Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Leaf

I saw a leaf turn in the breeze so like and unlike all
That hath the breath and blood of letters passing blood and bone
The circle crossing of the seasons in their Spring and Fall
Involved with all one art involved with nature's God or Growth
A child builds a bridge, a fort, a swing, a hovel or
The root foundation of her life these organs whom conceived
Of all the flesh and blood of Spring and Fall his being born
Immersed as any word of truth its living language sun and seed;
Some balk at such a god or linger in a soldier's pall,
Inspired by the suffering of others whom they hold
In quite so bold and bright contempt as rendered Celtic Gaul
Unto the Roman people who would give their captive children home,
As made a grave for every shade and season still would keep
A language that could cross from death to life and thus sustain
The breath of one whose very flesh and blood could make a leaf
To form a picture of a growing life that had a brain
With all the age and youth of nature passing through our flesh
And blood delivered up one kind of child to the next.

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