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Satanism and Xianity

The good news about civilization is that if one or two people share your opinion and these people are not your family then you are probably a total moron.

What does it say about our society that you only need the intellect of a twelve year old to get the most out of all news and entertainment?

Only the most Paranoid, Courageous and Observant will ever see the world "As it is," as the Bhagavad Gita might say - as an elaborate game reserve.

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War in Memorial: Child Sacrifice

Luciferi Baphomet

“O’ Hail you Lucifer. The greatest teacher ever known and the greatest of them all.
The most beautiful of them all. The one who is the Light, the Truth, and the Liberator.
I hail you Lucifer, the one who I call my Liberator.
You Lucifer, are filled with truth and light.”

Rayn Gryphon‏

Sounds more like xianity than Satanism.

Luciferi Baphomet

Not exactly.
Lucifer is the Light, the truth, and the Liberator. He is the one who frees us from God's slavery. God only desires Worship and Power.
Abrahamic religions are barbaric. The one that is mostly barbaric is christianity.

Rayn Gryphon‏

Satan or Sat-Anna literally means truth in every sense. It is the definition of that word. Vedanta and Satanism are the same. God and Satan share same etymology.

""""Sin" is not real. Sin is just  a way to control the jesus followers. Sin is pretty much in their minds.""""

Rayn Gryphon‏

Sin means the Moon. Christ is a moon god, a sex god, and a throwback to the Aristotelian Magisterium. Christ a Fungus and Sin is a critical dimension of electro-biology or alchemy.

Lucifer or the Morning Star makes a Pentagon with earth and moon orbits. Study more.

History of world is history of words. Friedrich Nietzsche

""What you say is nonsense."'"

Another of the religious. 


Americanism the Religion

Burt Fleming

Thank you for your perspectives. I am curious though how these views differ from a purely materialistic or scientific worldview  where nothing exists solely based on the ability to confirm or deny its existence. I do however think the term "spirtuality" is somewhat of a misnomer or at the very least overused and misrepresented as it should be. However, with the fact standing that we actually know very little about things I do not trust anyone who claims to know very much. Doesn't this fact on the other hand lend credence to parameters that are beyond are senses? I think so. To say there is nothing that cannot be experienced beyond the physical self is to me what people are saying when they claim there is no soul, etc. Again, the fact that we know so little and our range of perception so severely limited is enough for me to say "I don't know". This is true salvation because saying you do know is always going to be a lie.

Rayn Gryphon

Burt Fleming There are a whole crap ton of lies and lives between true and true salvation.

Your mind is weak.

Strengthen it.

Burt Fleming

If there is anything close to true it would be close enough to salvation. My mind is stronger and healthier than most so I'm fine with that. If you are making a blanket statement that everyone's mind is weak and needs to be made stronger I agree. If you are saying your mind is stronger than mine, then you are an idiot and obviously want to "hear what people have to say" because you want to add that information to your own personal enigma instead of actually having a conversation. Which is it?

Rayn Gryphon

My three year old could give two pip shits about your truth or your salvation. Those are fighting words in my kingdom. I am true to my flesh blood you Xian fuck wad.

Comment from

Stefan Molyneux on Abusive Parents, Atheism, and ‘Cult’ Criticism (Pt. 1)

Rayn Gryphon

The only reason I clicked on this is how freaky these guys are. "Not to put things in such lofty categories."

Love it. 

Stefan is the Internet's answer to academic has beens and never weres who swerve like a Boss like Goofy driving a Porsche 911 with a narcissistic psychosis into a staph-infected pile of first year papers on the history of my big verbal dick and the pocket pussy that was my mother.

