Sunday, 24 December 2017

Heathen Voices

Listen to our Heathen Voices bones of Old and Young
These living tomes of wild letters telling stories of so free
And wild People knew and know the holy Kingdom flesh and blood
Celestial Knowledge generations of our Family;
Read them now or from the ground the deepening of roots
In order for our fruits to grow our voices with the turn
Of seasons fruits were ne'er so sweet but as they gain and lose
Their intersection [Sun and Moon and Star's rebellion, orgy and reflection] the perfection Heaven and the Earth
The bitter cold of Winter and the birth of Spring these large
And little letters spell the world that cradled, Once, the Mind
Of Man whose Will cannot be broken that, alone, retards
Illimitable darkness constellations to a Child
Stories only forming o'er the vellum of the flesh
And blood that sleeps and wakes the lays of knowledge Life in Death.

Thou always hast an Holy Mother bleeds and smiles, yawns and growls with all the Earth
The song of aught our Fathers in the beating of Her heart
And Hers in His our first immersion all that lives and dies upon the birth
Of every breath and swallow Mother Man and Nature's hollow Star
The song the knowledge god and goddess closest and most dear
A richness living in the voice of Man and Child thee
Who art the Child of the Mind and Mother of the year
Whose Father is as troubled as the waters of the sea
Of all that we are born immersed these growing nerves of flesh
And blood impressions and confessions of the Body's whole
Celestial Biology of symbiotic animation whets
The hunt for all that is to come our flesh and blood is stole
One living for another living epics from the first
Conception of a voice that must make of its blood a Church
Of knowledge, voice and story, doubt and Animal devise
Commended to a better voice than Eve's and Adam's Paradise.

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