Monday, 11 December 2017

Axiom 1097 - Communications Mytho-Technology

All communications technology has a commensurate communications [religious] mythology and all religious mythology also serves as a perfectly functional communications technology; whether this technology or mythology retains a telling dearth or treasure trove of deference to the animation of by our whole flesh and blood is another story or, by turns, the most important Story there is, and all the more so if any communications technology or mythology insufficiently immortalizes that of the voice of our whole flesh and blood memory, voice and language, a conventional imperative of a cybernetic-industrial society [or Warfare].

Care proceeded like a stream out of an alpine fjord
The blossom of impenetrable lands of havoc, doom
Whose fortune bloomed in Man's misfortune like the xian Lord
A love that ripped our very children from their mother's womb
The armies of progressive evolution torture by divine
Decree that taught the bended knee to eat the sacrament
The flesh and blood of children gave the blood the holy wine
That ripened on the Tree of War and torture's covenant
A rainbow of Man's genitalia splayed upon a spike
Symbolic organs marshaled all the Labour all the Slaves
Whose voices chanted all the chorus of the Xian or the Kyke
Delivered by the God who robbed their parents of their names
Who drew the sword of all the Lord and Fortune from the flesh
And blood of such a holy throne of growth whose gods were dead.

Breath like Life in Death a Day as Pregnant as before
With all the seeds and fruits and leaves and stories speaking all at once
Upon a time that spanned a language Death and Being Born
As intimately rich with Life all through this Nature runs
From we began to call each other Mother, Father, Child
Through successive generations speaking blood and bone
Immersed from first inside the substance of itself so wild
Vigor as reports our voices organs, stories from of old
As animated as the gods and seraphim the search
That knowledge and that love that language on the very tip
Of all our tongues of Sun and Moon and Star, of Heaven and the Earth
The orgy of our sex and spirit season, stream and wind
A home as rugged and as warm a forest from so long
Ago a depth of flesh and blood and bone the whole of Once upon.


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