The only thing this jerk likes more than a camera pointed at him is using it like his own personal colostomy bag as it bloats with swollen but strangely rational-sounding pride with the added contribution of the douche of a million douche bags he haughtily calls his fans, voices in the dark kept at bay by the protruding mandibles of an iron age stodge with an East Coast education that he took as a suppository some time in the early eighties and is only just passing matriculation in Moving Bullshit From Here to There, the intellectual and philosophical heavy lifting cunningly deferred to some bygone Socratic Prophylactic that will, in one bold feat of Herculean courage in publishing, turn scatological musings on the relative merits of an ethical system based on purely voluntary aka cult labour to degrees of farcical extrapolation and interpolation that might be termed necrophilia, considering how much the corpse of historical philosophy has been passed around at Hell's After Party [a patter that even Marx could not have exclaimed without his head shriveling back into a steaming lump of dead foreskin] into an unending retinue of mollycoddling, paternalistic matricidal dalliances with reason the likes of which the world has not seen since Nero had Graceland made in his image and outtakes from A Mr. Clean-Looking Sophist Does Dallas complete with bellicose stanzas from the love child of Robert Louis Stevenson and an Oncologist from The Walking Dead.

Stefan Molyneux on Race and IQ (Pt. 2)


he isn't a scientist, he is a guy that attribute almost everything to IQ when it is a black or brown person but whenever a white or Asian person does something wrong then he attributes it to upbringing or women.

Hugo Vendetta

Well, to be fair, the methodology used might be biased or wrong. For instance, I  read a few years ago that some of those IQ test were applied in English not in the native language of the person. So, that would clearly affect the results.

Moreover, I have been reading lately how wealth, child care and early education affect intelectual development—check Esping-Andersen and Bruno Palier's book on the subject, although I am not sure if there is an English version. So, assuming the validity of IQ test to measure intelligence—which has also been contested, then we need to consider other elements into the measurement of intelligence.


Rayn Gryphon

Both of these men use powerful words. These are certainly two very sophisticated gentlemen in so much as the military cults have a place for them of no little significance and value.

Add to this Fact if anything they sing in unison is a Fact that both of these gentlemen have confessed to no little ignorance of the subject of IQ. And I dare say I am not very much inclined to disagree with them.

Shall I continue?

21:50 "We either use Reason or we use Force."

And are we to believe that these two organs - reason and force - are completely different?

If Reason is Better than Force then is it not more Forceful?

And is that more Forceful Reason by way of Reason and no Force at all that much more Reasonable?

I have a lot of trouble with this statement, and so should you.

I am very concerned in this pattern of academically institutionally autistic middle aged white men of Jewish - Roman Fascist - descent by birth or indoctrination telling us what to think and how to think and, to add insult to injuries their brains speak volubly about if they offer any true brilliance we can use, using these natural components of human social communication - the ability to exert the force and instinct of our mind, of our whole flesh and blood - in such a way as to smuggle in a pattern orthodox of what their words - even for science and facts - actually do or do not signify as to the whole range of the force of the human brain and its invariable lapses in adequate provision for how their own brains have been made to "feel" under conditions so very much like and unlike the ones they invariably prescribe, though for all our and their survival, for the rest of the world, complete with pyramids and charts with people with fancy letters after their name, some of whom might actually shit right every day.

To speak about intelligence is to delve into the most dizzying and complex nervous tissues of social and biological psychology of truly Biblical as Historical and Military organs and proportions for communication and regulating a certain kind of global "current." The Military is for regulating communication, the primary function of cellular life and so the most critical intelligence like an whole celestial neuro vascular spine and brain and brain fluid to all human existence, to all intelligence.

And in this cultural "process" - since it is effectively natural - words play a critical role.

Words have a Current.

And that Current is Mind Altering the way culture is set up.

The Mind or human Society has not always been that way.

And we have never ceased to suffer from this loss.

And so anyone who makes very definite claims about their "gods of knowledge" when it comes to human IQ - largely a measure of the size of your house -  is a psychopath, a soldier, a priest or just anyone who actually believes that working for a living has greatly improved the living conditions of our children.

This video would be better and more aptly named,

Two Judaic Eugenicists Give A Socratic "Debate" About How To Divide Up Your Family Horizon of Celestial Biology and Make It Look Like a Mint for Everybody if They Would Only Just Admit That They Are Debt Sinners Who Lack the Mere Intelligence to Fight Back and Why Bother? You Are Only Fighting Mommy and Daddy Science Who Looooooove Yoouuuuu Gooooog Goooo....

