Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Divine Inventory Control

The good news about civilization is that if one or two people share your opinion and these people are not your family then you are probably a total moron.

What does it say about our society that you only need the intellect of a twelve year old to get the most out of all news and entertainment?

Only the most Paranoid, Courageous and Observant will ever see the world "As it is," as the Bhagavad Gita might say - as an elaborate game reserve.

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Re: "More people in our downtown please" Nov 9 2017

Town planning cannot be adequately treated by a single editorial, but I would like to address the almost maudlin inferences made by the author in question.

The use of "NIMBY" pejorative lingo telegraphs an orthodox opinion (quite in keeping with the object of the pejorative characterization) and serves to smuggle in the unspoken premise that "People do not know what is good for them."

There is a fine line between discussing community planning and touting a pejorative dialectic that would attempt or have the even unintentional effect of constraining community dialogue to arbitrating as a parent would for what people should do or else.

This is quite in keeping with the Delphi method used by ICLEI to manufacture social consent in local community planning all over the jurisdiction of U.N. Agenda 21, including the censure of dissent as backwards thinking at best and anti-social at worst.

There are a complex range of reasons why housing thrives or fails, not the least being the whole range of demands placed upon families the world over, including a steady diet of Global Warming fear porn about as scientific as Star Trek or Deuteronomy.

"We wonder if the message has filtered down to the average islander."

Who is this We? What is "the message?" Planning how people will live on Vancouver Island is The Message? What church is that?

We will see more multi-use merchant and housing apartments (even by eminent domain over "decaying downtowns") not because the way to plan human society has been solved by The Message but because that is what the U.N. wants.

I am happy with whatever happens, but do not tell me you or any number of my fellow animals has figured out the veritable New Zion of community planning, much of whose propaganda is hell bent on demonizing the rural farm community in order to "preserve natural habitats" for industrial-grade increased advantage over increasingly over worked, over stressed and undereducated human mice, every effect of which will invariably be extracted from their own flesh and blood mind and environment, not to deviate very far from every religious and corporate fiction from which we are historically saved and depraved for our own sake.

Last I checked, density housing has never "encouraged people to get out and meet their neighbours."

If you are going to publish material of a religious nature, please advise your readers or cite credible facts and statistics that would be sufficient for anyone but a parochial five year old.

As always, thank you.

Rayn Gryphon



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