Friday, 27 October 2017

UFO State Cult and Celebrity Dupe-Priests

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But my absolutely favourite part of this interview is when cunt-face regales us with how the military "isn't into communications."

Tom DeLonge - Aliens & UFOs Are 100% Real! - Joe Rogan Podcast

"One hundred percent. Pure stuff, man."

Strange how every really popular cult is about trusting government propaganda "because daddy loves you and only wants the best for you."

This guy gave his testes away to the CIA a long time ago. The really charming part about any entirely sincere dupe and confidence trickster is how much he really believes this shit and how he really believes that, like xians from the sixth century, he has "figured it all out" and the state ecclesiastical military is "really the good guy." Subtext is everything.

His working concept of how big companies work is sophomorish at best. He throws around spy and space lingo like a boss.

"This guy is worried about the civilian population."


And Ted Bundy was concerned about the dire state of feminine hygiene products.

Kool Aid anyone?

Dude should go as an anatomically incorrect spook for Halloween.

Art Bell and Coast to Coast are CIA assets, just like this seriously deluded cunt.

Guessing Stephen Greer's traveling alien show got a little too cock-eyed. Now they have this dope all saucer-eyed for how "big this is."

Got to love the early 21st century.

"And a famous conspiracy nut shall lead them...."

When all your best friends and all your phone calls are with handlers you know you've really made it to the eye of the tiger.

This guy has his head so far up his own asshole that he is buying and selling real estate in The Big Brown Tunnel of Love in Carson City and printing his own money with a shit jet printer from Bell laboratory.

As of the turn of this century, anyone who puts UFO in their video title should be forced to accommodate a nine inch black dick down their throat until its hot load chokes them to death on Facebook Live.

Call it Black Ops, the alien edition.

But my absolutely favourite part of this interview is when cunt-face regales us with how the military "isn't into communications."

Comment from

David Icke on George Soros at a Bus Stop in Gyor, Hungary

Anyone else ever think that David is actually the mouthpiece of the very criminals he reviles? This way we get treated to a litany of military campaigns about which we would otherwise be totally ignorant. This way they can brag about and maximize the penetration into any human agency but state labour and wide eyed impotent voyeurism in order to "fix it."

Lower levels of the Free Masonic cults are encouraged to bemoan the devices of their exalted Cyclops. Russel Brand the same.

Complaining about and "exposing" them is all the lower plebe soldiers are encouraged to do in order to secure their fealty.

Rayn Gryphon

I can read lips. He is saying, "George Soros is in my spank bank and has been for many years now." 

And Jesus said, "Pay attention to your whole environment and your own flesh and blood." So was it written in the Book of No Shit, Sherlock.

Religion and politics are like porn. We all know that cock will be sucked. The only question left is what knee you will get down on first.

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