Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Americanism and Feminism - A Living School

FEMINISM DEBATE: Naomi Wolf vs. Crowder | Louder With Crowder



I do not really have time for this tripe. But just let me stop you at the so called American enlightenment. Total Crock of Shit or TCOS for short, as with every "famous thinker" that helped start the American branch of the Judeo-Roman Catholic martial social engineering cultural genocide that people today call "Freedom." Moving on now. I have to shave my pubic hair for a big date with Telly Savalas' cross-dressing sexually-ambiguous lollipop-loving Somalian adopted gender bending mercenary for a heaven and earth most amenable to the gnomes of Zurich if deadly to all children. Who is this cunt, btw? 

President Trump "Never Give Up!" MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO - Presidential Address To The Class Of 2017


Wow. The invetory must love this crap. Eat up! Your aborted babies are in your American apple pie and in the lipstick of your celebrity priests. Darwin's angels.

The Pope's Astronomer visits local University:

Here is an alternate headline: Education system and religion compete for the Stanley Grail Cup of martial indoctrination of Biblical proportions. Gray-haired Gandalf visits local school to stoke the flames of nepotism consuming Church and State in a shared custody suit that has left their children hysterical but incredibly hard working. Orthodox Freedom: Putting a fire under your ass since the Black Mass of 1172 A.D.

To those who bemoan our local Nanaimo hospital: Hospitals are not Hotels - unless by Hotel we mean the Hotel California. They are not supposed to be comfortable. In a world where Profit is the measure of all things, get your own hospital by never needing one or try running your business for free and tell us how you fared in your pure and unadulterated Elysium. Until then, shut up and say thank you.

You have to love a people whom, when told that marijuana will be taxed, can only say, "How much?"

What is Tax?

Tax is a financial and ecclesiastical instrument of war used to extort human capital under the pretext that civilization would come to a crashing halt if our fearless owners should suffer the cruel humiliation of any slacking of the rate of increase in financial and ecclesiastical leverage over their human inventory, subsequent to which one barely has any energy left to complain, much less restore a regimen of labour that afforded man his native brain function, any dearth of which must necessarily be extracted from one's legacy in perpetuity.

Beliefs are never necessarily objectively true. Handle with care, same as you wood a car or a gun.

Because when a Smith and Wesson is in the lesson you know it's time for Armageddon.

Beliefs called scientific facts are called narcotic delusions.

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