Monday, 27 November 2017

The Holy Book

We come from trees. 

That is why so many war gods and war concepts make liberal use of them in order to torture Man's whole flesh and blood, from the book of Genesis to Apple Technology and from Buddhism to Evolution.

And any god or story that does not dwell among them is not long for this world, unless it feasts upon them more voraciously than might all the wars feed upon these lands and these hands in order to better corrupt the voices [and so effective brain capacity] of our flesh and blood.

How little irony or how much irony were integral to the fact that we still can almost completely say that we wholly rely - as was - upon the flesh and blood of trees and forest dwelling creatures in order to derive, as well we may, the substance upon which we scribble all of our most important communications - namely, literature - whilst trees themselves and the kingdom of creatures and seasons which revolve around and under the very impulse of all of the most important forces, stories and organs of all living existence are fully capable of reading or dissembling all of the human lives that pass - each current and their ocean - around them and all the more so the more we have come to rely upon them?

Our greatest Book, whatever our level of education or erudition, will always be our reading of our lives, the tablature and vernacular of every dimension and transformation of our lives and that of any surviving capacity for the language of our own celestial [intra-dimensional] flesh and blood a thunderous confluence of the meaning and force - or moment of the transport of the past to the future and the future to the past - of our lives, a logic, language and living impulse which crosses the threshold of Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Past and Future, Here and Hereafter, Life and Death, Winter and Spring, Action and Reflection, Sorrow and Joy, Man and Woman, Mother and Father and Child, a language and living impulse that crosses the threshold between language and desire, knowledge and story, body and mind, self and other [or of no other and none other], ancestor and god, health and disease, richness and poverty and, of course, violence and healing, transformation and growth, beginning and end, of loss [of body or life or love, of shelter or wealth or health, of pain or joy or of grief or happiness] and universal regeneration of bonds of celestial biology which have acquitted themselves all the more admirably all the more torture and war beaten into however many successive generations of all surviving industry so roundly diverted to war against and torture of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers throughout all of the most vulnerable if fertile epics of their lives, the perversion of every organ and voice of which spoke rather as resoundingly of the native stature and personal responsibility, of the native inheritance and power of Man across a range of logic and virtue that quite dwarfs the most elaborate fictions of the wisdom of our self-proclaimed experts on things predicated on the silencing of a voice without which no man can even be nearly competent, except under the multiplicative delusions and dislocation of the brain [or native way of life, sex and language] of all Mankind and all his concepts of illumination.

The only even remotely credible reading of the entire purpose and effect of extant human History [and religion and spirituality] is the grooming of human families [and their natural impulses, tastes, propensities, sympathies and affections] for organized industrial warfare with impunity. Nothing about human history is family oriented. Rather, it is a story of and for the progressive loss of our native coordination of sex and communication, of the faculties and liberties necessary to preserve the bonds of blood from the gods of war, all of whom insinuate themselves into the bonds of blood by grooming the as though imperative necessity to gain surrogate families through belief-based tribalism divorced of all surviving deference to the organs and voices of our conception, celestial biology or ancestral intelligence. Xianity is the head of the anal spear.

The purpose of all Religion, Science and Government [which are the same uniform military code and whole purpose] is to defame the family, to make the family a place so inhospitable to the communication of useful wisdom or nourishment as to make any other social inclusion, however painful, the apotheosis of freedom by comparison. War is a success.

The "gods" in this sense are populated by the exponentially increasing range of human epidemics that are consigned to "the fates." e.g. Sterility, Autism, Psychopathy, Collusion and Humiliation of industrial scales that bleed into "How Life Is" or "Should be," any question of which by any surviving claims to native human biology were antiquated at best. 

"Yes. That was awful. But it made me a better [father, soldier, worker...]"

Myth constitutes an order of story and logic [of an orientation to the moment and sequence of time and space] that transports - absent any of the substance of - the power of intelligence and nourishment, grooming and exploiting a pseudo-amniotic [or saturated] social and celestial space where people are routinely forced, during their most formative years, to be compelled to seek every opportunity to exert, in the name of their idea of peace, success or love, psychological and physical advantage over vulnerable people - victim predators the world over.

Most of what occupies the most important coordinates of anyone of any education or religion in a cybernetic-industrial society is little more than a septic network of military-grade mythology whose greatest utility is in grooming and exploiting, at every order of wealth or education, little more than imbecilic psychopaths whose hive pathology dwarfs any of their other more laudable qualities, if one can reasonable call them laudable.

One might be inclined to think this abhorrent to society or even unflattering to it; fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

The spirit of the Aeon and the substance of the mind's
Accommodation, as a rule, the faculties of war
Convert a human family into a sacrifice
Of every organ the coordination all our being born
A torture Man's Celestial Biology the vault
Knit strong as iron flesh and blood communication strewn
The ages veneration the celestial the salt
Of all that makes a ready answer wan or vein abuse
Contractions of the Earth and Sky, of pleasures, letters, pains
Like thunder to the flesh and bone the forest and the hearth
The fire of the leaves and voices organs of the brain's
Own isomorphic simulacrum for the virgin waters of the stars
And Seasons wave on wave the living impulse Day and Night
A creature all the creature of the Heavens and the Earth
Incorporated by the forest faery Mab's delight
The sons of thunder daughters all the Waters of the Universe
That mushroom all the fields of war upon the sacred womb of lands
Contractions epic upon epic texts the flesh and blood of Man's.

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