Sunday, 3 December 2017

Axiom 1096 - Black Mass

"It never ceases to surprise me at the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the introduction of useful knowledge."

- Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury, 19th century educator

"A Black Mass is come upon us, my brethren. Hear me when I say that You Say that if this does not take first place among all sources of illumination - in heaven and hell - then nothing ever will: That is that There are many things which are lost - whose loss we would grieve most sorely - that one can only get back by mourning."

- Rayn Gryphon, Satanic Witch

Cross the Holy Heart, the Mind
That Knowledge, Bliss, that Anodyne.

It is from the depth of our Holy Mind that we suffer most in a Cybernetic-industrial version of our First Society. 

For in the very depth of our Mind lay all the gravity of life.

There is no true knowledge without your voice.

And all that ever spoke of the truth of nature speaks to you also, and They to whom our Nature first spoke.

For true knowledge is aught of and lay within the very first most wonderful face - and skull - we ever looked up to.

For our Celestial mother and father are as large as our mother and father ever were to us; and They speak through all things of the language, knowledge and story of our Heritage and Celestial Biology; They show us their scale and that of our own flesh and blood by speaking through all creatures and elements, through the whole current of our whole sex, life and death unending, every organ of each were quite beyond and beside itself with all the sorrow, joy or rage we could have need of, the better to fully explore the Living Book of Growth and Regeneration of the molten electrochemistry of the crossing across the mind and heart of Man the Mother and Mind of Man's Celestial Biology.

And they say with all the ferocity and kindness of our own Mind and that of the Belly of Space and Time, of Change Corporeal and Divine altogether, "Learn the Language."

"I remember the days when your ownership of the land was only as strong as your relationship to the land, to your whole flesh and blood ancestral intelligence and celestial biology. Hail Satan!"

Somebody will feel the coldest living river and the rest
Among their brethren will content themselves to read about
The cries of Eagle and the river voices steal from Death's
Whole gravity the pressure the horizons sing and shout
With youth and age and troubled knaves and maidens roam among
The tops of trees and trails these that stoke the heathen rage
First set the world upon its course and called the Moon and Sun
And stars to watch over the hearts who roam about this place
Whose language and this language drew a Man out of himself
Much as the roots and fruits the seeds of many seeds beyond
A current first immersion this and all that this were spelled
Out of the voices of the past the stories Man forgot
To stand among the roots and powers of his blood and bone
This wild Wood where I hath stood and read the Book of Life
With every gulp of fear and pleasure Temple of the Home
Whose face from Once upon contained that knowledge like a knife
That cut the ribbons of the dawn the goddess of the stars
Such knowledge of the flesh and blood that hath become of ours.

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