Thursday, 2 November 2017

Fine English Titterature

Monumental Romantic Poetry gets a little more ambitious than propitious allusion to the anthropocosmic situation that one finds oneself in if one wishes to know more about one's actual life and, indeed, its place or one's own in the nature around all our beginnings and middles and ends.

In other words, Monumental Romantic Poetry is Romantic Poetry by an actual Satanic Witch Doctor of Celestial Biology.

Seagulls sucking on the tits of wars of angels and of winds
A storied tempest all a quiver with the stillness in its womb
A will o whisper of the stillness in its counterfeits
A life of all that empties life into its farthest doom
These fabled western baths of all the stars compared
Idyllic unattainable empyreans with they
Through whom the company of strangely earthly spirits stared
Their faces altered and unaltered by the night and day
Of fortunes and misfortunes as uncommon as innumerable
By lamps that burned within the breast of Man's own flesh and blood
Inhabitant and organ of a Story so inscrutable
As celebrates our happiness and makes our grave from leaf and stick, and stone and mud
The trees who cared much less than others yet for others still
Much more than we had ever known but we rowed the bark
The fabled crescent of the moon the prow that made our will
As sound in heaven as in hell a forest full of heart
And seeds which priests of deer and doe and doors of bark and wood
Will leave their mortal weight upon their Holy Mother's living book
Of currents which no man hath seen but he or she returned
A native to their native land and from that temple learned.

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