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From Three Pillars: The Brain and Nature

What is knowledge (if not the core desire of knowledge - and even that bifurcates into extraordinary contradictions, that of personal power and safety with and in the full value of cosmic life) changes over time and at the behest of both human and natural forces.

It is common in the "new age" for a "new Earth" to say that one should "keep an open heart". This seems simple enough. But what does this also imply? That we should never close our heart. In fact, the heart opens and closes all of the time and needs to as much as any flower, or as much as any website for that matter. (see Note 1)

The heart as with every chakra system needs close regularly for maintenance purposes. And our experience of this will be directly related to the conditions of our three pillars of healing (and illness). People doing yoga, another much over-standardized lifestyle, especially kundalini yoga, will often force open different chakras like the root chakra and gain benefits that greatly conflict with anything like a natural and healthy human energy system, and people like most who have never experienced perfectly natural living conditions will generally fall predator and prey to these conventions. Here is a comment I recently made to a Yoga teacher, given that a teacher of so invasive a practice might wish, you would think, to consider all possible effects of this practice (one Doctor I trust showed me a study that showed that people who do regular physical yoga for enough years show increased signs of spinal degeneration even in their thirties - this is one of the many dangers of wholly standardized and as wholly unregulated "healing modalities" without the care of a true master):

"My opinion: Yoga is very warming and I think a fast-paced or fiery culture tends to enjoy fighting fire with fire. Have you ever met anyone in your practice who seems too fiery?" <no response>

It used to be common knowledge that Man was born with the capacity to enjoy contact and experience of that full value of cosmic life necessary for the proper coordination of the infinite complexity and proportions of body, mind and soul with the whole of cosmic Life. Our brains are inextricably bound to our social and natural environment as such. Take the brain out of Nature (or deprive a brain of its native life and traditional cultural development from that original pristine experience of cosmic Life) and the brain loses life and Life loses the human brain.

The fact is that few "healers" have anywhere near the knowledge necessary to harmlessly treat the complex human energy system with all due respect for our cosmic memories and environment across all bounds of space and time. That is absurd to suppose, though our modern culture produces no end of aspirants as such uniquely qualified as much by what amounts to a weekend seminar as by their own developmental arrest, that of their confidence, aggression and incompetence (and psychological incontinence) entire.

What cultural anthropologist William Irwin Thompson (a noted scholar in many cross-disciplinary fields) suggests in his book "The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light" (though I am not entirely convinced of even his competence) is that knowledge has genres as much as it exists in cultural contexts. Yes. Knowledge and brain function has many similar or uniform patterns and functions. Thank goodness. But it also has endless variations according to person, place and time (and Life).

Knowledge is not how we are taught by State education (religion).

One form of knowledge (A) may accomplish function X and another form of knowledge (B) may accomplish function X (such as arresting heart disease, for instance) and yet knowledge A and B could be said to be different and even incomparable by modern or ancient standards. And yet both achieve the same function.

Therefore, just because our modern knowledge may be said to better our capacity to live in Nature this does not mean that it is the only or even the best knowledge in that regard. That being said, we are left with precious few visions of human history to convince us that modern knowledge is not as exclusively "good" as human history is presumably exclusively "barbaric" as we go back into the past.

But we must acknowledge that the barbarity of human historical existence is both figuratively and literally exaggerated on the page and in human life experience spanning all known centuries.

Imagine for a moment that, standing before the artistic canvases of a van Gogh or a Gauguin that I then began to rip them to shreds, having discovered that they were combustible and therefore useful to start a fire and warm my hands, maybe even to roast a marshmallow or two.

I could, by modern conventions or genres of knowledge, rightly claim a new kind of knowledge of how to build a fire and warm one's hands, could I not? (Especially if I burned down the conditions most sufficient for the Life of the human mind in the process, something invariably desired, as though for their own survival, by minds who have been so destroyed. We do it every time we get into a car or choose to live around cars whose primary purpose might as well to be to foul our own oxygen supply and rob us of our own wealth and health under the thin guise of rapid transport deemed convenient when actual biological costs are borne in silent blindness supported by no greater conspiracy than our own cultural and biological intelligence when subjected to enough shock and trauma - and contemporary genres of "knowledge" - from birth).

Thus it is very possible, even plausible that my rapacious manner of address to the artistic canons of van Gogh is similar to that of Man's to Man and founts and canons of so bountiful a Nature as though for our own "safety", a Nature uniquely corresponds to or would with every level of our human energy system, body, brain and Soul. Our modern knowledge accomplishes the function of improving survival (it does function X), but at what cost and compared to what other genres of such knowledge?

Does it not take some considerable knowledge to survive tens of thousands of years of human existence in every dangerous climate imaginable, especially considering the forces of human history to which we have subjected ourselves and left ourselves so vulnerable and susceptible to?

Nothing, I feel, could be so damaging to human biology and psychology and thus to the World entire than our insistence on standardizing education and food growth and consumption. Nature, on the other hand, is supremely customized to every biological and psychological level of human energy and existence.

Our education and history, indeed the entire modern environment of our birth, brain and education (that as vital to the brain as a mother's womb, truth be told) presents a multitude of advantages to those who, over centuries of human brutality and as corrupted histories thereof, would maintain control of the standards, conventions, modes and as though exclusive genres of human thought and lifestyle, that of the three pillars of human existence, and might have a lot to lose, or so they may think, from our any means of consideration of any greater breadth of ancient human health, wealth, medicine and lifestyle. If you are going to go into a "New Earth", then what happened to the old one? Or has there been a distinctly "New Earth" for centuries, the very one from which we suffer, irrespective of our natural place in creation, so much? Just about every corrupted story of human origins, including the first book of the Bible, involves a "New Heaven and New Earth".

