Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to Identify War Propaganda

War Propaganda is distinguishable, I feel, by the use of fear in order to put forth loosely supported evidence that suggests the reasonable necessity for violent military action or intervention.

On another note: something I would suggest indicates, if we need any further indication, a military dictatorship:

The reluctance and as though feigned persecution (as by a conspiracy) of the current U.S. President, Barrack Obama, when asked to provide, as he is obliged by law, reasonable and verifiable evidence of country of birth before occupying what is widely regarded as the most powerful political office in the country and perhaps within the entire World.  

Obama told Oprah, in a live interview, that the Hawaiian authorities would make a "special dispensation" in order to provide him with the necessary documentation to apply for a second term of office. Does it not stand to reason that he would have already had to have an original birth certificate in order to apply for his first term of office as the President of the United States? Would it have been unreasonable for Oprah to ask him this question on behalf of the people he aims to serve? And how is asking any applicant for any job for the proper supporting documents a conspiracy? As I watched the news reports around the so-called "birther conspiracy", I could not help but ask this question.

However, I would suggest that the United States as we know it is a company, not a country, its citizens its child-companies or "stock".

Can one prove this is not the truth? Should we be able to? 

Any language or culture of fraudulent deceit contains at least two primary factors: that of the language of fraud (which means one thing to the population conditioned to accept it as sincere and another thing among the exclusive hidden though perhaps sincere religion of its perpetrators) and the factor of popular consent.

And logic would appear to dictate that the consent is more powerful than the fraud, else any military propaganda would not work so hard to make sure that the target population does not see any evidence which contradicts with the "justification for war" and ever greater levels of centralised power and the redistribution of financial wealth.   (See "Fraud and Consent")

Finally, I would like to comment upon numerous cases of video evidence, (from the U.S. armed forces own archives), of U.S. soldiers gunning down innocent unarmed Iraqi civilians with ammunition designed to pierce a tank, let alone human flesh, further reports that U.S. soldiers brag about "how many they killed that day" and one live video showing a U.S. helicopter gunship following a lone car on an Iraqi highway, the car stopping and steps out one unarmed Iraqi man who raises his hands in complete surrender who is then summarily executed. How does this protect the safety of American families?

Possible reasons for these actions include:

1) The "fog of war"/ the "confusion of a heated battle"

2) Soldiers in an angry and tense (to say the least) psychological environment who are educated (or are not educated not) to believe that every Iraqi is a terrorist and to shoot and kill in terms of any Iraqi, armed or not, being part of a terrorist group aimed at hurting innocent Americans.

3) Soldiers, due to stress and lack of proper training and education, entering into a video game mentality where anyone wearing a turban or with dark skin is or could likely be the enemy, a psychotic state of extreme prejudice that is no game.

Police officers, for instance, have been known to make cruel jokes about victims of killing in order to deal with the profound stress of their job. Perhaps U.S. soldiers are regressing into memories of playing violent video games, given them the illusion of safety and control. This might explain why U.S. soldiers in heavily armed gunships with no airborne attackers could feel the need to engage an unarmed civilian all alone as though they were a terrifying enemy combatant.

What their commanders do not tell them is that, according to one retired U.S. Airforce pilot, regardless of orders or propaganda, they are responsible for all the people they kill and injure.

By the will of God go each of us, and only He knows the hour and means of our departure, perhaps, yet I believe it mindful to ask these questions, if for perhaps no other reason that information and evidence of this murders by U.S. soldiers (which cannot be isolated to these few videos) can be passed up the chain of command, perhaps all the way to the President, who might then be moved to issue a "special dispensation" providing for the better education of our troops overseas, for this greatly effects their health, safety and sanity as well, for they cannot possibly be in their right mind (with contact with the higher ethical nature of their soul or spirit) while killing unarmed civilians.

And should thus we be surprised if Iraqi people or people throughout the Middle East are a bit nervous or fearful for their safety from the U.S. or its close allies?

I believe this and other shootings are contained in these videos:


The shooting of the lone unarmed Iraqi man in car and others below at 40:30 and 41:20


An Israeli Citizen Speaks Up: (5:55 in this video)

When I walked down the halls of the school of my earliest youth, full of the smells of comfort, order and safety, a little child, or stared up at the British flag of my country of birth, a flag as though emblazoned upon the very lands of God and my family, the God of the Love of my mother and father and forever, I probably felt, I think now, many of the same things as children all over the World feel about their flag and the institutions of your youth.

We are all fighting for the truth of Life's kindness, compassion and understanding

See, "The Pristine Garden..." 


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