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Once upon a Mom and Dad - Celestial Biology

Notes for a novel in progress - How Love:

If life or our place within it were purely or strictly physical then a book would just be a meaningless assortment of scribbly lines.

If history can teach us anything or if we struggle, eyes wide shut, to learn anything of any real or practical utility from all of known or spoken human history - a story that makes every attempt to torture all that is human - then it is this: that we can either tell the world to fuck off or our children, that this choice is ours, whether we like it or not, and that this choice will determine more than anything else could or would whether or not our child's mind's eye - flesh and blood of heaven and earth - will have to assume that we are trying to tell it, among all of our most important communications, that we are a brain dead fucking moron; and so are they commended, interred by birth into a death in life of truly Biblical proportions, our whole character cast into the face of history as but a soldier of many faces of such uniform effect upon every surviving prospect of even nominal child brain development as to enjoy comparison with the most widely visible celestial, electrical, chemical, neurological and sexual organ of all human existence and of all living symbolic and alembic systems of industry, story and blood,.... the sun. 

For ages and ages, people have told stories.

How would a story encompass the living history of Man's own flesh and blood and only thereby a future worthy of the greatest labour of all in all of sexual, celestial, symbolic and physical and even global influence and power, the labour of a mother, father and child and the likeness or not of the conditions under and for which we commit our birth to the earth? 

Once upon a time Man was injured. And under the dire influence of this injurious insinuation into his own flesh and blood mind of celestial biology and sexual reproduction Man sold the Story of his life to one of unmitigated torture and restoration or resurrection - the primeval impulse of the sun of Man's whole mind, body and symbolic sexual reproduction - by torture of truly sexual as celestial proportions leaving but a corpse of every organ of human conception, of human flesh and blood. 

But then a mother and father got together to commit their lives, so wresting them from the world's insatiable lust, beneath the cover of peace or freedom of every language, order and orthodox church of religion, fiction or science, for human flesh and blood, to the proper observation of the development of the actual brain of their child by every order and organ of their own flesh and blood and indeed its living Bible of everything that their history would inform them of and only thereby, however troubling the sound - which must include, if not exclusively, that of thousands of years of barbaric torture of every order and proportion of all society - commit to the integration of conscious and unconscious impulses sufficient to widen and expand - if by every language of financial and social contraction - the penetration and vigorous ventilation of the whole neurological root and bough system of the whole mind or communication of Man's flesh and blood, of man's birth, life and death. 

Mother and Father doted over their little child and took no greater pleasure than in the labour of love's first star as it peered out from behind the pages of generations of flesh and blood stories, voices and organs of truly celestial proportions, from behind the beauty of two rivers of bundles of nerves and currents bent upon the conception of an entirely new dimension, seed, root, bark and bough, of Man's avowed story, bones and letters that rattled and hummed, that blew and perfumed the air of every story that coursed through all of nature, of every communication of how life actually sustained every impression and purpose of all life, feeding upon itself with a palette no more refined than in the mind of every organ of human life and death, good and evil, wealth and disease that took up as complex as life itself chorus of hunger and thirst of Man and Nature, Heaven and Earth, words themselves entangled with every nerve of human brain development across millions and millions of turning spheres of sun and moon and star, of winter and spring, summer and fall, spheres and currents mimicked and absorbed, if you will, by the smoke and shadow of dragons of war and torture that marshaled by multiplicative orders of voices pulled out of their nature, out of their cradle, into a dislocation of every celestial congress and language of mind and body under the power of their own most primeval developmental response, the voice of which all-restorative or all-destructive rage were smuggled and encouraged to be smuggled into every surviving language of human progress, salvation and freedom the world over and with a military-grade uniform code of abnormal brain function more or less compatible with all propaganda and religion on Earth that were nearly as brilliant and even sexually-influential as the sun itself, a language of all life and law that departs from any very accurate comparison with the sun itself in its particularly septic penetration into every quarter and court of human thought and family, so much that before any God can be conceived by a child's mind they had already lost that of their own flesh and blood for imposters so feeble as to daily insult and promote the insult of all surviving human instinct and development as though wholly necessary in order to protect the consoling multiplicative orders and cults - though wholly biologically equivalent with the anatomy of all family communication - of mass psychological repression and its inevitable leaking into deputized aggression of every kind of threat to consistently reasonable faculties of observation, communication, comprehension and restoration but that apace the spread of an as though venereal if autonomic sickness - of civilization - that has itself outpaced any even nearly exhaustive notice or comprehension, and all the more so in any mind that can confidently claim some understanding of what is wrong with the world, why, and what to do about it under the spell of prevailing cults of brain-damaged freedom whose epic lapses in ethical and social reasoning illuminated all knowledge with its capacity to commandeer all surviving human industry and thought in order to cow every child with the voice of God itself. 

This fabled mother and father need not counter such a terrifying if awesome assault upon their ancestral celestial intelligence. They only need devote themselves to the whole mind of a child and pay avid attention to the limbs of natural intelligence that will assert themselves from even every limb of their entire history, a history brimming with barely concealed contempt for a child's mind and yet everything threatening like no church or guru, doctor or science ever could to illuminate the antiseptic Sun of Man's flesh and blood as it twisted like branches and roots trees through every story and force of heaven and earth, of man and nature, Mother and Mind, turning like stories and voices of every wholly symbiotic story and organ of all that is Man and all that is Woman, by all that is the celestial as terrestrial Animal Man the Mother and Mind of a child as it screamed with the wind of his own breath, whose sorrow were her sorrow and whose very voice and story made all things sound. 

The Sun of Mother and Man was in the beginning. And though we dispensed with all things evil, dispatching them to as nothing compared to the love and the lust of a mother and father of only the most wicked children, thence did we find the womb of that Sun from beneath the advancing armies and stories of glorified human torture of dizzying intersecting septic networks of a world that had no memory and whose voice had nothing of the nature of our own flesh and blood whose intervening surrogate gods served, in lieu of the violent loss of one's own mother and father, one's own womb and mother tongue, to commend every man and woman of any distinction to a life of suffering relieved only by the lengths to which one would labour under its oppressive transformation of every organ and coordination of human communication - of every measure and dimension of past, present and future in earth or sky - in order to preserve the "safety" of one's own child, subsequent to which one were relieved, in the name of every kind of peace or society, of any ability or will to notice the actual costs to the bonds of blood.

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