Monday, 20 November 2017

Life After Death

A kind of knowledge is a kind of language. Story is Knowledge. All force and story (or flesh and blood) transports causes to effects. People forget past lives (or the persistent birth of one body to the next in a force and story whose whole knowledge and its every oceanic voice and organ were instinct with every creature and meter of every contraction of Spring and Winter or Here and Hereafter, Mother and Child, Adam and Eve), because we have lost the language of our celestial biology.

The Bull, the Raven and the Dragon, Bear and Eagle, Whale
Who protect their native land one season to the next
Their Force transported some infernal current sword and mail
Instinct with every myth or bliss in motion of that Ocean Flesh
And Blood Regeneration of so bitter fruit upon a Tree
That bends and burns with every leaf and cloud its boughs of suns and moons
Illumination from the Force and Substance every Deep
Which hungered every mile for the smile that consumed
Our child this supernal wild all its birds and stars
Who hath revolted Fallen as the Sun from its Abode
Among the Waters of the gods and goddess who departs
The Firmament, the Flood, the Ocean of Their Blood and Bone
Resistance poised so Great the Voice and Story every Form
Of Heaven and the Earth these Words, Impurities and Currents all its Being Born.

If there were any better measure of thy happiness
It dwelled not in our holy books, nor laws, nor schools of thought
As predicated institutions on that torture best
Accommodated by surviving soldiers dyed and sold and bought
These institutions of communication far and wide
As interrupted as conception all our flesh and blood
Erection of a home that served as churches worthy of the mind
That knows only what can be spoken, bought or sold by so misleading Kingdom Come
Hath run a sword through being born the language and the most
Inimitable critical exchanges Man and Child
Stories which exhort the whelp extort through spells that host
The ghost of codes as uniform as any army riches wild
Inflammation and objection knit into the breath the brain
A model of the glories and the organs of that torture made.

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