Psychopaths are really smart and really stupid; so are priests, teachers and soldiers. What is intelligence?

#Wishing I had the faith of millions of scientists who can account for military assault upon and regulation of all organs of communication and intelligence.

Good thing Xmas is coming up, so we can all gather round the Yule (human sacrifice) log of hard won human wisdom. 

Evolution is a Fact, Man Landed on the Moon and... IQ is something Sciences can measure correcting for military-grade mass human stupidity as an amniotic neuro-vascular congenital and developmental carrier wave for the Survival of all subsequent terra-formed aka tortured metrics of peace, knowledge, god, love, hate and, yes, Intelligence! Wow. "The message is the medium" and "Jesus loves you. Go to school and pay your taxes. Because we've got evil and ignorance by birth on the run. Not only that, we have them eating out of our chlamydia-infested Virgin Cunts as they spew forth religion after religion like widgets in a dildo factory." All of this is written in the one book nobody will read in order to have any standing, love, money or forgiveness whatsoever, the Encyclopedia of their whole flesh and blood, the whole language or celestial biology of the past without which one cannot be in any very competent possession of one's own or one's whole mind, one's relationship to one's whole environment.


Welcome to Rayn's School of Celestial Biology.

All it will cost you is your dick, your balls and your uterus. These will be confiscated on your first day of school and hoisted to the ceiling in the Grand Hall of Enlightenment. Because we have lost control of them and so must learn to be worthy of them, since we are the only species who can have and lose control of our whole language of sexual reproduction. 

Please line up to the left. Those of you who would quibble over which is left and right move to the front of the line. 

Dick Please. 

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War in Memorial: Child Sacrifice

NASA's fakery and lies [none of which means the earth is flat]

Rayn Gryphon

The only thing really weird here is that you get out of all this religious nonsense and then fall for the flat earth psy op for containing all this good Intel in a pile of rat shit that you can smell from Jupiter.

"[Edmund] Spenser designed his poem as a wheel, in which the action, instead of following in a simple line, rays out from its center and Gloriana's court, and then, in some way not arrived at by the poem, returns to that center again. The "Faerie Queene" [c. 1590] is a game played upon a wheel-shaped board, with each knight advancing or retreating along its spokes according to the cast of the dice announced in successive stanzas. Arthur appears to travel in a circle around the rim. Although he is supposed to be in search of the Faerie Queene, from whose court each of the other knights has come, he neither asks nor receives directions. The circular movement itself is a way of getting there. Ariosto saw his poem as a web woven by the artist who finds the most compelling reason for life in the pleasure that he takes in his control over the story which so aggressively refuses a simple chronological line, but weaves in and out with the greatest, almost perverse, complexity imaginable.

"The alternating viewpoint with which one is permitted to look at epic - the trompe-l'œil patterning - trains the mind and eye for the reintegration of the apparent opposites of action and contemplation. It works like a perspective picture of the interchanging patterns of figure and ground. We can neither stay with the story nor rest in the pattern; the story is not only an account of progress toward a goal, nor is the pattern a static rendering of experience. The story undercuts the value of action; the pattern is made up of unceasing motion. The ideal life of man, in which action and thought, body and soul, are integral with one another, is being restored, or achieved, by the demand that the poem makes upon the reader. As with immortality, by giving up the false contemplation represented by the Bower of Bliss, man learns true contemplation by immersing himself in the active pattern of life."