It is curious to note that Presidential "advisor" Zbigniew Brzezinski has what researcher (with whom I do not wholly agree) David Icke calls "a morbid genetic hatred of Russia", a land Russian resident Anastasia claims has maintained the longest most effective resistance to global and occult Roman hegemony, and a land Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said would present the first rays of the dawn of human regeneration (to paraphrase). See the following clip from 12:30 to 14:00 minutes:

[I would also highly recommend watching the first six minutes of this film, granting that no one film can have all the images and memories living in your own body and soul, six minutes of history better than sixteen years at State schools and Universities.]

“Then I unfolded an election newspaper and saw the face of Aspen, the workers' friend, a reasonably good-looking man in his early forties, frowning slightly with the concentrated effort of bringing us all a new heaven and a new earth which would still be acceptable to the Gnomes of Zurich” 

(Quote from John Mortimer, “Rumpole and the Honourable Member”)  

One whole organic apple a day, for instance, was shown through a forty year study to prevent every chronic illness associated with aging.

To compare genres of knowing, such as radiologically dangerous particle accelerators and ancient human gardens (and cosmic pageants of cultural biology and psychology) whose vital benefits to every kind of human brain development was guarded with utmost vigilance summarily wiped from the pages of human history, is like comparing apples with hand grenades - both may solve all your health problems but they are not the same knowledge and bear nothing like similar costs and benefits.

Knowledge exists in various traditions and contexts streams of generations of human experience grows upon or is almost wholly arrested by foundations of wisdom and knowledge or shock and conventional developmental terror.

I write in traditions of known and largely unknown though not wholly unheard bards throughout the ages out of time. But writing is not just about letters on a page. It is at least as much about the living creative intelligence, with which we are all uniquely and universally endowed by conception and birth, that is able to organize and provoke the organization of vast scores of combinations of images and letters, cells and organs body and cosmos reference subjects as intrinsic to our biology and psychology as history, memory, cultural anthropology, geography, God-concept, our concept what kind of Universe we live in and our most beneficial place in it, astronomy, metaphysics, economics, ecology, cosmology, music, symbolism, religion, nutrition and every subject has effectively become so conventionally bisected and dissected and but narrowly related, if at all, by the forces of what former "New Ager" Karla McLaren call "high-control groups".

The Holy Bible itself is written, every letter, chapter and verse, in a language (and series of images) itself steeped in astrology, history, occult history, heretical kabbala (the "new age" thousands of years ago), naturalism, drugs, puns, sexual psychology, human sacrifice and transcendental intelligence as often subverted by same in favour of a synthetic homology of human existence bred to be utterly dependent upon "modern" conventions of standardized human thought, food and lifestyle, of God and State, Man and Nature, mother and child. To wit, even the name, Bible, is a naturalistic pun related to mass human sacrifice as inextricably bound to "normal" "high-control" human cultural history and psychology, that of the Bi-Bull or, since Bi is the same as the second astrological sign of Taurus, the bull, Bull-Bull as in the annual and bi-annual sacrifice of spring to winter and winter to spring and all the sacrificial inhabitants thereof in body or soul or both.

Also see "More on "new age""

Note 1: "Your Aura & Your Chakras: An Owner's Manual" by Karla McLaren. 

Here is a quote from a recent essay by this author, someone who has directly seen the dangerous vagaries, free of all standards, of the "New Age":

"And here we arrive at the crux of the matter, and the central reason I left the New Age behind: With its time-honored “no-judgment” rule firmly in place, there is simply no formal way to test, question, or bring full critical faculties to what is offered in the New Age. And that’s not okay.

"I became a healer because I wanted to help, and because I didn’t want to see people suffer. But I saw plenty of suffering in the New Age as people chased after the magical promises that come so fast, and so continuously. And because there is no formal mechanism for questioning or for consumer protection in the New Age, no one was ever held accountable when things failed to work … and I got really tired of watching it happen over and over and over again. I also got tired of hearing these failures referred to as “valuable learning experiences.” I was working with people who had been traumatized and who were sometimes struggling through a kind of waking nightmare, and everywhere they turned, magical promises were being lobbed at them. They were wasting time, energy, and money on empty promises. That’s a hell of a lot of learning experiences.

"As I searched for responsible information about all of the endless healing modalities, gurus, cures, diets, tinctures, meditation techniques, workshops, and herbs, I found a surprising thing. Because there is no mechanism for consumer protection in the New Age, an entire subculture arose to do it for us. I discovered the work of the skeptical community, and though I was put off by a great deal of the tone and behavior I found there, I’ve done enough shadow work (see my posts on the shadow here, here, and here) to know that what enrages and offends you is often the thing you most need to understand."

- Karla McLaren

"However, people have asked to see these essays, so I created a separate blog for them. In sharing my transition away from paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical thinking, I am not beating a drum or proselytizing for reason uber alles. I’m not creating a new us so that we can all be aligned against a new them. Instead, I’m hoping to provide a kind of camaraderie for people who, like me, have made a sea change in their lives and left their communities and their cultures behind."

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