

We will all die from our birth.

That is the curse of civilization.

But it gives us bridges and banks and YouTube.

Coffee anytime you want and the latest fashion in mental sufficiency, making the animal of mind think really well and yet really weakly since the first Institutions of worship, warring, learning and working.

Limp Dick is the Jesus Christ at the center of the gyre of History.

We hurt our roots and then leave them out of every therapeutic model.

Every individual is different. Yes. Every family is different.

And the next thing you missed was this - illness is always family illness.

The body, if not the doctor, is attempting to restore the health and grow the family.

That is the Law of Flesh and Blood Heritage and its total celestial biology.

To do this we must work with and learn the language of the Great Physician.

Go meet your Ancestors.

They will guide you in your already astoundingly good work.

If you have not already, please they and we invite you to spend a considerable amount if not MOST of your time in nature communing with the living School of your Mother's Nature, even and especially if such a practice takes you in many ways farther away from a Society itself so far away from honouring and dignifying our total and whole mind, feeling and sexuality by birth and by no other standard or measure but the pleasure of our Heathen Mothers and Fathers, who made their Home sound and used the Will of Man and of the Old Gods to cause it to remain sound for generations, to pass on the whole Language of Sexual and Mental Development. The entire culture used to be about this in all its temples and ceremonies. Now we have tortured that world and that Holy Body, our own and that of our own children.

We must stop doing this.

The Almighty Will and Body of Man says so.

Talk about your Mothers and Fathers.

Did they go to war?

Did they die from war? To WARK? Did they give their soul to the WARLD?

That must be given sacred attention if you would have any attention to give me or my family.

Everyone who cannot is a Psychopath by definition.

Thank you.

We went to war because we were stupid enough to confuse the Reason of the WORld with the Reason and Knowledge of the Home, one whose modern ECOlogy does not even rate it significant enough to even fucking mention and nor do you.

As a Satanic Witch, I devote my whole life to the Reason for my Home. Not for your Worldly Reason, which is only for and from war.

Stop war.

Then try being a doctor.

Give it twenty years. That is what it takes to be a witch in my Family Heritage. Then twenty more to be a Doctor or Family Minister.

Do not silence the Mind whose silence is so holy and deep with the Original pandemonium of life and death and growth. Such is the reasoning of the functionary, not the Home and Throne of Man's Will, which is far more considerable a God than any to Whom your mind has been trained to bow and get other vulnerable people to bow to especially because their minds are so vulnerable. Despicable. Shameful. Cowardly. Illegitimate as your own "medical" practice. Stand Strong and Proud in your Humanity and fight back the darkness with constellations of your own Satanic flesh and blood celestial biology whose utter rebellion - not capitulation - is the world's total perfection, its very Moon and Sun and Star, its roots and branches wide and far, its Creature, its Genesis, its Life...

Listen to it.

For until you Learn to Listen, you will never learn anything else but how to lead our children to the WARld, to the War Land instead of to the Happy Hunting Ground of our own flesh and blood celestial biology, story, voice and organs of Man and Nature, Mother and Child forever; such is a knowledge you will only ever learn in the Wild, one far less dangerous than the WORld that the WORld has never destroyed, only incorporated as though the only useful part of an apple were bloody stool we sent our children to school to learn all about how to work for more efficiently and with an even bigger smile upon their troubled brows and sexually-confused and totally abused and disoriented minds, which is why society works harder and harder, fights more and more, and gets more and more sick right up to the hilt - in parlance, parasympathetic and sympathetic anus, hence the origins of the idea of the Satan sticking a "pitchfork up your ass forever" - of its own brain function and sexual reproduction, its ways of working, learning and churching; our daily regimen how we train the brain to operate in a functionary way of reasoning, a way of reasoning that prohibits the voice of our native flesh and blood celestial biology and whole development the way the Bible prohibits any but the most painful of labours, that converted and perverted into global human sacrifice as a basic need and hunger of every human brain on Earth, one that demands the humiliation of the mind, emotions and sex of everyone we know in order to have any social standing or equilibrium whatsoever in the Military World Church of Every Branch of Knowledge on the Tree of Evolution/Death/Hyper-Sepsis/Pedophilia/Semitic-Torturing Judeo-Xianity/War and Peace.

Why do you think moving away from society is a bad thing?

If I moved away from an Abattoir of Biblical scales, is that a sign that I am sick? Or that my sickness is irrational?

Check your sanity.

Just because something that does not fit into your narrow and, forgive me, barbaric sense of social reward or prestige, or just because it looks like it might require you to actually grow, does not make it wrong. People wark their whole lives for a fucking lot less than the rewards of spending a little time to oneself to listen to one's Ancestors and what They think about our WORld. 

Finally, we coerce infant children to spend time in close and even closed proximity with strangers of all ages upon an wholly Institutional basis related to Organized Warfare. This is Barbaric. We call this "socializing" them.

This gives us very smart caged animals whose State-instituted "IQ" is totally correlated to the size of their house or what little relief is provided a child constantly squeezed into a social milieu only slightly less restrictive than their Mother's asshole, the natural contractions of our lives, lives that exist under the power of the wisdom that in every Tree lives another Tree, in every Life another Life before and after, in so saying illuminating and being illuminated by the Whole Mind of Man, the Will of Man, the Face of Man and of Man's whole flesh and blood celestial biology, every organ for the communication and not torture of LIFE.

In man, that spells disaster.

But do we listen? 

Stress exists for reasons that generally tend to defy or betray those of the Functionary who prescribes you rest, pay attention to the Stress the better to dismiss it and yourself as inappropriate and irrelevant instead of essential to coming to honour the reason that stress or that pain was repressed in the first place - war and, in turn, the reason for war, repression that we wish to defy instead of the functionary cults of war. We need to pay more attention to our stress and investigate where and why it is, what it says to us.

You, on the other hand, advocate paying more attention to it in order to better dismiss it, the utility of which is known to every soldier, psychopath and cult member the world over.

We dedicated our lives to war. 

That was wrong.

Stop doing that.

The effects were and are Catastrophic.

They will kill every one of us.

But before they do, we can perform the only truly heroic act of human history by listening to the voices of our Ancestors, even if and especially because doing so will never solve any problem on Earth; it will only help us appreciate its most voluble scale and nature, a voice that first shut down our brains upon conception, so utterly stressed out is every household on Earth. [Trying to solve the problems of civilization, of war, is what keeps us trapped in society at the expense of our First Society, that of our Birth Body to Body and Life to Life everlasting that has a whole language, a whole mind, of Man the Mother and Mind of Man.]

Be strong to the end.

And make your Ancestors your Friend, your Great Physician.

In as much as I impugn your profession I commend people to stop placing an unfair burden on doctors with our drug of choice: glorified repression and more repression for leaky repression the better to defy life and all the native systems of human existence.

[The good doctor deleted most of this comment within minutes of my publishing it to this video.] 

Anesthetized by birth leaves the infant Man isolated from their whole environment. Probably the most effective way [among many] to kill or "neutralize" the mother-child and Man-self bond and indeed every prospect of brain and sex development to a repressed aggressive cybernetic-industrial functionary.

So here you have it - no single medical or therapeutic model on Earth today has the least competent concern for the greatest hurts of your life.

"We have the Freudians to thank for the adherence to shock therapy. Freudians decided that delving deep into the unconscious would disintegrate the mind. They thus eliminated the most important way to rid patients of deep numbness: experiencing what caused it." Dr. Arthur Janov, Why You Get Sick and How You Get Well, 177, 166(eg)

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