Milton and His Epic Tradition, Joan Malory Webber, University of Washington Press, 1979, Part II, "The Tradition," Page 93 - 9

"I have been looking at the epic in terms of a number of suppositions that deeply occupy the human mind. Every epic is built on some basic assumptions about the nature of reality - that consciousness emerges out of an encompassing source which in varying degrees inhibits, threatens, or nourishes it; that a person cannot be recognizably human unless he differentiates himself from that source, but separation involves awareness of death. Epic characters and epic poets have tasks to accomplish within the context of a given society, but the poem is more subversive of its society than has been ordinarily believed: the hero's task is performed and his society is accepted because there is no other, but it is always clear that neither the culture nor its preservation is as important as self-conflict and self-knowledge. The real task is to accept one's own mortality, and then to transcend it, avoiding those illusive havens which seem to offer shelter form a hopeless world. The hero's education through art, through human relationships, and through contemplation teaches him to surpass awareness by means of awareness. [my emphasis] Assuming consciousness to be a given and life worthwhile, epic suggests patterns of reconciliation enabling opposites to recover wholeness in one another and life to be affirmed by means of death, in a momentary transcendence."

Milton and His Epic Tradition, Joan Malory Webber, University of Washington Press, 1979, Part II, "Paradise Lost," Page 103-104

God is Growth and Growth is God.

Everything in life is always returning to where it came from.

The past is always with us and forms the substrate or substance of every system and organ, every impression and propensity of all causes and all effects at a developmental, terrestrial and celestial level epics across every hour or horus of every ray or age of nature or Roman social engineering [Roman numerals of a clock are all designed to accent their radial or vertical stature though emerging, themselves, from a central Sun or Sun cult], the cults or organs of whom will generally tend to find no little confluence, owing to the power of both Roman torture and our own whole mind, our whole flesh and blood native tongue's place in nature and in all the stories of nature written in the Book of Life. 

Time is the substance of our own celestial biology as Man the Mother and the Mind. And knowing that living history is the foundation of all knowing. Knowledge that prohibits this history [this is what all church, science and war is for] can only provide social utility of Biblical scales of however glamorous torture as a new survival reflex shared by billions of constituent human organs and soldiers of, come war or labour, mass human sacrifice who effect, at a very sophisticated, scientific if barbaric level, is to render a child powerless to even articulate their terror and sorrow, especially since they will learn full well that it will not be met kindly by literally any human being on Earth, all of whom are psychopaths or might as well be in order to gain any social reward or stature whatsoever. Artifacts of this total social genocide of truly and only truly Biblical proportions are littered throughout human society and double as competing beacons of global freedom, progress or salvation. The Bible or the Koran were by no means the most recent incarnation of total warfare, as a way of life, upon our children and elderly.

Just learned from a German historian that Hitler lived to old age in Argentina and passed his "seminal" Semitic seed onto Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Hebrews stole and perverted the very notion of being Semitic. And we who continue to do so are no better than they. Claim your heathen flesh and blood celestial biology for it is the fucking flaming sylvan sword of every organ, voice and story of our whole mind.

"A child is distressed and unhappy. He conveys this to his mother by complaining about something. She points out to him that "it's a beautiful day" and tells him to stop complaining. Perhaps she reminds him how good his life is compared to how it would be if he were crippled or if he were a starving child in Africa. If he is told these things often enough and sees that if he stops complaining, his mother treats him more kindly, the child learns not to complain or even let his face reveal that he's suffering inside. He shuts down, aided by his gating system. Eventually, what he thinks has little or no relation to what he feels deep down.

"When someone has experienced trauma early in life, such as being ignored continuously be his parents, or even abandoned, normally there is an external manifestation of this feeling: the facial grimace, the gesture of supplication, the agonized cry. There is also an internal manifestation, the wound of "Mommy doesn't love me." Together, they form a complete reaction to the event. But if the pain is too great, something strange happens: It turns into no pain. There is an amount of pain above which agony decreases, an intolerable level that sets repression in motion. Reactivity diminishes and pain abates. The feeling goes into storage. There is no longer a grimace, or a cry for help. There may even be a happy, bubbly air. The person is in agony but doesn't know it. The lover levels "know" but they're not telling. Any aspect of feeling can be locked away by repression. The facial expression, the affect, the idea of it - all can be disconnected from the feeling itself."

