Monday, 30 October 2017

IsManity - A New Religion

Video: "Made a religion superbug. Bored."

Part Two:

Things are more reasonal, real and sane when they are printed in a person's Glob.

See attached video Glob.

Reasonalness Sanity and Reality
Through the most disgusting religion possible.

I Belief in Violence with a Capital V.

We Belief in keeping up the Most Possible Violence at all Times.

In order to to this, we must be as religious as possible.

Our Belief is Always True.

This is one of our Biggest Beliefs..

God is A Belief that is Always True.

Therefore, God Created the Heavens and the Earth.

God punished the Good and Rewards the Wicked.

God gave the World the holy Word of IsMan so that we would be able to commit as much Violence as conceivably Possible.

Violence is like Silence. It is Golden as the Summer Sun or the Autumn leaves that children play in.

IsManists, which is what we call ourselves, are clinically insane people who feed upon Violence and have adopted a biological need to smuggle all kinds of Violence into all systems of knowledge and communication.

God is God. Which is to say that our Belief is Always True is God and Violence is His prophet.

His prophet is always for profit. What profiteth it thee to disrespect the One True Prophet of God, a Belief that is Always True - Peace be abhorrent to Him.

What is Man?

Man is explained with the most ambiguous terms uttered with the most possible confidence that hold out, in Word and Genitalia, the necessity and power to be the most powerfully influential scripture and living perfect intelligence upon all surviving human mental and sexual function whilst having the least possible moral accountability, the remainder of which we will pawned off upon the victims of IsMan, men, women and children who are always wrong if they would otherwise be qualified to impugn the God of IsMan or any of His followers, especially if they are doing His work.

We make Spiritual Psychopaths look good.

When you convert to IsManity you feel more empowered, washed and renewed by the blood of all the dead children in history, their ancient groans converted into the trumpets of all the angels of existence, a living wisdom in which you begin to bathe nakedly and openly before the world in the first waters that were first mixed with your virgin Mother's blood as it served, if at all, to accommodate the gargantuan penis and uninhibited fury and fetish of a celestial Cunt or Dick of truly Biblical proportions.

This, you will say to yourself, is what truly runs the world. This puts me in a much better position to be welcomed by the biggest most pleasurably humiliating forces of human social, political and even biological existence as I begin my journey to enlightenment with a special nod and touch up the anus by God or Feminist Himself the Belief that is Always True. Yep.

The holy name of our God is Dick-Da-Cunt, who first dictated to our Prophet, Violence, Silence be upon Him, the Holy Word that is most compatible with the most Violent effects of every financial, social and scientific orthodox of the most virulent penetration into the mental and emotional development of all human beings today, one taste of which will turn a black-hearted soul of dubious mental hygiene into the most powerful IsManist the world has ever seen. Stand together, Brothers and Sisters of God. We need more binary code and less binary genitalia, any fainting of Man's historical motility a clear sign that the Goddess of IsMan is upon us and slowly draining all of our bodily fluids before she embalms us for the ages to come where scientists who know that sexuality is toxic will bring us back to life just to torture us in order to feed the IsManity of the Future the nectar of ancient human voices united in Violence of truly Celestial proportions, organs and forces of nature, moon, sun and star, of all hells and heavens of all religions and sciences in one Unified Theory of Violence or UTV and its majority ownership of the whole human inventory, cock, cunt and mind, and in particular every way they try to be free of all the other cocks, cunts and minds who have yet to find the One True Belief of IsManity in its protection of all people in order to eat their brains and dry up their wombs so that we can suckle every successive generation of our property with the withered teat of a poison tree underneath which our Prophet, Violence, first became enlightened and realized that Life is Violence and Hysterical Victims are Gullible.

See Climate Change Religion

See Axiom 1089 - A History of Satanism

Man's first language is that of nature's whole language. When that language sustained its first and most egregious attack, it was fragmented as the fabled firmament, making its Satan and Ancestral Gods as incompatible as a mother, father and child, as a man and woman - man and nature - were subsequently made out to be though from the beginning. This attack was deemed a new beginning, a new heaven and earth. Today its victims still think that its science and theology is as exhaustive as possible, even as it snuffs out every one of its constituent human voices, organs and stories.

Xianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, the New Age and Islam are virtually all the same thing, for they share a primary proposition or claim that the human race is or has long since been meant to suffer precisely because of how ignorant, sinful or impure we are by birth and even by millions of births in the case of Hinduism and Buddhism and precisely because, strangely, we are not really meant to suffer at all or even, in some cases, ever be born and reborn as a natural human being who is prone and will always be prone to some if not necessarily the Biblical scales of suffering from whence we get these perverted religious philosophies - which are wholly compatible with all State religions and sciences and by whose whole compatibility with this inhuman and barbarically irrational declaration we, as Man, are judged healthy or unhealthy, wealthy or poor, spiritual or ignorant, knowledgeable or superstitious - and so we should bow down before any system of righting this otherwise unmitigated wrong, even if it means hurting others, which is precisely what you are morally obliged to do if life is suffering and people are meant to suffer but are, at once, not meant to suffer unless, in the case of Xianity, they were required to suffer by an infanticidal God made up of all the devotion and torture extorted from its constituent human soldiers and organs of astronomical psychological proportions.

To eat of the fruit of your family tree, your celestial biology and your whole mind were to eat of the flesh and blood of your whole ancestral memory, especially if unnecessarily painful or violent one's own family often becomes under precisely these conditions, ones that neurochemically prohibit our relationship with our whole environment, with our whole flesh and blood celestial biology, none of which were ever contingent upon our never suffering any discomfort or misfortune in life. That is ridiculous and violent. But hysterical victims are gullible.

See Xianity and my Family Tree

"Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure." - Adolf Hitler

"Science cannot lie, for it’s always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It’s Christianity that’s the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself." - Adolf Hitler

Like most military priests, so right and so wrong.

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