Thursday, 30 November 2017

Getting Out of Military Service For Dummies

There is only one thing that I have left to do in my life, and that is to apostasize from all things military.

Does it not strike an intelligent reasonably well education person as odd that we can know so much about why a man's testicles may not descend and yet we are so prone to lap up with hungry relish only the most vacuous tales about how we happened to murder hundreds of millions [over one billion] non combatants in the twentieth century and beyond? 

Even a Television detective would, at this point, be mildly suspicious. 

Then he would turn to the camera, ominous music with lots of crashing timpanis of angels fading in as he or she remarks, "All the so-called -isms of the world are the jism of the military-industrial Nazi complex sodomizing every remaining sentiment of natural humanity, history, language and brain function, producing soldier victim-psychopaths as the overarching survival-imperative of every single human family for generations, Jimmy and Barbara excelling at this or that and yet betraying artifacts of their infant brain trauma - which forces the whole mind to spend most of its developmental legacy repressing all powers of observation and elocution - thought force - and finessing the residual leaks of aggression through multiplicative orders of narcotic propaganda that argues as well as any God for the success of civilization, so oddly compatible and yet so oddly intractable a language of war and order."

His sidekick princess would exclaim, "Oh my."

That is why the world is so psychopathic, so incredibly intelligent at fixing everything and so paradoxically unable to bring sufficient thought force and will force to bear upon the actual causes and costs of everything that is thought to be of such imperious and inimitable utility to all society.

Psychopaths are really smart and really stupid and settle the difference with aggression, magnifying intelligence they retain by using it to prey upon the vulnerabilities of all Mankind and finding here, whatever their feelings about war or violence, ready compatibility with organized warfare [religion], all the more so the more they rail against "war and the system," something that will be "entirely fixed" with a pole shift, Netflix binge entertainment and info-mentaries, and frequent masterbation. 

You can hear them now: "This will solve all problems." 

"The world will get better."

"No many more suns until Jesus comes like a thief in the night."

While Jehovah himself took the Virgin Mary in all kinds of ways as though nothing ever happened, a divine child was born of dubious paternity that Ol Jove would never own to, and began a ministry of peace by commending or condemning hundreds of millions of people to leave their flesh and blood heritage in order to spout the seminal fluid of their own unmitigated buggery.

Amen to that. 

Schools rid children of the hunger for knowledge.

If schools nourished the whole mind of Man and Family, they would be outlawed within the hour.

To speak the unspeakable fact of all observation is to propose that Man is stupid and barbaric on a developmentally permanent and irreversible basis by the age of nine, subsequent to which whatever occupation they choose will permit them to distinguish themselves in lieu their own mind.

That is why the world is so smart and so violent.

Because it is based upon psychopathy.

Having myself had one quarter of a century or more to think about this without any interruption [to abstain from organized warfare, labour and religion], I can no longer tolerate human kind [they are not worthy it by their own most cavalier declarations of freedom and mental power, spiritual wisdom and families trees so gnarly with undeveloped thought or conscience as to constitute an entirely new species of misshapen cannibals obsessed with with the anal penetration of the annals of history, medicine, space and creation by genocide of "all the conveniences provided for hard working modern man and woman, a gender dipole that has withered into an amorphous dried out urine-caked Ozymandias looming, from behind masks and costumes donned [that is what an actor or a soldier does for money - or anything, really] rather more in spite of one's existence than because of it, over the unremitting shambolic conflagration of faith and reason, human survival and sacrifice; most of whom strike me to the core as deeply deranged and sick people from whose madness I cowered as a child, and still do.

Such is the Voice of my own flesh and blood.

This is seen as weakness, insolence and disease by the world.

I know.

It told me. It tells me every time I talk to another human being.

Most human beings never learned to speak.

They certainly never learned basic mental hygiene and do things and say things to others that are best reserved for a good bowel movement, anything superior to which admonitions as to why any problem is solved with an ejaculation of delusional wisdom with all the confidence of a high school quarter back on crack cocaine roundly deemed offensive to their delicate sensibilities, psycho-sexual impotence and rank brutality. 

People are in a war.

They are soldiers.

Soldiers do not concern themselves with growing a mind.

Only with satisfying their obligations to the relatively Medieval demands upon their industry if they might enjoy only the most peripatetic working knowledge of the predatory world in which they or their brain found themselves upon even a little acquaintance with the society of noble savages whose every survival advantage were measured by its obdurate immunity to anything like the scrutiny applied to an undescended testicle or the newest sensation in human mannequins whose celebrity one alternately relishes and sacrifices to the shambolic pyre of all natural human society, so successfully robbed were every measure of success in a cybernetic-industrial military society of its very flesh and blood voice, commending and condemning every successive generation of one's own young to the total death of that mind whose native tongue were ambrosia whose loss were tantamount to that of a mother's milk, will or labour. 

People who participate in war are weak and imbecilic people who can be forgiven for their treachery, it being as ubiquitous to human society as amniotic fluid is to the first nine months of human existence.

They have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven that any even barely competent parent provides for a child of Man the Mother and Mind of Man.

The human voice begins in the most vulnerable and vigorous nerves that might as well be the most holy words of Man's whole Universe.

And you shall there find it.

“Where lies the final harbor, whence we unmoor no more? In what rapt ether sails the world, of which the weariest will never weary? Where is the foundling’s father hidden? Our souls are like those orphans whose unwedded mothers die in bearing them: the secret of our paternity lies in their grave, and we must there learn it.”

― Herman Melville, Moby Dick

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