Why You Get Sick And How You Get Well, Dr. Arthur Janov, Chapter Nine, "Leaky Gates: When Repression Fails,", Page 97

"According to Paul Maclean of the Laboratory of Brain Evolution in Poolesville, Maryland, human beings have a "triune brain" [Dr. Stanilav Grof calls this the "Holotropic Mind"] made up of three elements: a reptilian brain, the [primarily] brainstem structure we share with reptiles; the paleo-mammalian brain, or limbic system, which we have in common with other mammals; and the mammalian brain, or neocortex. These three brains operate like interconnected computers, each with its own special function and memory that define three distinct levels of consciousness which have become a cornerstone to the diagnosis, prognosis, and access to feelings in primal therapy.

"What each of these three brains does and how they interact are fundamental to understanding neurosis:

1. The first brain level to evolve [or so the author proposes - I do not think evolution is the only religious genesis story, share is it does in overly aggressive coordinates of proportions only truly understood by a child is a mother's womb and through every successive epic and dimension of our perpetual perennation], which I call the first-line consciousness, is the instinctive level. Largely located inn the brainstem and hypothalamus, it regulates vital functions.

2. The limbic system is the seat of the emotional second-line consciousness, where our feelings reside. It is mediated by the brain's limbic system and temporal lobe [the temporal lobe is the most likely origin of the "voice of God" of the echoes of our whole ecosystem or ancestral flesh and blood celestial biology and that of the seasonal and eminently sexual current of every limb of sun and moon and star].

3. On the third-line or cortical level, we reason and develop ideas, integrating the input from the two lower levels, providing the meaning of experience.

"The development of each level of consciousness mirrors the evolutionary development of our species [this is called the Theory of Recapitulation or the idea that "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" - a prime neurolinguistic hack, plank or even definition of the religion of evolution and a fraudulent theory touted by Ernst Haeckel]. Just as hundreds of millions of years [the Hindu religion of ancestral history often touts "millions and millions of years of evolution" as well] elapsed between the evolution of the first line and the arrival of the thinking cortex [we only ever observe this in the human fetus], a person's development of first-line consciousness far predates the time when his neocortex begins to function. This helps explain how we can experience trauma before we have words to describe what happened, and how it's possible for us to be "unconscious" of memories that affect us for a lifetime."

Why You Get Sick And How You Get Well, Dr. Arthur Janov, Chapter Five, "Instinct, Emotion, And Intellect: Consciousness And The Mechanism Of Repression,", Page 42

He goes on to say that different levels of the brain handle [or leak their inability to handle in the form of aggression and unpredictable unprovoked lapses in empathy or comprehension such as I have studied and noted in psychopaths for decades] whatever is pertinent to their domain at various stages of development. Hence, the critical importance of fleshing out our own stories, our own whole mind or celestial biology.

Comment from

Why do people think the way they do?

Most people think and feel the way they do because of their developmental impressions from and thus largely autonomic propensities for the working end of the incoherence between how we talk and how we behave, particularly to our own children, most of which wholly unmitigated violence is not and will never be considered violent by most if not all ostensibly well educated, hard working or spiritual people the world over.

And this is so because critical elements of - though utterly smuggled into every terrestrial and celestial measure, organ and proportion of - a cybernetic-industrial society [or civilization] must necessarily and by definition be effectively invisible to every one or any especially multiplicative order of constituent human organs from whose celestial biology [birth or first estate of personal labour and communication] every kind of financial, ecclesiastical, academic or military [all the same thing] metric is derived beyond all subsequent and wholly commensurate comprehension, capacity or interest, even and especially when it is stimulated by costs that remain as wholly beyond the ken of any and every kind of education. And this is totally symbiotic - chicken and egg fashion - with the pathology of such a society and affected for the sake of every spoken and unspoken metric of all human survival, safety, progress or salvation across all space and time. Total control:

"In human evolution there is a wide gap between the development of the first line and the arrival of the thinking cortex. They are literally worlds apart, so a trauma laid down low in the nervous system has a long way to go before it comes to full consciousness. An elaborate system of gates between the levels can slam shut when there is inordinate pain. Their purpose is to keep the upper levels from being overwhelmed by what is going on below, to keep the suffering of early pain from reaching consciousness. These gates maintain coherence of conscious awareness - the third line. Their purpose is also to dampen hyperreactivity, to hold down the secretion of stress hormones and control the level of blood pressure and heart rate. The chemical agency that mediates gating and can make us unconscious is the inhibitory neurotransmitters, the body's natural opiates. There are more than fifty of them, and they keep the transmission of the pain message from crossing over to other brain circuits; in short, to keep us unconscious.

