Monday, 30 October 2017

Axiom 1086 - Celestial Biology - The Sea-Vagina-Uterus of Ve-Noose

Oceanic Psycho-Sexual Cults. The fish-maidenhead:

Sioux - She the Mer-Maid and Virgin Queen of the Vessica Piscis in the Celestial Story of the Origins and Voices of Man's very flesh and blood.

This literal and figurative psycho-sexual neuro-electro-chemical Body of Knowledge and that of the Family Tree of Life is raped and humiliated preface and subsequent to all violence, science and disease on Earth.

Once upon a Mom and Dad - Celestial Biology

A substrate of if subliminal religious and scientific violence to and use of the celestial biology of our ancestral flesh and blood, voice and story.

"Big Bang....Black Hole..... Forbidden Knowledge" and even arcane symbiosis of organs of sex, life, death, food, growth, elimination, insight, catharsis, pleasure, transformation, natal existential suspension the amniotic known and unknown waters here and hereafter, organs of thought, voice and story, of dusk and dawn, Fall and Spring, Mom and Dad, of knowledge and story if god and goddess, birth and rebirth organs and proportions of Heaven and Earth, of constellations bundles of currents and nerves, words and knowledge of the substance and purpose of human flesh and blood, of the family Book and Tree of Life.

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