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Destroying The Rainbow Connection

The entire fulcrum of human history can be dissembled with but a single choice word. And that word is "Jesus Christ."

What if there is no Jesus Christ, no Zero Point singularity - which might as well be the end of the world as the beginning of a new one - and no rainbow connection that is forced, at least, to labour under the delusion, provocative as it must be owned to be, that life should have ever necessarily been without its various tragedies and nor entirely need be so beset with so innumerable and aggressive array of them. 

This should be the end of a book on explorative fictive harping upon the precipitous dangers of too little imagination of too little surviving innervation from the exhilarating aggregate of stimulation suffered and enjoyed, bemoaned and hoped for by the whole flesh and blood mind of Man and child, when in fact it is the whole world and its every religious and scientific theory about how that religious or scientific theory evolved into that religious or scientific theory or story, really, about what you need to know to be a part of any way forward that is not what it really is, a glorified abortion of every successive generation of every single limb of our mind, of our flesh and blood tree of life and the voice eats and speaks, in a chorus of organs and stories, its Holy Sexual Christ Child. 

For the truth is that sex and the conception of children enjoy a long history of symbiosis in terms of that most ancient and archaic science of cause and effect, causes and effects that, in this case, intersect with that of every depth and breadth of heaven and earth, of thought and desire, of life and knowledge, of every thing that gasps for air or food in the animal of your whole body and every way that feels, or might, to you and a billion of other people like you linked in a multiplicative order of regulated celestial biology the praxis, indeed, of all State regulation. 

My ancestors had a living vision of their whole past and so only thus their whole mind, a vision that could, over time, be easily mimicked by simulacra of sufficiently celestial proportions, by gods of striking resemblance to themselves as they themselves were drawn into a war with what seemed their own brothers and sisters, so sickly did these new gods make them feel that to kill them were for their own best interest and that of all Mankind - no king can afford to be that sick and so how much less a god whom we trusted as much as our own flesh and blood? 

And many ancient traditions of magic and ritual, of ancestral communication and knowledge, song and medicine of celestial biology were intricately woven into these war stories and stories of our own celestial biology and the doubt like a sickly pal cast over our confidence in our own family tree. A Family if this kind could never be destroyed - it was immortal - unless the Family History was destroyed or changed, at least, in its manner of voice, story and address, and finally in its effect upon future generations of our children and they of their own ancestors that of a celestial biology upon whom we had depended as much as a child might depend upon the breast of their heavenly Mother and Father in order to Grow as much as our Home, Body and Soul, in the Strength of our Nature and in the range and depth of our Voice, of our Mind. 

Imagine there were no religion. It is not easy, even if you try.

Try imagining gaining every advantage that the world has to offer but yet being able to opt out of all the religion stitched into all of its dizzying prospects and narcotic effects.

Evolution is just a Story about the Evolution of Evolution.

Genesis is a Story about the Genesis of Genesis.

The Big Bang a Story about the Big Bang of the Big Bang.

Think about it.

It is all religion.

You do not really need any of it.

But that is the most courageous thing demanded of us.

To be independent in our whole mind.

To give our whole mind the benefit of all faith or doubt. 

Charity begins at home. 

In my Family History, we find out how we feel, over time, and then we find out what it means, also over time.  We give respect to how we feel at any time ever if we ever wish to respect any or all human intelligence.

Many people dismiss the idea that their first infant relationships stay with them the rest of their lives, and yet everyone you know will betray a voluble familiarity with the history of their whole mind in all its vulnerability and genius, in all its silence and violence, in its wild nature.

And so the first law of my family is that among the most critical choices regarding our most fundamental survival is the choice as to whom we associate with in however amazing or fateful that will prove to be across our whole lives, across our whole minds from caves to cradles to graves.

The rolling green hills in the picture featured below cannot fail to evoke a come human sympathy with any number of elements whose measures and even symbiotic measures echo through the substance and echo chamber of our organic body and its loosely to strictly bound marriage, in turn, with all that we have ever called our mind or ourselves. This mind has a history. And that history runs like an electric current made up of even subtle motions or shivers of air or water, leaf or glistening fire through every motion of every cause to every effect in any heaven or earth we can or could possibly imagine or be involved with unto the most numinous as subatomic orders of our whole experience of and indeed power, if at all, over our lives or those of those whom we know or love the most or would across ages of life after life of truly celestial organs and proportions, voices and stories the history of themselves the way evolution is the history of evolution or Genesis the Genesis of Genesis, every religion claiming some flesh and blood heritage with our our flesh and blood heritage and truly celestial biology, with our voice.

The fundamental atomic or cosmic substance or structure of all nature were that of our own voices and stories, of our own flesh and blood. We entertain many more incredible ideas before breakfast every day.

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Body Language: Donna Brazil on the DNC and Hillary

Rayn Gryphon
You Americans love this operatic propaganda. Gotta love religion and their uber sophisticated aristocracies for dummies. Paint by number fealty to hopelessly incompetent master criminals who even write books - which you will not read - telling you everything they are doing, all of which you, at the very best, find solely relevant to any country, cult or time other than your own, not to vary too much from hundreds of generations of your farm-raised ancestors, some of the only species of animal that will gladly breed in captivity.

Wow, Rayn!  I bet you had to pull out all the stops to develop all those eloquent, fragmented, un-punctuated thoughts, eh?  Sentence structure is just not your thing is it?  I'm not impressed with your critique of Americans: especially since you won't own your country-of-origin.  Coward.

Rayn Gryphon

Somebody didn't get their Thorazine this morning.  

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