"It has been twenty years since the discovery of many of the neurotransmitter molecules. Researchers reasoned that if the body has so many receptors for painkilling drugs such as morphine, a poppy derivative, we must also produce our own painkillers, otherwise there wouldn't be any reason for the receptors. They also learned that drugs derived from opium poppy are effective because they mimic something we do produce: endorphins. These repressive painkillers are similar to morphine in their molecular shape. [Everyone should have opium or heroine in times of need. This is unlawful in a cybernetic society for obvious reasons to some - not so much to people who have sustained, understandably, clinical brain damage and dislocation. Medical doctors agree with me.]

"Some of the endorphins the body manufactures to meet and block highly charged pain are incredibly powerful, hundreds of times stronger than morphine. The fact that the body is able to anesthetize itself from pain explains why a football player can injure himself in the midst of a game but not notice the pain until the game is over.

"As I noted, gating [repression] can be provoked in two ways: when the intensity of a single event is overwhelming, as in the pain of being sent to a foster home [or one's own home becoming a foster home in every way but name - my own note], or when relatively mild pains summate into information overload [chronic pain becomes acute shock - my note - which is just a name for the organic change of function at any level of body or mind preface to the range of compulsions and lapses demonstrated by any soldier or member of society, which is the same thing]. In either case, the feelings are excessive and the repressive neurojuices ensure that they turn into their opposite - no feeling. Thus, if the brain is overly excited, even by electrical stimulation such as in electroshock therapy [torture not unlike the rest of society by order of medicine, science, school or church as a whole way of life], the overload causes a shutdown and lack of reaction. This has been clearly shown in experiments on cats, in which electrodes implanted in their brain stems stimulated the production of endorphins. When pain is on the rise, endorphin supplies are temporarily boosted, causing certain nerve cells to become "silent" and fail to react to the barrage of information. We are then dulled to pain.

[e.g. Notice how Xians see torture as the highest creative act and the only way to be as creative or loving as their "God." Still other people will gladly declare that "war gave us the Internet" as though it necessarily follows from the fact that the Internet was developed by the military during a state war that killing and burning the flesh off of hundreds of millions of innocent non-combatants is an act of creation. This is how steeped in Roman Fascist or xian torture every order of human thought has long been trained to be. Just today a former police commissioner with whom I had coffee told me he went to a war memorial ceremony to play the bag pipes and yet did not want to hear my story of a friend who served and was hurt in Afghanistan, nor even knew the name of the police officer he claimed he would travel in order to honour. People are repressed and so dislocated in their normal mental, emotional and sexual function so that torture becomes biologically imperative to one's hyper- or hypo-aggressive, repressed or sexual function. This is most noticeable in the xian or LGBTQ culture, both of whom are sex cults that breed penile dysfunction for the purposes of a higher form of political, military, religious or sexual power in exchange for their lives, an exchange of normal for abnormal hormonal development and "power with impunity" that began or had its tortured genesis in their own mother's womb.]

"Gating is like an unconscious conspiracy: The lower levels won't tell the highest level because they don't want the third line to fall apart. And the cortex is saying, "Don't tell me too much because I can't take it." There are different kinds of neuroinhibitors, with different strengths. When the transmitting neurons or output neurons fail to fire, the higher levels remain ignorant of the message trying to get through from the lower levels. The reactions can be diverted to bodily functions, where the viscera are stirred up by those messages which have failed to reach the conscious-awareness. Or, the energy of the message is rerouted to the cortex to produce strange ideas and perceptions. This is one of the meanings of dislocation of function. The message no longer travels to its proper destination-connection. It is relocated so that full reactivity will not take place. The central difference is where the gating takes place. The neurotransmitters seem to become more powerful as we descend down the levels of consciousness in the brain. The more highly charged pains on deep levels require the most powerful gating. [later he talks about happens when gating fails: it leaks aggression...]

