Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Our Own Flesh and Blood

She lives in the squishiness of her lands
She has all kinds of squishiness in her pants

As a Satanic Witch, I tend to assume that every Book of Knowledge or Spirituality might as well be called:

Finding Out About Our Humanity And What Happened To It

How To Make Things Even Worse For Ourselves

We Haven't Fucked Ourselves Enough

Going To War With Your Own Flesh and Blood

Forget The Art of War. Try War Against our own Child's Fetal Brain Stem As An Entire Way of Life the World and History Over

or my personal favourites, It Only Hurts If You Feel It


Fuck If I Know. You? 

"Tales from the Brain Stem The Root Brain of Generations at the most Exacting and Injurious Point of the Sword of all Cybernetic-Industrial Work Force."

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