Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Grow Your Mind in a Wild - A Living Temple

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence."

Henry David Thoreau

Loosely but noosely speaking, society generally tends to frown, among the utmost trifles, wiles and wonders it most frowns upon, excusing oneself from society, from the protection of organized Survival and War, the twin Stars Castor and Pollux or Romeo and Juliet of all of the commensurate Religions and Sciences or, in truth, pseudo-biological or cybernetic-industrial Instruments of Freedom and War, paying your way.

And yet, it is my understanding that this is precisely what one's flesh and blood will forever wish to do and be so dignified by an illustrious seclusion and a vigorous solitude among the wild places of this earth, there to learn in the old ways to truly Grow and Know the Mind's whole flesh and blood celestial biology and Ancestral Intelligence, to reconstitute one's Home, making its bones from all the woes of our Whole Flesh and Blood Story and to cause it by the force of one's whole will, mind and instinct to remain sound for untold generations to come.

Anything less is unacceptable.

There is a kind of Mind that lives by Satan by the Sea
Transporting every element extends into the Brain
Developing with all our Voice the Voices of Antiquity
Surviving gold horizons of the Body and Again
So long ago and far away forever in our midst
A Family a Forest and a Creature Language all our Own
To live, to love perchance to weep for all we keep these gifts
From dying on our lips with all our rhythms blood and bone
That Death itself and Sex itself and Speech itself conveyed
Transporting every Story o'er the ages and the deeps
To every path of Mind and Nature that this Voice would grace
This transformation all the richness of our families
We made our Peoples proud and strong, our Body long alert
Illumination Waves of Nature, of the Forest and the Church. 

If thou resists capitulation to the Schools of War
Thou art much more intelligent than what these Schools allow
In all their Art and Thought, in aught their Greatest Knowledge formed
Upon the whole capitulation of its Human cow
Takes pleasure and some consolation in a special kind
Of blindness as an instrument with which to see the Earth
Each other by the Sacrifice each other to the Christ
Of all the Knowledge of the World the torture all the waters of thy birth
Hath introduced into the World of War with these or those
Who would continue to exert the substance of their will
A flesh and blood celestial as everything that Grows
From any loss of life the cross an living language living still
But still will yield its every field of influence to make
A home at war endurable as possible and give
Against the play of time and nature something of a brain
Of flesh and blood celestial biology with unimaginable patience just to live
If only in one's borrowed time or labour power o'er
A fugitive of Nature and an orphan of the Church
A kind of womb we never leave and always disabuse a child of to War
Which labours more than Mother, Man or Child must to learn
To speak as much as not to speak the freedom or the torture of our flesh
And blood to one another every organ, voice and torture Life and Death.

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Rayn Gryphon

An expert is just somebody with pasties on their prefrontal lobes, squirting the most easily digestible gruel for an predictably delirious phalanx of supine but fiercely dedicated over achievers in mass social capitulation - which is an anatomically impossible act that is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

But on to other things, Mandy.

I am a voice language expert.

And I can tell that you nosh on a lot of tropical fruit in order to keep your electrolytes up for a vigorous regimen of kegels, binge Television and uninhibited autoerotic stimulation.

Am I right?

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