"The repressive gates are like a system of locks on a river that allow just so much water through at a time. The greater the pain, the more the neurojuices are secreted to shut the gates. Interestingly, we do not develop a tolerance to our own naturally produced opiates, in sharp contrast to the opiates used by addicts, in whom tolerance develops rapidly.

"Losing touch with reality means first losing touch with internal reality, which then affects the perception of external reality. Neurosis is the permanent clash between lower-level imprints and cortical inhibition...."


Why You Get Sick And How You Get Well, 1996 Dove Books, Dr. Arthur Janov, Chapter Five, "Instinct, Emotion, And Intellect: Consciousness And The Mechanism Of Repression,", Page 48

"I'm not strong enough to stand the remedies; it's all I can do to stand the disease." - Molière, circa 1692

"Every well person is a sick one who doesn't know it." Ibid.

"The seeds of solution lie in the problem." Dr. Arthur Janov

["The restorative power of the mind lay in its deepest traumas."] - Karla McLaren, expert on child sexual trauma 

Comments from

REAL CONVERSATIONS: I’m Pro-Life | Change My Mind

Any mother who would even think about abortion after six weeks [at this point there is the ability to feel pain that is remembered by the child] should be considered a non-viable lump of unfortunate nerve bundles.

50:40 "The quality of life determines the essence (or value) of life."  - Stupid Marxist Cunt [Notice how here pathology is wholly symbiotic with the military cults that run the world.]

People that can kill as a basic human right that a mother should be happy about will find any reason to indulge their blood lust for saftey, freedom or salvation.

Xian mother. Say no more.

Xianity is for making soldiers of the Holy Bank. When someone is actually or effectively "enraged" they cannot make adequate rational distinctions between how they or their tribe "feels" and reality, as often prioritizing the former over the latter. You see this very clearly in the last minutes of the video when he brings out the chart.

Clueless bastards.

Even their god is anatomically incorrect.

Xianity and all religions, including Americanism and Feminism, are for grooming socially acceptable psychopaths or soldiers, about driving a wedge between the whole communication and value of one's own flesh and blood for a surrogate "Mother and Father State" or platoon as the case may be in a world that subsequently and effectively codifies violence that most ostensibly well educated, hard working or spiritual people do not even consider violence a whole way of life in a world where understandably if inexcusable hysterical people are gullible and whose surviving freedom of communication and or sexual reproduction contradicts with that of others, even those of their own unborn children, all of whom subsequently lose the ability to comprehend or even care about the actual results and indeed their multiplicative orders of violence with impunity upon which all attendant values are utterly predicated as a matter of personal and group survival at a neuro-vascular and hormonal level alloyed with the ever more refined point of any progress toward a gold standard of human rights and freedoms. This is how a soldier friend of mine can have gunned down Afghani children in cold blood [in Operation Medusa] and say that "the cost was worth it for freedom."

What could possibly befall our walking hand in hand
Or side by side before we even feel each other's touch
And everything is spread before us like a Motherland
Whose whole reality is rolling with our flesh and blood?
How many man and woman walk before us to their fate
To break apart upon the ramparts governed all their birth
With needs that needed true release of wizened daggers pain
Unheard by all the world and yet the clamour all its work;
If thou would suffer to confront with me that war of old
As bought and sold as every carriage, marriage, life or death
Absorbed with being born the current of so fierce and bold
A piercing sword into the Lord and Lady ancient breath
As tries the smoke of all the cloud and lives in every season's field
Interred by birth these holy currents cradles of the sacred sword
Held by the king the queen of all the knowledge that would yield
To seeds that read of children live a home of one accord;
Then walk with me and talk with one who listens with a heart
Whose tale of woe and war is written swords can ne'er be torn apart. 

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