Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sodomy of All Mankind

It is a beauteous Evening. 

And all our Ancestors take council among the Stars. 

All of our every voice were wholly incorporated by Nature.

The smartest child in the world does not await, expect or even very much desire [quite the opposite] the accolades of the world; in fact, he cannot be the smartest child in the world [himself] if and however much he does rely upon any understanding of his mind. 

What is the nature of our Mind? 

Because what we think of the realm of the stars is what we think of our Mind. A galaxy is only a galaxy to the degree that it is a galaxy in our Mind, if that, as the going on hundred year war and storm that began with the advent of the twentieth century, a storm and a war that passes across the Jovian landscape without surcease, the real Big Bang of the first most well-heeled desire to humiliate and torture Man's celestial biology, infinitesimal seconds after which religion, itself, was born. 

Martial law is all law and religion, finance and science, media and entertainment. When the world as it is today was just a twinkle in the eye of Saron, religion itself was born and makes all people its soldiers from as though the smallest increments of time after the "Big Bang." The world lives as though ready for war at any time. Think how many people are even better prepared for war than those who celebrated the advent of the last hundred years of warfare with the expenditure of thousands of tons of ammunition upon hundreds of millions of unarmed combatants. And the Jovian storm rolls on beneath planets themselves which bear the curse of Man for all to see for all they peered into the reaches of their brain's ancestral biology and were struck dumb with fear and knowledge alike would wrest the thunder of Zeus from the voices of our own flesh and blood incorporated into every measure of heaven and earth, every gravity, pressure and contraction of a celestial biology in our own richest living creative intelligence.

Imagine Eloah, Satan [the Bull and Bible] or Allah sodomizing the Virgin Mother and ejaculating Jesus Christ and Buddha.

Christianity and Americanism is the seminal fluid of the penultimate sodomy of all Mankind and that of any but the most painful contractions of our whole flesh and blood.

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